Male Hair Transplant in Mexico

Male Hair Transplant in Mexico

Male Hair Transplant in Mexico is a time-tested and highly reliable way to achieve hair restoration for men. Among a wide range of hair loss treatments available today, nothing comes even close to the efficacy and permanence of the hair transplant results. Your surgeon in Mexico will extract tiny portions of your hair-bearing scalp from the back or the sides of your head.

They will transplant these donor sections of the scalp into the balding areas in order to achieve more consistent and uniform overall hair growth. Advanced techniques are available today to perform this extraction of the hair from the donor area in a less invasive way. The procedure will leave minimal scarring and can be performed using only local anesthesia.

Once the donor strip has been removed, your surgeon will dissect it precisely into follicular units and preserve them while small incisions are created in your recipient area of the scalp. These follicular units will be implanted in a well-distributed manner over the balding area.

You should know that between the second and eighth week of your hair transplant in Mexico, the transplanted hair will begin to fall, which is perfectly normal. You will attain maximum natural looking hair re-growth in about six to nine months after your procedure.

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Many men experience bald or thinning areas of their scalp as they age. A hair transplant surgeon can help men achieve hair restoration by surgically removing small pieces of hair-bearing scalp grafts from a donor section of the scalp and relocate them to a bald or thinning area. Email us today for more information on male hair transplant, surgery prices and other Mexico plastic surgery options or call (855) 506-6188 for a free consultation.

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