Drinking Alcohol After Gastric Sleeve

Drinking Alcohol After Gastric Sleeve SurgeryDrinking alcohol after gastric sleeve surgery in moderation is still possible but most doctors recommend you should slowly introduce alcohol to your diet.

One of the things that people who undergo bariatric surgery look forward to most is getting to live the life they’ve always dreamed of, including wearing the clothes they want, feeling fit and happy with their bodies, and leading an overall healthier life.

But that doesn’t mean that you’ll want to give up everything about your old life, and sometimes that includes alcohol.

However, many bariatric patients wonder if drinking alcohol after gastric sleeve is allowed, and that’s what we’ll answer today.

In short, drinking alcohol in moderation is acceptable after gastric sleeve surgery, but only once your body has had time to heal and your mind has had time to adapt to a new lifestyle.

Abstaining from Alcohol Is Recommended in the Months Following Gastric Sleeve

Most bariatric surgeons recommend avoiding alcohol for at least six months after gastric sleeve. This period gives your body time to heal and adjust and gives you time to settle into a healthier eating pattern and lifestyle.

Alcohol Should Be Consumed in Moderation Because You Could Risk Damaging Your Liver

One of the most important reasons for avoiding alcohol in the months after gastric sleeve surgery is the link between fatty liver disease and obesity. Because the liver is required to process alcohol—and excessive alcohol consumption can damage the liver.

  • It’s not advisable to drink alcohol if you have problems with your liver, and you should have follow-up visits with your doctor after gastric sleeve surgery to assess the health of this organ.

Furthermore, after gastric sleeve surgery, your liver will be working harder providing energy to your body as your calorie intake decreases, and the extra strain caused by alcohol could damage your liver. Beyond that, you’ll also be more susceptible to the intoxicant effects of alcoholic beverages.

Be Aware of Drinking Alcohol After Gastric Sleeve Due to High-Calorie Content

Another good reason to drink alcohol only in moderation after undergoing gastric sleeve is the calorie content of this high-carbohydrate liquid. Although alcohol does provide you with energy, it doesn’t contain any other nutrients and will take up a great deal of room in your stomach without providing you with any real sustenance.

The problem here is that you could be left feeling hungry and wanting to eat even though your stomach is full, and this can lead to stomach stretching and weight gain.

Reintroducing Alcohol into Your Life After Gastric Sleeve

None of this means you have to give up alcohol entirely just because you had gastric sleeve surgery. Consume alcohol in moderation after your six-month healing period, but it’s important to note a few cautions about bringing alcohol back into your life.

  • First of all, you should reintroduce alcohol slowly, starting with just a sip or two, and always with food to avoid becoming intoxicated.
  • You should also continue to limit high-sugar alcoholic beverages and carbonated drinks like beer.
  • Finally, don’t drink too often, and always enjoy your beverage slowly.

Many people can enjoy alcohol in moderation as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, including patients who have undergone bariatric procedures like a gastric sleeve.

The important things to remember, however, are that you should give yourself several months of healing time before consuming alcoholic beverages, to reintroduce alcohol slowly back into your diet if you are going to drink, and to drink with self-control.

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