Why am I not losing weight after gastric sleeve surgery

One of the common post-procedure concerns a bariatric patient may have is: “Why am I not losing weight after gastric sleeve surgery?” Patients may go through a low phase post-operatively if they had a poor understanding or misplaced expectations about how a weight loss surgery works. 

An experienced bariatric surgeon will educate the patient during the initial consultation to help them make an informed decision. They will discuss how much weight loss after gastric sleeve could be achieved and share data regarding the average monthly weight loss after gastric sleeve.   

Gastric sleeve weight loss can be very substantial in almost every case. But if the patient is unaware about the estimated timeline or fails to follow the post-op instructions of the surgeon, the results could be disappointing. 

If the patient is worried about achieving little to no weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery, they should discuss the concern with their bariatric surgeon and nutritionist. 

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No weight loss after gastric sleeve: Myth or reality?

The biggest myth about not losing weight after gastric sleeve is that a massive weight loss will occur as soon as the surgery gets completed. 

Patients should understand that gastric sleeve weight loss is different from fat loss (which can occur instantly by way of liposuction).

Gastric sleeve surgery is designed to eliminate excess body weight in a safe and gradual manner, and not instantaneously. Patients should have realistic gastric sleeve weight loss expectations, especially with regard to the weight loss timeline. 

Gastric sleeve expected weight loss typically begins to occur right after the procedure, but some patients may even report no weight 3 weeks after gastric sleeve. 

As the patient recovers from the surgery, they will start feeling less hungry than before. Gastric sleeve weight loss will become more rapid with the passage of a few weeks and months as the surgery enables the patient to adopt healthier eating habits. 

A reduced urge to eat following the surgery will serve as an effective solution to achieve safe, healthy and sustainable weight loss after gastric sleeve.

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Weight loss after gastric sleeve: All you need to know

Patients who are constantly worried about, “Why am I not losing weight after gastric sleeve,” or that gastric sleeve is not working should know that gastric sleeve surgery results are directly related to the change in dietary and lifestyle habits. 

vertical sleeve gastrectomy

Sleeve gastrectomy is aimed at facilitating this process of healthy habits. During the procedure, the bariatric surgeon will remove a portion of the stomach to make it smaller (roughly the size of a banana). 

When the size of the stomach is permanently reduced, it will naturally reduce the patient’s appetite. Their meal portions as well as frequency of meals will reduce. 

Gastric sleeve surgery also induces healthy hormonal changes that further curb the appetite. 

Based on this, patients who are concerned about not losing weight after gastric sleeve should understand the permanent healthy changes to their body and how it will help them naturally achieve massive weight loss.     

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Gastric sleeve expected weight loss

The expected weight loss after gastric sleeve will be in the range of 65 to 70 percent (of excess weight) within the first year. The average monthly weight loss after gastric sleeve is in the range of 8 to 12 pounds per month. 

Timeline for gastric sleeve expected weight loss

Expected Weight Loss after Gastric Sleeve

At three months 25 to 35 percent excess weight loss
At six months 45 to 55 percent excess weight loss
At 12 months 65 to 70 percent excess weight loss
At 18 months 70 to 75 percent excess weight loss

Gastric sleeve weight loss expectations in the long-term can vary from one individual to another, depending on their personal commitment to a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet. 

However, on average, the expected weight loss after gastric sleeve in five to ten years is about 50 to 60 percent of the excess weight. 

Patients should know that these are only ‘averages’, and on an individual basis, it is possible for a person to achieve far more dramatic results than the average patient. Stemming from this, while it’s necessary to maintain reasonable expectations, a patient should have ambitious gastric sleeve weight loss goals.

5 Reasons why gastric sleeve is not working for you

To answer the all-important question of “Why am I not losing weight after gastric sleeve surgery,” researchers have identified five possible reasons why your weight loss after gastric sleeve may not be up to the expectations. 

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5 Reasons why Gastric Sleeve is not working for you

  1. You are not consuming the right amount of calories

This may seem counter-intuitive, but if your body starts lacking nourishment, it tend to burn both fat and muscle to derive energy. Muscle loss will make it harder for you to achieve gastric sleeve weight loss over time. 

  1. Lack of balanced diet 

Maintaining a healthy, balanced diet, and meal plans as recommended by your nutritionist is vital to achieving gastric sleeve expected weight loss in the long run. 

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  1. Over-dependence on slider foods

Foods such as yogurt, cream soup, potatoes, and ice cream are easier to consume while you are transitioning to a solid diet. However, if you depend too much on them, and avoid solid proteins, it will adversely affect gastric sleeve surgery results. 

  1. Aggressive physical exercise too soon after surgery

If you ignore the bariatric surgeon’s post-operative care instructions and begin an exercise program before your body is ready, it could hinder weight loss after gastric sleeve surgery.

  1. Avoiding weight lifting 

Making weight lifting a part of your exercise program can help build lean muscle, which promotes a faster rate of calorie burn. If you don’t like to lift weights, it could result in restricted gastric sleeve weight loss. 

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