Medical Tourism CoverageGlobal Protective Solutions – Specialty Medical Complications / Travel Cover: While the risks of medical complications from our highly qualified providers are low, all surgical procedures carry certain risks and complications can and do occur.  We are proud to partner with Custom Assurance Placements, who administer the Global Protective Solutions (GPS) program.  GPS is the worldwide leader in providing risk mitigation solutions specifically for international medical travelers / tourists.

Usually standard travel insurance excludes medical travel activities, and thus will not provide any benefits in all likelihood, and certainly no coverage in the event of a complication from a scheduled elective surgery.  Further, when a medical complication does happen it is usually the patient’s responsibility for paying the additional medical expenses.  By enrolling to participate in the GPS program, this gives you the needed peace of mind and the financial safety net.

GPS provides benefits and services for both travel related accidents / illness as well as a host of benefits in the event of a medical complication that is a result from your scheduled elective procedure.  It is the only package available that provides protection while you are in the host country as well as when you return home for a period of 6 months.  Travel companion coverage can also be chosen.

Ease your mind in knowing that you can receive outstanding medical care at reasonable prices and enjoy the added benefit of knowing that if there is a complication you are protected.

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GPS – Medical Complications Coverage Application

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Global Protective Solutions


Coverage Duration & Highlights

  • 180 days after initial surgery for medical complications even after you return home.
  • Up to 30 days for travel, accident, injury and illness.
  • Principal sum limits from $25,000 to $250,000
  • Additional medical or surgical expenses due to a medical complication
  • Additional medical or surgical expenses due to Thrombosis
  • Additional medical or surgical expenses for a failed or unfavorable outcome that was caused by a covered complication
  • Additional expenses for travel, meals and accommodations
  • Medical expenses related to travel accidents, injury or illness
  • Accidental death due to a travel related accident or medical complication
  • Worldwide emergency evacuation
  • 24 hour assistance services
  • Permanent disability income
  • Physiotherapy / rehabilitation
  • Residence modification
  • Severe disfigurement
  • Loss of reproduction function
  • Dependent care / family coordination


Coverage for Travel Companion

Coverage for travel companions can be included to provide travel accident benefits to those who may be accompanying the insured while traveling for a medical procedure.

Common Questions Asked by a Medical Traveler

  • What if you have an accident while traveling?
  • What if you lose a hand, a foot or your life?
  • What if something goes wrong during your surgery?
  • What if you are required to pay for additional nights at the hospital or hotel?
  • What if a surgery-related problem arises after the initial procedure?

The answer is simple… you can be rest assured that you and your family have the protection of a comprehensive insurance policy provided by a leading international company.

Important Note: In most cases, regular travel insurance does not cover or provide any benefits for medical travelers, as this is usually an excluded activity. Global Protective Solutions was designed to specifically address this shortfall as well as provide protection against “deep pocket” expenses in the event of a travel accident or medical complication that may arise from the surgery, treatment or procedure.

Disclaimer: Jet Medical Tourism is not in any financial or business partnership with Global Protective Solutions (GPS). Our role as a Medical Tourism Agent is to refer our clients to GPS in good faith for purchasing insurance coverage only. We cannot be held liable for any issues resulting from an insurance policy purchased from GPS. Any matter should be directed to GPS and dealt with by them.