Gastric Bypass Revision Success Rate

Gastric bypass revision surgery

Gastric bypass revision success rate is considered to be as high as 90% in Mexico. The country has an excellent medical infrastructure and highly rated bariatric surgeons who receive favorable gastric bypass revision reviews from their patients. One of the reasons for the high rate of gastric bypass revision success is that the patients who undergo this surgery a second time are much more committed to losing weight.

Average weight loss after gastric bypass revision is in the range of 60 to 85% of the patient’s excess weight within the first year. Chances of success are particularly high when the patient recognizes the reasons for their failed gastric bypass the first time. After the revision surgery, these patients are far more diligent about following the surgeon’s guidelines related to diet and exercise.

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Gastric bypass revision: What to expect?

Any revision surgery, including gastric bypass, is relatively more complex than the primary procedure. But you can expect safe and desirable results when you work with a fully trained and experienced weight loss surgeon. Check out the gastric bypass revision success stories and patient reviews related to a bariatric surgeon in Mexico before you make a decision.

Low Complications, High Success Rate

Gastric bypass revision surgery complications are minimal as long as you are working with a reputable Mexico surgeon and are willing to abide by their post-op guidelines. Although the failed gastric bypass rate in primary procedures is anywhere from 15 to 35%, the failure rate reduces substantially (below 10%) in a revision surgery.

Sustainable Weight Loss Results

A top-rated bariatric surgeon at an accredited Mexico hospital or reputable surgery clinic will usually perform your gastric bypass revision using the laparoscopic technique. This will make your surgery less invasive, more precise, and involving a shorter recovery. You can expect to achieve more significant and durable weight loss with this revision procedure.

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Average weight loss after gastric bypass revision

Gastric bypass revision success rate is determined in terms of:

(a) how much excess weight is lost; and

(b) risk of complications.

The average weight loss after gastric bypass revision surgery in Mexico is as follows:

6 Months after Surgery

You will lose the maximum amount of excess weight in the first six months after your gastric bypass revision. If you look at the gastric bypass revision before and after images at six months, you can see noticeable difference in the patient’s appearance. You can expect to lose about 40% of your excess body weight during this period.

9 Months after Surgery

The pace of your progressive weight loss will be relatively slower during this phase. However, the key concern at this stage should be whether you have developed any gastric bypass revision surgery complications. You should watch out for nutritional deficiencies or a divergence from the dietary guidelines. If all goes well, you may lose another 10 to 15% of your excess weight at nine months.

12 to 18 Months after Surgery

Most patients are able to achieve maximum weight loss during this period, and some may even attain their ideal body weight. The average weight loss after gastric bypass revision at 12 to 18 months could be anywhere from 75% to 95% of the excess weight. If you find that you are still significantly lagging behind in your weight loss goals, you should review whether you are diligently following the dietary guidelines.

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Gastric bypass revision surgery complications

Although gastric bypass revision success rate is extremely high, some patients may still experience post-surgical complications. Therefore, select a Mexico weight loss surgeon after checking their credentials and evaluating their gastric bypass revision reviews. Your surgeon will inform you about the following potential gastric bypass revision surgery complications:

  • Malnutrition: Vitamin deficiencies can occur after your gastric bypass revision surgery, if you fail to follow the nutritionist’s recommended diet. Supplements of multi-vitamins, calcium and iron can help you avoid the risk of malnutrition.
  • Dumping Syndrome: A few patients may experience dumping syndrome (undigested food entering the small intestine) after their gastric bypass revision. This condition occurs if you eat solids without chewing or skip liquid diet to move on to solids before time.
  • Stomal Stenonsis: This complication may occur if the new opening created between the intestine and stomach become tight and narrow. You may experience vomiting after you eat or drink something. Your surgeon can treat this condition effectively.
  • Peritonitis: Stomach leakage may cause peritonitis after your gastric bypass revision. This is a rare complication indicated by symptoms such as fever and abdominal pain. You should talk to your surgeon promptly if the symptoms persist.

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Diet after gastric bypass revision

Your individual post-surgery gastric bypass diet plan and how diligently you follow it will decide where your story ranks among the gastric bypass revision success stories. Your Mexico bariatric surgeon and their nutrition team will prepare a recommended diet plan for you based on your age, health, and other factors.

Your gastric bypass revision diet will follow a staged approach to enable you to safely transition from liquid to solid foods. In about three months after your surgery, you can expect to return to your normal diet. However, certain dietary restrictions will still apply, and you may have to take nutrition supplements to achieve the best outcomes.

Some of the key dietary tips that will help you avoid gastric bypass revision complications include:

  • Drink plenty of fluids and stay well-hydrated.
  • Chew adequately and eat slowly to avoid dumping syndrome.
  • Increase the intake of lean proteins in your diet.
  • Focus on foods and beverages that are low in sugar and fats.
  • Limit your consumption of alcohol and caffeine.

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Vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass revision success rate

Patients often want to know vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass revision success rate before they make their decision. The good news is that the success rate in both revision procedures is equally high, and the rate of complications is low. However, the condition is that you should be committed to maintaining the recommended diet and an active lifestyle for the long-term.

Here are some of the key indicators that will give you an idea of the vertical sleeve revision to gastric bypass revision success rate:

  • Both procedures can help you achieve your ideal body weight (which means, you can lose 100% of your excess weight).
  • Each procedure involves a similar diet and fitness regimen, but gastric bypass revision will require monitoring of nutritional deficiency.
  • Both procedures will work to reduce or eliminate your symptoms of obesity-related health conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension.
  • You can expect to lose up to 95% of your excess weight on average at 18 to 24 months in both procedures.
  • Survival rate, risk of complications, temporary side effects, and recovery time are similar in each procedure.

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Gastric bypass revision success stories & reviews

The best way to gain confidence and make an informed decision about your procedure is to look at gastric bypass revision stories of other patients. When you learn about the actual experience of another patient and how their life was transformed after this surgery, you will be able to make up your mind. You can get real insights about your gastric bypass revision surgery in Mexico from the actual weight loss journey of past patients.

Perhaps the most important issue you will face is how to choose the best bariatric surgeon in Mexico for your procedure. Revision surgeries are more intricate and should only be performed by top qualified and experienced surgeons. Apart from checking the surgeon’s professional credentials, you should look at the kind of gastric sleeve bypass revision reviews they have received from previous patients.

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Gastric bypass revision before and after

You need to form realistic expectations about your procedure in order to make a poignant choice. Review these ‘gastric bypass revision before and after images’ closely to know how it can change your life.

Gastric Bypass Revision Before and After

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