Gastric Sleeve Failure: Can a gastric sleeve be redone?

Gastric Sleeve Failure

What is Gastric Sleeve failure?

Gastric sleeve failure is said to occur when the surgery fails to achieve the patient’s optimal weight loss goals, or the patient regains weight quickly after some initial weight loss.

Gastric sleeve failure or success will largely depend on the skills of your Mexico bariatric surgeon and your own commitment to follow the surgeon’s post-operative instructions for diet and exercise.

During your initial consultation, you should ask your weight loss surgeon in Mexico: Can a gastric sleeve be redone? You should also remember that it is your surgeon’s responsibility to ensure you go through the gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico safely and without any serious complications during or after the surgery.

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5 Reasons of Gastric Sleeve failure

Gastric sleeve failure may occur in a few cases, whether you choose to have your surgery in Mexico or the US. Here are five possible reasons for it:

1) Failure to Choose the Best Bariatric Surgeon

The single most important factor that will have an impact on your final outcome in gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is the skill and experience of your Mexico bariatric surgeon. If your surgeon does not have the right training, certifications or has not previously performed gastric sleeve procedures, your risk of gastric sleeve failure will be higher.

All your motivation and commitment to achieve weight loss can be undone if your surgeon does not have a proven track record or is unqualified for performing gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico.

Gastric Sleeve in Mexico2) The Sleeve is Still Big After the Surgery

It is possible that your stomach (sleeve) may be naturally large, and even after a major portion of the sleeve is removed during your gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, it may still be able to hold substantial amount of food. In this situation, you may continue to feel hungry frequently, and may not achieve the desired amount of weight loss.

3) The Stomach Pouch Has Stretched Over Time

Nature may play its own role after your sleeve gastrectomy. Even if the primary surgery was performed successfully and the stomach pouch was made smaller, a gradual sleeve re-stretching may take place over time. This may result in minimal weight loss in the long run, or a gradual weight gain.

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4) Post-Surgical Complications May Occur

In exceptional cases, significant post-operative complications may contribute to gastric sleeve failure. The suturing of the smaller stomach sleeve may have been done poorly, adhesion of the sleeve to other organs may occur, or an infection may become complicated. It is important to ask your surgeon before your primary surgery: can gastric sleeve be redone?

5) Failure to Follow the Surgeon’s Instructions

Following your Mexico gastric sleeve procedure, your surgeon and their team of physicians, nutritionists and fitness experts will provide you detailed instructions about how to manage your diet and how to maintain a healthy exercise regimen in the long run. If you ignore the post-operative care instructions or fail to follow the recommended diet and exercise plan, it could reverse the benefits of your gastric sleeve surgery.

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5 Tips to avoid Gastric Sleeve Failure

It is possible to minimize your risk of gastric sleeve failure, if you follow these five simple tips.

1) Select a Highly Qualified Mexico Weight Loss Surgeon

A highly qualified and experienced bariatric surgeon in Mexico can be your best bet against gastric sleeve surgery failure. The surgeon will carefully determine your candidacy for this procedure, and create a customized surgical plan to suit your unique needs.

Best Gastric Sleeve Surgeons in Mexico

They will use the latest surgical techniques and combine them with their skills and experience to ensure your gastric sleeve weight loss results are safe, predictable, and sustainable.

2) Work with a Reliable and Trusted Medical Tourism Provider

When you choose a dedicated and dependable weight loss tourism provider for Mexico, such as Jet Medical Tourism®, you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

Jet Medical Tourism® will take care that your gastric sleeve surgery is performed at one of the best hospitals or bariatric surgery centers in Mexico, and they will help you select one of the top gastric sleeve surgeons that are on-board with them.

3) Diligently Follow Your Surgeon’s Dietary Guidance

Your Mexico bariatric surgeon and their team will guide you about how to maintain a balanced diet and improve your eating habits after your gastric sleeve surgery. Stay focused on the prescribed diet, and refrain from consuming high dietary fats, refined sugars, and carbonated drinks.

While you should know the answer to this question: “can gastric sleeve be redone,” it does not mean that you get careless with your post-op dietary commitment.

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4) Agree with Your Brain’s Satiety Signals

Your Mexico gastric sleeve surgery will substantially reduce your stomach size and induce favorable hormonal changes that will naturally reduce your appetite. You will quickly feel full after you eat a little. You should train yourself to listen to and obey your brain’s satiety signals, and stop eating when the brain tells you that your stomach is full.

After your gastric sleeve, this task will be much easier, but you still need to remain conscious about controlling your urge to eat when you are feeling full.

5) Maintain a Regular Fitness and Exercise Regimen

Exercise after Gastric Sleeve

Your surgeon and their team will guide you about how to maintain an active lifestyle and perform daily exercises to stay fit after your Mexico gastric sleeve surgery. Make sure that you do not get back into the trap of a sedentary lifestyle, which can be counterproductive to your goals of weight loss.

A good fitness routine will also continue to protect you from the ill-effects of any other medical conditions you may have, such as type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, or heart disease.

Can a Gastric Sleeve be Redone? 

Can you have gastric sleeve surgery twice? Yes, gastric sleeve can be redone to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Following a gastric sleeve failure, all hope is not lost, and you could be a candidate for a gastric sleeve revision surgery in Mexico. Your surgeon will review your medical history and evaluate the potential causes of the failure of your primary gastric sleeve procedure.

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Based on this assessment, they will recommend the most appropriate surgical technique to perform your Mexico gastric sleeve revision. At your pre-op consultation, you should seek a clear answer to this question: can gastric sleeve be redone in your case, and what type of revision procedure will be most suitable for you.

Gastric Sleeve Revision – Best option for weight loss failure after sleeve gastrectomy

If you experience weight loss failure after sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico, your bariatric surgeon will explain you the best options for gastric sleeve revision. In general, the following four options are available to a surgeon to revise a gastric sleeve surgery:

Re-sleeve gastrectomy is usually an ideal procedure for gastric sleeve revision for patients who have regained weight or achieved inadequate weight loss.

If you have suffered from gastric sleeve failure because your stomach pouch has stretched again or was not sufficiently reduced during your primary surgery, your Mexico bariatric surgeon may perform a re-sleeve gastrectomy.

The advantage of this procedure is that it is less invasive compared to other gastric sleeve revision options, and the results are more predictable and effective.

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Don’t take our word for it. Check out Gastric Sleeve Before and After Pictures of our patients.

Gastric Sleeve Before and After Photos Gastric Sleeve Before and After

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