To help Jet Medical Tourism® prepare an accurate price quote for your plastic surgery in Mexico, please read our photo requirements below and use the form to submit your photos. 

***NOTE: Although we do provide starting plastic surgery prices for most procedures in Mexico, the final cost will be determined after a plastic surgeon evaluates your case based on your unique anatomical and aesthetic needs.

Photo Requirements

Following these photo guidelines will help our plastic surgeons customize a treatment plan for you.

Breast surgery photos

1 front view of neck, shoulders, breasts and navel
1 front view of both arms raised above your head
1 left side view (both arms down the side)
1 right side view (both arms down the side)

Facial surgery photos

1 left and 1 right facial profile
1 font on of face
1 head tilted back with taken from the side
1 head tilted down with shot taken from the side

Body surgery photos

1 left body profile
1 right body profile
1 front on profile from knees upward
1 back on profile from knees upward