Vertical Sleeve Revision to Gastric Bypass

Vertical sleeve Revision to Gastric Bypass

Vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass surgery may be performed if your primary VSG procedure has failed to produce the desired weight loss. While in many cases, the patient may not have followed the post-op diet guidelines leading to poor results, other complications may also occur in some cases. Your top priority should be to select a well-qualified bariatric surgeon so that the risk of surgical errors is minimized.

You should note that gastric sleeve revision surgery is often more complex than the original procedure. Therefore, you need a surgeon with adequate past experience in performing VSG revision. The weight loss surgeon will recommend the most appropriate gastric sleeve surgery revision technique for your condition. Make sure to diligently follow your surgeon’s advice for the pre- and post-operative diet and exercise for a successful outcome.

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What is vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) revision?

Vertical sleeve gastrectomy revision is a corrective surgery to eliminate complications after your primary VSG or to restore your weight loss if you originally failed to lose excess weight. Vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass is the most common surgical technique your treatment provider may consider. This will provide you both restrictive and malabsorptive benefits to help you lose excess weight rapidly.

Another common option for gastric sleeve surgery revision is re-sleeve gastrectomy. If the surgeon determines that your stomach has significantly stretched after the primary surgery, they may remove an additional portion to create a smaller pouch or sleeve. In exceptional situations, when sleeve to bypass revision or re-sleeve are not the options, your surgeon may recommend a revision to duodenal switch.

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Is there a revision for gastric sleeve?

Revision after gastric sleeve surgery is almost always an option. Although most patients will attain their weight loss goals with the primary VSG surgery, sometimes a sleeve gastrectomy revision may be unavoidable. During your initial consultation, you should discuss your options such as gastric sleeve to RNY revision. Your surgeon will first evaluate whether your post-op complications or weight loss failure can be resolved without a revision surgery.

Determining Your Candidacy

After a thorough assessment, the surgeon will determine your candidacy for VSG revision. They may first consider re-sleeving the stomach, which is the simplest form of vertical sleeve revision. However, if re-sleeving is not viable, your bariatric surgeon may recommend vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass. These are both safe and proven techniques to perform vertical sleeve revision.

Long-term Dietary Commitment

Following a revision from sleeve to gastric bypass or a re-sleeve surgery, you will need to follow your surgeon’s guidelines for a healthy and controlled diet. Remember that a revision surgery may be your last chance, and a third revision in the future may not be clinically safe for you. In particular, with a sleeve to bypass revision, you will need to look after your nutritional balance for a lifetime.

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How to qualify for gastric sleeve revision?

Your weight loss surgeon will recommend gastric sleeve surgery revision only as a procedure of last resort. They will evaluate the pros and cons, and if the benefits significantly outweigh the limitations, they will give you the go-ahead for gastric sleeve revision surgery. You may qualify for VSG revision in the following conditions:

  • Weight Loss Plateau: Some patients may hit a weight loss plateau following their original vertical sleeve surgery. This may occur in exceptional cases even if you are adhering to your prescribed post-op diet plan. In this situation, you may fail to achieve the desired BMI and a vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass may be necessary.
  • Weight Regain: You may initially achieve a successful weight loss after your primary gastric sleeve. But at a later stage, you might regain the excess weight that you had shed. This is likely to occur if you do not maintain a balanced diet and an active lifestyle. In this case, your surgeon may determine a sleeve gastrectomy revision as the best option.
  • Development of GERD: Gastroesophageal reflux disease, commonly known as acid reflux or GERD, may occur as a complication after your gastric sleeve surgery. If the symptoms are severe and continue to recur despite non-invasive treatments and medication, it may require a vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass surgery in Mexico.
  • Co-morbidities Persist: One of the goals of gastric sleeve surgery is to reduce or eliminate obesity-related medical problems. If your co-morbidities continue to pose health risks after your primary procedure, you may need a gastric sleeve surgery revision. For instance, revision from sleeve to gastric bypass may effectively control your type 2 diabetes.

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Vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass

Vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass

Sleeve to bypass revision is the most reliable and proven surgical approach to correct the medical complications or help you achieve your weight loss goals through a revision procedure. Your bariatric surgeon will examine your health condition and investigate the root cause of your weight loss failure or complications before recommending a vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass.

  • Incision Placement: After you have been placed under general anesthesia, your surgeon will create multiple small incisions in the abdominal area. A skilled surgeon will try to use the original incision in order to minimize subsequent scarring. Your gastric sleeve revision surgery may be performed laparoscopically, which will require only very small incisions.
  • Create the Pouch: Through the incisions your surgeon will introduce a tiny video camera into your stomach to view the underlying structures clearly on an outside monitor. They will reduce your stomach pouch size further, and then attach the pouch with the bottom portion of your small intestine. This will work to reduce your eating capacity as well as calorie absorption.
  • Intestinal Bypass: In this stage, the upper part of your small intestine will be re-connected to the lower part in order to regulate digestion. After your primary VSG surgery, if you developed a severe problem of GERD, this procedure will successfully correct the condition. Once the procedure is completed, your surgeon will carefully close the incisions with sutures.

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Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass Revision

Vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass weight loss

Weight loss following your vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass surgery can be up to 70% within the 12 months. Most rapid weight loss will occur in the first three months because of substantial dietary restrictions. Depending on your commitment to your diet and exercise plan, you could achieve 100% freedom from obesity at 18 to 24 months after your sleeve revision to RNY surgery.

Long-term weight loss results with vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass surgery are highly successful in most cases. A large number of patients report that they have managed to maintain their weight loss at the end of five years or even 10 years. While you continue to follow your post-op diet plan, you should take your daily nutrition supplements regularly lifelong because revision from sleeve to RNY is a malabsorptive procedure.

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Vertical sleeve revision to mini gastric bypass

Vertical sleeve revision to mini gastric bypass is a relatively less complex procedure compared to a traditional revision surgery. Your bariatric surgeon may recommend this procedure if they determine that you only need some additional changes to achieve your weight loss goals. The results with this surgery will not be so rapid or drastic, but the procedure will be less invasive and you will have a faster post-op recovery.

Your surgeon may choose the keyhole surgery technique or laparoscopic technique to perform your vertical sleeve revision to mini gastric bypass. They will create a smaller stomach pouch, but the intestine will not be resected in this procedure. Instead of resection, your surgeon will pull the small intestine up to the resized pouch and create a connection. In general, this surgery may be recommended if your goal is to lose up to 100 pounds.

Sleeve to bypass revision cost

The sleeve to bypass revision cost would be in the range of $5,500 to $6,500 on average, if you choose this procedure in Mexico. But sleeve to bypass revision cost in the US or Canada may be as high as $25,000 on average. The cost can marginally vary depending on the complexity of the procedure. A re-sleeve surgery may cost slightly less than a vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass.

The following factors can influence your sleeve revision cost:

  • Location of your surgery – Mexico, US, or Canada
  • Choice of procedure – sleeve to bypass revision or re-sleeve surgery
  • Quality standards and reputation of your bariatric hospital or clinic
  • Qualifications, training, and certifications of your weight loss surgeon
  • Duration of your stay at the hospital for initial recovery
  • Post-operative costs – professional nutrition and fitness consultation


Gastric sleeve revision before and after

Gastric sleeve revision before and after

Gastric sleeve revision ‘before and after’ photos and videos will give you a clear idea of the potential effectiveness of sleeve gastrectomy revision surgery. During your pre-op consultation, you should request your surgeon to share with you these photographs as well as gastric sleeve revision reviews. Here are some of the advantages of VSG revision before and after.

  • You will be able to form realistic expectations about what a gastric sleeve revision surgery can or cannot do for you.
  • You will obtain an insightful understanding of how your overall figure can improve at different stages of your sleeve to RNY revision.
  • You will gain a fair idea of the surgical and artistic skills of your operating surgeon by viewing their past performance.
  • You will be in a position to make a well-informed and confident decision about whether to go ahead with gastric sleeve revision.

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Gastric sleeve revision success rate

Gastric sleeve revision success rate may be about 80 to 90% in the short run, and about 70% over a longer time period. In other words, about 8 or 9 out of 10 patients are likely to achieve their weight loss goals after their vertical sleeve revision. The success rate reduces over the long-term because of the external health and age factors. Moreover, some patients may not remain as dedicated to their diet plan as they would right after their surgery.

Complication rate after your endoscopic revision of gastric sleeve will be lower if it is performed as re-sleeve surgery. In case of sleeve to RNY revision, you can minimize your risk of complications if you remain focused on your balanced food intake and daily nutrition supplements.

Gastric sleeve revision success rate is higher with conversion to gastric bypass surgery particularly for diabetics. Your type 2 diabetes symptoms may significantly reduce or disappear entirely after this revision surgery.

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VSG to RNY Revision

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