Buttock Lift in Mexico

Buttock Lift in Mexico is designed to enhance your posterior figure if you are unhappy with the shape or size of your buttocks, or presence of saggy skin in the rear. This excisional butt lift surgery in Mexico can be ideally performed if your primary concern is excess skin and droopy muscles in the buttocks, but you do not have too much fatty tissue deposits.

Your plastic surgeon in Mexico will place an incision in concealed locations in your buttock to gently remove very thin fat layers and loose skin. If necessary, they will also tighten the underlying loose muscles. Through the incisions, your surgeon will suture the deeper tissue to hold your buttocks in a subtly lifted position.

You can achieve a smoother, tighter, and lifted appearance of the buttocks with this cosmetic procedure. Depending on your unique needs, your surgeon will choose the appropriate incision technique to perform your butt lift in Mexico. In an upper butt lift, they will create an incision across the top contours of your buttocks.

A lower butt lift may be performed by shifting the bottom crease of your rear slightly upward, and a mid butt lift will involve an incision that goes up and outward from the buttock’s central crease. Your Mexico body contouring surgeon will discuss these options with you at the time of your surgical planning.

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