Gastric Bypass Cures Diabetes: Fact or Myth?

Gastric bypass cures diabetes

According to the CDC data, as many as 26 million Americans, representing eight percent of the US population, are affected by diabetes. 

The condition can progressively lead to kidney, eye, and nerve damage, and put the patient at a higher risk of heart disease. The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) says that nearly nine in 10 cases of type 2 diabetes can be attributed to excessive body fat.

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This is where gastric bypass and diabetes have a direct correlation. Gastric bypass surgery is a safe and proven procedure to address the problem of obesity. 

When a patient achieves weight loss through bariatric surgery, it automatically alleviates the symptoms of diabetes. Therefore, it may not be an exaggeration to say that gastric bypass cures diabetes. 

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Gastric bypass and diabetes: All you need to know

gastric bypass cures type 2 diabetes

People suffering from stage 2 or stage 3 obesity along with type 2 diabetes may be ideal candidates for gastric bypass surgery. With this procedure, it is possible to bring erratic blood sugar under control in three ways: 

  1. The process of sustainable weight loss will be expedited.
  2. The gut level hormone levels will be altered.
  3. A healthy balance of microbes within the digestive system will be maintained. 

Medical experts believe gastric bypass cures diabetes completely in some cases, while in others it will send the disease into remission. In absence of gastric bypass surgery, it may be much harder to manage diabetes only with medications and lifestyle changes. 

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Research from ASMBS shows that gastric bypass and diabetes are linked in a large number of cases. In almost 90 percent of the cases, the surgery will improve type 2 diabetes symptoms by: 

  • Reducing blood sugar levels 
  • Eliminating or lowering the dosage levels and the type of medications needed
  • Alleviating health issues that are diabetes-related


Is gastric bypass safe for diabetics?

 gastric bypass diabetes cure

A Position Statement released by the IDF (International Diabetes Foundation) recognizes that gastric bypass and diabetes are correlated, and gastric bypass surgery is a safe and appropriate treatment for type 2 diabetics who are also suffering from obesity. 

However, to ensure patient safety, it’s crucial that gastric bypass surgery for type 2 diabetes should only be performed within accepted medical guidelines by a qualified and experienced bariatric surgeon. 

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How does gastric bypass surgery cure diabetes?

Surgeons should explain to the patient how gastric bypass cures diabetes, and whether it is a viable option in their case. Here is how it works:

  • Following gastric bypass, the small intestine will spontaneously start producing GLUT-1 molecule that enables the body to utilize glucose. 
  • This molecule is normally not present in an adult’s intestine, but only in newborns. But with gastric bypass surgery, the intestine’s mechanic stress is increased (as the stomach is bypassed, and the food is ‘dumped’ directly into the intestine.) This contributes to the production of GLUT-1. 
  • As the diabetic’s body to utilize glucose improves, it will progressively reduce the high blood sugar levels. This process of disease resolution begins even before substantial weight loss takes place. With time, as more of excess body weight is eliminated, it further contributes to the end of the disease.

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Does diabetes come back after gastric bypass?

bariatric surgery and diabetes remissionGastric bypass surgery is the most effective treatment available today for type 2 diabetes for patients suffering from obesity. Gastric bypass cures diabetes or sends the disease into remission in most of the cases. However, in some cases, a relapse of diabetes may occur even after the surgery. 

It is important for the surgeon to account for this risk while evaluating the candidacy of a patient and while planning post-surgical care. 

While the remission or improvement of type 2 diabetes will last for many years, patients should know that if they are unable to maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle after a gastric bypass, the risk of the disease coming back increases.

How much does gastric bypass cost?

If you choose to undergo a gastric bypass surgery in Mexico, you could easily save as much as 70 percent of the cost in the US or Canada. Gastric bypass at an accredited Mexico hospital will only cost you about $7,000 when it is performed by a board certified bariatric surgeon. The same procedure in your home country could set you back by $25,000 or more. 

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