Gastric Re-sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Gastric Resleeve Surgery in Mexico

Sometimes it may be necessary to redo gastric sleeve for a number of reasons. Fortunately, VSG is one of the most flexible and adaptable bariatric procedures, which makes it easy to perform to a gastric sleeve revision when required. The safest revision technique available today for this procedure is gastric resleeve surgery. At your initial consultation, your bariatric surgeon will determine whether you are a candidate for resleeve surgery.

What is gastric resleeve surgery?

Gastric resleeve is a laparoscopic revisional surgery for patients who have developed a large gastric fundus (sleeved stomach) following their primary VSG procedure. Re-stretching of the stomach pouch can negate the benefits of the original surgery, and contribute to weight regain or poor remission of obesity-related co-morbidities.

Recalibration of the previous gastric sleeve

A resleeve surgery near me is a procedure designed to recalibrate the previous VSG by resecting excess stomach tissue from the gastric pouch. The goal of this recalibration technique is to help the patient reduce their meal portions by reducing the stomach size to an appropriate level. Steps involved in the gastric resleeve surgery are similar to the primary VSG.

Safer and less invasive surgical procedure

If your bariatric surgeon has recommended a redo gastric sleeve procedure, you can draw comfort from the fact that the surgery is less invasive, post-op downtime is minimal, and complication rate during and after the surgery is low. Unlike more complex revisions involving a bypass or duodenal switch, a sleeve revision does not involve any changes to your small intestine.

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Can a gastric sleeve be redone?

Yes, it is possible to redo gastric sleeve surgery for eligible candidates who have experienced an enlarged or dilated sleeve following their primary surgery. Although many patients worry about a resleeve and want to know can a gastric sleeve be redone, the good news is that this procedure is often safer and simpler than the original sleeve gastrectomy.

  • Purpose: The goal of a re sleeve surgery near me is to reshape and restore the smaller size of the gastric pouch to help the patient feel full faster. However, unlike the primary VSG, the purpose is not to curb appetite through changes in hormone production.
  • Candidacy: Patients who have regained some of their excess weight because of a stretched stomach sleeve may be good candidates for a gastric resleeve. However, if the patient’s BMI is above 45, the surgeon may recommend a sleeve conversion to gastric bypass or duodenal switch.
  • Pre-op exam: Can a gastric sleeve be redone in every case? The answer is no. To determine whether you qualify for a gastric resleeve, your surgeon will order a series of upper GI x-rays as well as look at your primary VSG operative reports. They will also examine the causes of your weight regain.
  • Safety: Can a gastric sleeve be redone safely? The answer is yes. In fact, the estimated operating time for a gastric resleeve is less than the primary sleeve gastrectomy. Moreover, a skilled surgeon will use the original incision sites, so that your new post-op scarring is negligible.

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Does gastric resleeving work?

Yes, gastric resleeve surgery has an excellent success rate with minimal risk of post-op complications. However, when you experience weight loss failure with your primary sleeve gastrectomy, it is natural feel apprehensive about a revision. Many patients want to ask: Does gastric resleeving work? But data shows that re sleeve surgery near me can deliver safe and predictable results.

  • Research study: An NIH report published the results of a retrospective study of 27 patients who chose to redo gastric sleeve. The results in terms of co-morbidity resolution and weight loss success were evaluated at different time intervals from 6 months to 3 years. Results showed an excess weight loss of over 85% on average and remission of co-morbidities.
  • Surgeon’s skills: Does gastric resleeving work in every case? The answer is it depends. The skills and experience of the bariatric surgeon in performing gastric sleeve revision will make a key difference. When you select a surgeon, make sure to check their qualifications, past track record of revision procedures, patient testimonials, and before and after photos.
  • Personal goals: Your personal commitment and determination to lose weight will make a key difference. Does gastric resleeving work even if you fail to follow your surgeon’s prescribed diet plan? The answer is no. The stomach tissue is highly stretchable, and if you eat excessively, the resleeve may again stretch. So, stay committed to a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

Reasons to redo gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve and gastric resleeve are both restrictive procedures. It means, these surgeries will restrict your stomach’s capacity to store food. If for some reason, the sleeve stretches again after the primary VSG surgery, the whole purpose may be defeated. You may start eating larger meal portions once again, resulting in weight regain.

Here are some of the reasons to redo gastric sleeve surgery.

  • Restretching of the stomach sleeve because of excessive eating, resulting in post-operative weight regain.
  • Inadequate weight loss combined with persistent symptoms of gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Faulty calibration of the sleeve due to the surgeon’s miscalculation may require a redo gastric sleeve.
  • Incomplete surgical removal (significantly less than 80%) of the gastric fundus during primary VSG.
  • Residual stomach dilation due to involuntary physiologic changes may lead to a need for gastric resleeve.
  • Non-compliance with the prescribed diet and fitness regimen in the long run may cause formation of neofundus.
  • Genetics, aging, and factors such as unresolved co-morbidities may require a redo gastric sleeve surgery.

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Gastric re sleeve surgery cost: USA vs Mexico

Gastric re sleeve surgery cost in parts of the US may be as high as $25,000 on average. In Mexico, on the other hand, your gastric sleeve revision surgery may only cost up to $7,500 or less on average. Thousands of women and men now choose Mexico as their preferred destination for resleeve.

Your re sleeve surgery cost in Mexico will usually include the following services:

  • Fee charged by the gastric resleeve surgeon
  • Fee charged by other attending specialists or physicians
  • Fee charged by the anesthesiologist
  • Surgery room charges
  • One night stay at the hospital, if required
  • Cost of pre-op diagnostic tests and blood work
  • Cost of prescription drugs for one week
  • Pre- and post-op consultations with the resleeve surgeon
  • One consultation with the nutritionist and physical therapist
  • Ground transportation to and from the airport

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Re sleeve surgery near me

If you are looking for a safe and affordable destination for re sleeve surgery near me, we encourage you to consider one of the neighboring cities in Mexico. You can get world-class medical facilities and have your gastric resleeve surgery performed by a top-rated bariatric surgeon in Mexico, while paying a fraction of the cost. To learn more about how to get an affordable re sleeve surgery near me, talk to us at Jet Medical Tourism® today!

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