Gastric Sleeve Results: Expected Weight Loss After VSG Surgery

Gastric Sleeve Results

Gastric sleeve results for most women and men suffering from obesity can be highly successful and satisfying. You are likely to experience dramatic sleeve surgery results in the first year, and if you continue to following your Mexico bariatric surgeon’s guidelines, you can achieve your ideal body weight by the second year.

Gastric sleeve long term success will depend on your age and health, your ability to exercise, and your commitment to maintain a balanced diet. In most cases, your Mexico gastric sleeve results will also include resolution of your underlying medical conditions, such as diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea, heart disease, depression, and back pain.

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Gastric Sleeve Results: What can I expect after VSG?

As long as you have chosen a reliable and experienced weight loss surgeon in Mexico for your VSG procedure, you can expect to achieve the desired vsg results. Your sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico will work in two ways to help you lose excess weight. Your stomach will become substantially smaller and the hunger hormones will be reduced.

Both these changes will help you achieve excellent vertical sleeve gastrectomy surgery results. In the first 12 months, your weight loss is likely to be very rapid. As you continue to follow your diet and exercise guidelines, you will not only build sustainable health, fitness, and aesthetic appearance, but also improve your confidence and self-image.

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Gastric sleeve results after 1 month

How you sustain through your first month after your surgery will lay the foundation for your gastric sleeve long term success. For most patients, gastric sleeve results after 1 month will be substantial as you would be following a liquid and semi-solid diet for the most part. You may lose an average weight about three pounds a week for the first month.

Even by conservative estimates, you should be able to lose anywhere from 9 to 12 pounds in the first four weeks. However, you should remember that different weight loss variables will apply to each patient, so you should maintain reasonable expectations from your surgery. If you are committed to your dietary guidelines, your gastric sleeve results after 1 month will be in line with your surgeon’s estimates.

Gastric sleeve results after 2 months

After your first month, you may continue to lose weight consistently in the range of about two pounds per week for the next few weeks. Gastric sleeve results after 2 months should be in the range of 6 to 8 pounds excess weight loss. Even if you continue to lose weight at this pace consistently for the entire year, you can expect to lose about 70 to 80 pounds of excess weight in the first year itself.

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Gastric sleeve results after 3 months

Your general health and fitness would have been significantly restored by the third month, and you can perform various physical activities and exercises without difficulty. Gastric sleeve results after 3 months can vary from one patient to another, but you can expect to lose anywhere between 25 to 35 percent of your total excess body weight by this time.

At this stage, you also need to focus on fortifying your nutrition to ensure that no deficiencies occur in your body because of a small and controlled diet. Your nutritionist may recommend some vitamins and other supplements to ensure that your daily dietary requirements are fulfilled while you are enjoying your sleeve results after 3 months.

Gastric sleeve results after 6 months

At about six months, your monthly weight loss pace would have slowed down compared to the first few months. If you have maintained your recommended dietary and exercise regimen with diligence, your vsg results after 6 months should indicate an excess weight loss of about 45% to 55%. This means you would have crossed the halfway mark in terms of your total excess weight by this stage.

Gastric sleeve results after 1 year

Gastric sleeve surgery results at the end of the first year will probably be the most important indicator of how far your bariatric surgery in Mexico has been a success. Gastric sleeve results after 1 year should be quite close to your final goal of attaining your ideal body weight. Patients experience an excess weight loss of about 65% to 75% after 12 months of their Mexico gastric sleeve surgery. Any co-morbidities would also have significantly reduced by this time.

Gastric sleeve results after 5 years

Your gastric sleeve long term success in the truest sense can be measured at about four or five years after your weight loss surgery in Mexico. With a smaller stomach and a diminished production of hunger hormones, you would be in a position to maintain a balanced diet and an active lifestyle for the long-term.

Gastric results after 5 years in many cases are highly successful, and patients are able to maintain at least 75% of their excess weight loss. The symptoms of your obesity-related conditions such as autoimmune diseases and chronic illnesses would have significantly during this period. Your improved health and body image would have also boosted your performance on your personal and professional fronts.

Gastric sleeve scars

While you are evaluating whether to choose gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, one of your natural concerns would be about the potential scarring that may occur after the procedure. The extent of your gastric sleeve scars would depend on a number of factors, such as:

• Your age, health condition, and lifestyle habits
• Your pre-surgery BMI and overall body size
• The length of the incisions created
• The surgical technique employed
• The skills of your Mexico surgeon to hide the scars
• Your post-operative skin care and scar reduction efforts

Remember that in the first few months, your gastric sleeve scars may be more pronounced, but as the healing improves, these scars will progressively fade away and reduce to thin white lines in a year or two. Your bariatric surgeon in Mexico may suggest some medications to improve your scarring over time.

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Loose Skin after Gastric SleeveLoose skin after gastric sleeve

As you lose your excess body weight over the first few months and years, it may cause loose skin after gastric sleeve in some cases. This will depend on your natural skin elasticity at the time of surgery. The skin becomes less elastic with age, and after you have lost weight, the skin in certain areas of your body may not return to its normal tight and smooth condition.

How to avoid gastric sleeve excess skin?

Here are some proven ways to avoid gastric sleeve excess skin after your weight loss surgery in Mexico:

• Choose a surgeon who will tailor your gastric sleeve plan according to your unique anatomy
• Get your surgery done at an age when your skin is still naturally elastic and resilient
• Focus on specific fitness exercises that are designed to improve your skin tightness after the surgery
• Choose a body lift plastic surgery to get rid of excessive loose skin after gastric sleeve

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Weight regain after gastric sleeve surgery

Although your weight loss procedure in Mexico may have gone exactly as per plan, weight regain after gastric sleeve surgery may still occur in some cases. Weight regain after gastric sleeve:

• Occurs in about 20 to 30 percent of patients
• Begins typically between two and five years after surgery
• May range from minor weight regain to a substantial regain
• Happens primarily because of failure to follow dietary guidelines
• Can be corrected with gastric sleeve revision surgery in most cases
• Can be prevented if you continue to follow a healthy and balanced diet and exercise routine

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Dumping syndrome after gastric sleeve

Dumping syndrome is one of the potential complications of gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. You may develop dumping syndrome after gastric sleeve when the food you eat tends to move too quickly from your stomach into your small bowel. This condition is more likely to occur if you fail to adhere to your bariatric surgeon’s dietary recommendations.

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Eating high-sugar foods may be particularly responsible for dumping syndrome after gastric sleeve. Also known as rapid gastric emptying, this condition is noticeable when you experience symptoms such as diarrhea and abdominal cramps. Dietary changes can correct this condition, but if the symptoms persist, you may need medications or corrective surgery.

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Stomach stretching after gastric sleeve

Your stomach is a highly elastic and resilient organ. Nature has designed the stomach in such a way it can stretch itself to store large amounts of food at one time. Once the food is digested and moved to the digestive track, the stomach will gradually shrink back to its regular size.

Stomach stretching after gastric sleeve may occur if you continue to eat food in large quantities. Since your stomach is now small and less elastic, it may not return to its regular size if forced stomach stretching after gastric sleeve takes place.

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Tips to achieve gastric sleeve long term success

Here are some simple tips to help you attain gastric sleeve long term success:

• Eat in small portions
• Chew your food thoroughly
• Add more lean proteins to your diet
• Take your nutritional supplements
• Perform strength training in the initial phase
• Focus on more high-intensity aerobic exercises later
• Enlist help and support from family and friends
• Maintain your follow-up appointments with the surgeon

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Men’s gastric sleeve results

Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is now almost as popular among men as it is among women. Men’s gastric sleeve results are going to be highly successful and satisfying provided you have chosen to work with a qualified and fully trained Mexico bariatric surgeon. In the first year after your surgery, your average excess weight loss would be about 5% to 6% a month.

At this rate, you may lose about 60% to 70% of your total excess body weight at the end of the year. At 18 to 24 months, you could potentially achieve your ultimate weight loss goal and shed of 100 percent of your excess weight. But to attain this level of success in men’s gastric sleeve results, you should abide by your surgeon’s post-op diet and exercise recommendations.

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