Full Body Lift in Mexico

Full Body Lift in Mexico

Full Body Lift in Mexico is a proven and effective cosmetic surgery procedure to help you get rid of loose skin and excess fat tissue pockets that may linger following a major weight loss. Your Mexico plastic surgeon will recommend whether you are a candidate for a lower, mid, or upper body lift, depending on where your excess skin is located.

If you are bothered by the presence of substantial skin laxity in the lower body, the mid-section as well as the extremities, your surgeon may suggest a full body lift in Mexico. A skilled surgeon will be able to customize your body lift surgery according to your unique needs. Wherever possible, they will use common incisions to eliminate excess skin with minimal scarring.

A full body lift that treats lower, mid and upper body areas is going to be a significantly intensive surgery requiring a few hours in the operating room. Your Mexico plastic surgeon will first perform the mid body lift through an abdominal incision that goes down to the upper thighs.

In the second stage, they will perform the upper body lift, which will eliminate droopy skin and fat from your breasts, back, and upper arms. Incisions will be placed in discreet locations, such in the underarms or within the breast fold to minimize visible scarring.

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