Best Plastic Surgeons in Mexico (2024)

Best Plastic surgeons in Mexico

Plastic Surgery in Mexico is a double-edged knife (pun intended!) The same plastic surgeon in Mexico who holds the power to dramatically enhance your beauty and physical appearance also holds the potential to deliver horrendous results with one medical error.

We all know health and physical appearance are priceless gifts. This is why it’s vital to eat right but that’s easier said than done in this country. No one’s paying us to look good – are we celebrities – are we on camera all the time? Not everyone is born with amazing looks but with modern technology – we can correct nature’s flaws with plastic surgery.

The problem though is that thousands of people choose the wrong plastic surgeon every year, ending up their dreams with a nightmare they will have to live with for the rest of their life. 

Therefore, choosing among the best plastic surgeons in Mexico should be your topmost priority when you are considering this life-changing procedure. Contact Jet Medical Tourism® now!

You need a Mexico Medical Tourism Facilitator who understands what is at stake for you, and is committed to providing you the right guidance. Jet Medical Tourism® has on board some of the top plastic surgeons in Mexico, who have a proven record of thousands of safe and successful cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Cosmetic surgeon vs. plastic surgeon  

While considering any aesthetic procedure such as full body lift, breast lift, breast reduction, or face lift, the patient should have complete clarity on what differentiates a plastic surgeon from a cosmetic surgeon. 

Cosmetic surgeon vs. plastic surgeon in Mexico

While both terms are often used interchangeably, a board certified plastic surgeon vs. cosmetic surgeon have a world of a difference.

A plastic surgeon in Mexico (or the US) would have received at least three years of residency training specifically in plastic and reconstructive surgery. This specialized training is in addition to their general surgery training. 

A cosmetic surgeon, on the other hand, is only required to obtain a one-year fellowship training in cosmetic procedures. They are not equipped to perform plastic or reconstructive surgeries, and have only a limited skill set to undertake elective procedures for aesthetic enhancement.

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Cosmetic vs. plastic surgeon in Mexico – safety profile 

When considering a plastic surgeon vs. cosmetic surgeon in Mexico, patients should know that a plastic surgeon’s extensive training is not merely useful for producing more sustainable and desirable results. It is much safer to work with a plastic surgeon because their training equips them to handle unexpected situations while the surgery is in progress.

Best Plastic Surgeons in Tijuana Mexico

Plastic surgeons are trained to make the right decisions in a split-second during an emergency. In the operating room, as the patient lies unconscious under anesthesia, the surgeon has an enormous responsibility to protect the patient’s life and health and meet their cosmetic goals. 

When it comes to a board certified plastic surgeon vs. cosmetic surgeon, the plastic surgeon is fully prepared and trained to meet this responsibility every single time. Errors are not an option.

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Why you should find board-certified plastic surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico?

When you choose board certified plastic surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico, you know that you are in safe hands. The best plastic surgeons in Tijuana will have a certification from the plastic surgery board of Mexico. 

This certification is not awarded to every plastic surgeon, but only the most qualified, experienced, and top plastic surgeons in Mexico

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Benefits of choosing board-certified plastic surgeons in Mexico 

When you find a board certified plastic surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico or another Mexican city, you are assured that the surgeon would have undergone a rigorous selection process and extensive background checks already. 

These are some of the best plastic surgeons in Mexico who adopt cutting-edge surgical techniques and technology, follow the best medical practices and latest safety protocols, and pursue ongoing education to provide advanced plastic surgery solutions to their patients. 

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How to check if a plastic surgeon is board-certified in Mexico?

To find board certified plastic surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico, you should check  whether the surgeon is certified by the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery (AMCPER).

AMCPER is the Mexican equivalent of the most prestigious American Board of Plastic Surgery (ABPS) in the United States.

How to choose a plastic surgeon in Mexico?

The most important question you need to resolve is: how to find the best plastic surgeonYour best bet would be to identify the right plastic surgery provider in Mexico, who can guide you about how to choose a plastic surgeon who is right for your needs. 

Jet Medical Tourism® has the local knowledge and experience to help you in finding top rated plastic surgeons in Mexico. With our team by your side, you will not have to worry about how to find a good plastic surgeon in Mexico. Know that you are in safe hands with plastic surgery in Mexico.

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Can doctors in Mexico claim to be a qualified plastic surgeon?

Any licensed doctor, whether in the US or in Mexico, is legally allowed to call themselves a “cosmetic surgeon.” Even when they have no formal surgical training, they may claim to be a plastic surgeon.

Your life is precious, so you need to avoid any risk. It is vital to choose a plastic surgeon in Mexico who has undergone specialized surgical training.

A board certification in plastic surgery means that the doctor would have received the highest quality surgical training.

Some physicians train only in general medicine and thereafter pursue a short-term plastic surgery course. They could claim to be a qualified plastic surgeon, but they don’t have the skill.

For instance, it is possible to do a course in liposuction without ever having trained to be a doctor. Some of the courses can even be undertaken online!

But real training as a plastic surgeon in Tijuana is hard and time-consuming. If the doctor tries to cut down on time or expense, the consequences can be disastrous. Cheap courses without accreditation do not provide real training and expertise.

However, this does not mean that every cosmetic surgeon in Mexico is unsafe. You can still find a top qualified plastic surgeon at an affordable cost. But it requires research as well as assistance from an experienced plastic surgery tourism provider in Mexico.

How can I find a safe and qualified plastic surgeon in Mexico?

If you are considering cosmetic surgery in Mexico, you need the best plastic surgeon. If you choose a surgeon who has received residency training in plastic surgery, you are in safe hands.

A fellowship trained plastic surgeon will have the necessary surgical skills to perform your procedure. A good plastic surgeon may be board certified by the medical authorities in Mexico or the U.S.

With certified surgeons, you can be sure of their training, professional credentials and experience.

One of the certifications you may look for is from AMCPER. This is an acronym for the Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. Consider as the Mexican equivalent of the prestigious ABPS (American Board of Plastic Surgery).

The education and training of an AMCPER certified plastic surgeon in Mexico could look like this:

  • General Medicine study – 5 to 6 years
  • General Surgery training – 3 to 4 years
  • Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery training – 3 years
  • Clinic Residency – at least 1 year

Following these qualifications, the Mexican surgeon will have to clear an oral and written exam. But that’s not all. The plastic surgeon in Mexico will need to maintain the highest performance standards.

To achieve this, they may attend training courses in Mexico and abroad. If they fail to meet the desired standards, they could lose their certification. Therefore, even a recent AMCPER member will typically have several years of aesthetic surgery experience.

Finding a board-certified surgeon in Mexico can ensure you are in the safest hands. Your medical tourism provider can help you connect with safe and qualified plastic surgeons in Mexico.

How do I know if my Mexico plastic surgeon is board-certified?

Patients should strive to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon for procedures of the breast, body and face. Plastic surgeons who are board certified typically invest in high quality standards.

They will follow the surgical best practices and adopt the latest surgical techniques. The board requires them to pursue continuing education to periodically update their knowledge and skills. To determine whether your plastic surgeon in Mexico is board certified by AMPCER is very simple.

The Mexican Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery has created an online directory of board certified surgeons.

When you search for the plastic surgeon’s name, you can also filter by region or city. (Make sure you know the surgeon’s full name for accurate search.) In addition to the AMCPER directory, there is another certification to look out for.

This is relevant if you are considering cosmetic surgery specifically in Tijuana. The Baja California Association of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgeons provides its own online directory.

You can check this online directory for the surgeon’s name. Only surgeons with an AMCPER accreditation are allowed to be listed in this directory.

Do all plastic surgeons in Mexico have the AMCPER certification?

AMCPER is the premier surgical association in Mexico, which is the equivalent of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). Membership of AMCPER is a legal requirement for a doctor who practices plastic surgery in Mexico.

However, some self-proclaimed plastic surgeons in Mexico may have some limited training but may not have obtained the board certification. This would mean their plastic surgery practice is illegal.

In Mexico, like in the US and other parts of the world, there are self-proclaimed ‘aesthetic surgeons’. They are not actual plastic surgeons, and there is no assurance of their surgical expertise.

There is no guarantee of their quality or safety standards. Even a vet or a dentist could possibly take short courses and call themselves a plastic surgeon.

The AMCPER certification serves as an assurance that the surgeon has the right training and experience. It means that the surgeon’s skills have been rigorously examined and approved. To be sure about your surgeon’s credentials in Mexico, the right thing may be to review the AMCPER directory.

This information is not meant to scare off patients, but to make them aware. With the right research and with support from a reliable medical tourism provider, you cannot go wrong. Choose a reputable service provider like Jet Medical Tourism® to connect you with certified plastic surgeons in Mexico.

Jet Medical Tourism®: a place to find the best plastic surgeons in Mexico

At Jet Medical Tourism®, our mission is to help you achieve your body transformation goals with the help of the top rated plastic surgeons in Mexico at an affordable price.  We work with some of the most qualified and board-certified cosmetic surgeons in Mexico. Call us today to book a consultation!

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