Gastric Sleeve Pre Op Diet

Gastric Sleeve Pre Op Diet

Gastric sleeve pre op diet is the first vital step towards achieving your weight loss goals through gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. In some ways, the VSG pre op diet is even more vital than the post-operative care regimen because the safety and success of your surgical procedure will depend on how diligently you have followed the pre op sleeve diet. During your initial consultation, your surgeon and their nutrition team will explain your pre op sleeve diet plan in detail.

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What is gastric sleeve pre op diet?

Gastric sleeve pre op diet is essentially a low-calorie diet, which you are required to follow for a few weeks prior to your weight loss surgery in Mexico. The goal of your pre op diet for gastric sleeve surgery is to shrink your liver size, help your stomach muscles to relax, and make your surgical procedure safer and more effective. The pre-op diet may slightly vary from between patients depending on your BMI and any underlying medical conditions.

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How long is pre op diet for gastric sleeve?

Pre sleeve diet is typically planned for two to three weeks, depending on your customized pre-operative nutrition plan and your individual needs. A two-week pre op diet for gastric sleeve in Mexico will primarily include more of vitamins, minerals and proteins, and less of carbohydrates, sugars, and fats. In addition, your bariatric surgeon may guide you to stop smoking about a month ahead of your surgery. The last two days of your sleeve surgery pre op diet may include mainly liquids.

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Pre op gastric sleeve diet plan

Your pre op diet VSG will be meticulously planned for three weeks prior to your bariatric surgery. The three core areas of focus in your pre op diet plan will be:

  • calorie reduction, including low intake of carbs, sugars and soft beverages
  • emphasis on lean proteins, including foods such as lean ground beef, chick, salmon, and eggs
  • staying hydrated as much as possible while minimizing alcoholic drinks.
  • Your pre op diet plan may provide you 800 to 1,200 calories daily.


Pre op liquid diet gastric sleeve

VSG Pre Op Liquit Diet

Pre gastric sleeve liquid diet will usually begin two days ahead of your schedule weight loss surgery in Mexico. This VSG pre op liquid diet will primarily include clear liquids, such as water and fruit juices (without carbonation or fruit pulp). You will also be allowed to have clear broths such as beef, chicken or vegetable broth and protein shakes. Two Greek yogurts daily are also recommended as part of a balanced liquid diet gastric sleeve plan.

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Why gastric sleeve pre op diet fail?

Pre op diet can be challenging to follow for some patients, particularly because they have developed a habit of eating larger quantities, and it gets difficult to commit to a low-calorie diet for a few weeks. VSG pre op diet failure should not dishearten you because your stomach is still large (the diet is enforced before the surgery) so it is natural to eat more. However, with guidance from your nutritionist you can succeed in this diet for your own safety.

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Pre op diet for gastric sleeve cheating

Gastric Sleeve Diet Cheating

Gastric sleeve pre op diet fail may take place when you get tempted to eat more and cheat on your own prescribed diet plan. Gastric sleeve diet cheating may be manageable if you have just eaten half a slice of pizza during a meal and then reverted back to your VSG diet. However, if you cheat more frequently, including compromises in your liquid diet in the last two days, you might increase your surgical risk.

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No pre op diet before gastric sleeve

Some patients may mistakenly believe that having no pre op diet before VSG is okay because the surgery has not yet taken place and their stomach is still large. However, this can have serious adverse consequences for your health. If you are unwilling to follow pre op bariatric sleeve diet, your surgeon may not accept you as a candidate for this surgery. ‘No pre op diet before sleeve surgery’ is not an option if you want to achieve your weight loss goals safely.

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2 week pre op diet for gastric sleeve

The best pre op diet for gastric sleeve will begin about two to three weeks before your scheduled weight loss surgery in Mexico. Your 2 week pre op diet for VSG will largely include low calorie, high protein foods that your stomach can digest more easily.

A scientifically designed pre-op diet will strength your muscle tissue to sustain the surgery and have a safe and rapid recovery after VSG. For 8 hours before your surgery, you may have to completely avoid eating or drinking.

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Sample VSG Diet Plan

VSG diet plan before surgery

Your Mexico bariatric surgeon or their nutrition team will provide you a model gastric sleeve diet plan well ahead of your scheduled surgery. Pre op diet for VSG patients typically includes:

  • two to three protein shakes spread over a day,
  • cooked or raw veggies as per choice,
  • two daily servings of lean protein (ground beef, fish, turkey, chicken, tofu, and eggs), and
  • unsweetened milk shakes.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pasta, bread, potatoes, and rice should not be a part of gastric sleeve diet plan before the surgery.

Best pre op gastric sleeve diet recipes

Creative and healthy gastric sleeve pre op diet recipes can make it easier for you to comply with the strict diet plan prior to your bariatric surgery in Mexico. Some of the best pre op VSG diet recipes will focus on reduced calorie intake, include ingredients that help in shrinking of your liver, avoid carbohydrates and sugars, and generally boost your muscle and tissue health. Talk to the nutritionist at your surgeon’s hospital to recommend some good recipes.

Pre op diet for gastric sleeve patients: Consult Jet Medical Tourism®

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