Gastric Bypass Requirements: Am I a Good Candidate For It?

Gastric Bypass Requirements

Gastric bypass surgery requirements have been clearly defined to help patients determine if they are fit to undergo this procedure. When you first meet a bariatric surgeon to discuss your options for weight loss surgery, they will explain gastric bypass qualifications to you and evaluate your candidacy for it. The criteria for gastric bypass includes elements such as your body mass index (BMI), any obesity related co-morbidities, and your mental and emotional health.

Many overweight people want to know how to get gastric bypass surgery. But it is important to understand that the procedure is only meant for those who suffer from obesity. Even if the meet the basic criteria, you will have to go through a detailed screening process. While the idea to eliminate obesity through surgery is appealing, bariatric surgery is not for everyone. It is best to discuss with an experienced surgeon about how to qualify for gastric bypass.

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Gastric bypass surgery requirements

The primary qualifications for gastric bypass surgery include your BMI to determine whether you suffer from obesity. If you suffer from any correlated medical conditions that could be improved with bariatric surgery, you may qualify more easily. But what qualifies you for gastric bypass surgery is not just your BMI and any co-morbidities. Your medical team will consider a number of other gastric bypass criteria, such as:

  • Your psychological and emotional status
  • Your history of nutrition and exercise
  • Whether you have undergone a weight loss program
  • Any medical conditions that increase your risk of surgery
  • Do you have a history of smoking, alcohol or drugs
  • Are you committed to the pre- and post-surgery diet plan
  • What is your motivation (reason) to choose this surgery


Gastric bypass BMI requirements

Your body mass index (BMI) is the most important factor in deciding whether you are a candidate for gastric bypass.

  • Minimum BMI for gastric bypass is 40. If your BMI is 40 or higher, you will almost always qualify for gastric bypass.
  • Your gastric bypass BMI requirement will be 35 or above, if your surgeon determines that the procedure can improve the symptoms of co-morbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, obstructive sleep apnea, or fatty liver disease.
  • In exceptional situations, even with a BMI of 30 to 34, you may be a gastric bypass candidate if your obesity-related medical conditions are more severe.


Gastric bypass age requirements

Gastric bypass surgery requirements generally do not include age as a key factor. Advancements in surgical techniques have made the procedure safe for most age groups. However, until a few years ago, gastric bypass qualifications did exclude teens and older adults who were considered high-risk candidates.

Nowadays, the weight loss surgery can be safely performed on adults in the age group of 60 and above. At the same time, even for teenagers, this procedure may be an option in some cases. The minimum BMI for gastric bypass for teens is 35, if they are suffering from underlying medical conditions.

Considering Gastric Bypass Surgery

Pre-surgery requirements

Many patients want to know how much do you have to weigh for gastric bypass in order to qualify. The fact is that key criteria for gastric bypass is BMI, and not body weight. Even if you qualify for this surgery, you will have to fulfill certain pre-surgery requirements. These requirements are put in place for your own safety, and you should diligently follow them as instructed by your surgeon.

In the days or weeks leading to your scheduled surgery date, your medical team may advise you to follow a restricted diet. You will be required to stop smoking for a few weeks, minimize your alcohol intake, refrain from eating too many sugary foods and beverages, and stay sufficiently hydrated. Your surgeon will encourage you to perform physical activities or exercises within your capacity in order to improve your fitness prior to surgery.

Even when your surgery date has been scheduled, it could be canceled or postponed if your medical team determines that:

  • You are not mentally or emotionally ready for surgery
  • You have developed an unexpected medical issue that could interfere with your surgery
  • You have failed to follow the pre-op gastric bypass diet
  • You are no longer meeting the gastric bypass BMI surgery requirements

It is not difficult to meet gastric bypass surgery requirements as long as you work with a good bariatric surgeon and act in accordance with their pre-surgery advice. If you find it difficult to meet certain conditions during pre-op preparation, do not hide from your surgeon and share your concerns with them promptly.

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Gastric bypass qualifications for insurance coverage

Insurance companies typically impose stringent gastric bypass qualifications. As a result, many patients may fail to obtain coverage for this procedure even when the surgery is covered under their policy. Gastric bypass requirements insurance will normally focus on your BMI levels. The insurance provider will assign their own medical professional for evaluation, and you will have their clear their medical assessment process.

Even if you slightly miss the minimum BMI gastric bypass surgery requirements, your insurer may reject your application. People are often frustrated that the insurance companies indirectly force them to “increase” their body weight just to meet the gastric bypass criteria. It is prudent to consult with your own bariatric surgeon and follow their advice even when you want to meet the gastric bypass qualifications imposed by your insurer.

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How to qualify for gastric bypass

Gastric bypass surgery before after

You can take a few simple steps that will help you qualify as a gastric bypass candidate. Rather than follow the suggestions of non-professionals, you should only go by medical advice for this surgery.

Step 1: Schedule an appointment with a bariatric surgeon

During your initial consultation, one of your first questions should be: “How can I qualify for gastric bypass surgery?” Your surgeon will accurately measure your BMI and review your medical history. Based on their professional assessment, they will inform you whether you are a candidate for gastric bypass.

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Step 2: Resolve any medical conditions that could disqualify you

How to qualify for gastric bypass will not be a concern any longer if your surgeon approves your candidacy. But if they find that you have some specific health condition that makes you a risky candidate, you should first focus on resolving that condition through medical treatment.

Step 3: Follow your surgeon’s advice for pre-op diet and exercise

What qualifies you for gastric bypass is not just your BMI, but also how diligently you follow your surgeon’s pre-op diet and exercise instructions. Be committed to your weight loss goals and go through the pre-surgery preparation process with focus and sincerity.

What to do if I don’t meet gastric bypass surgery requirements

Gastric bypass surgery is not for everyone. It is possible that you may not meet gastric bypass surgery requirements for one reason or another. A responsible and trusted bariatric surgeon will transparently inform you why you are not able to meet gastric bypass qualifications. They will also give you advice on what steps you can take to get rid of your obesity.

Focus on diet and exercise to reduce weight

If do not meet the minimum BMI for gastric bypass, you should feel happy that in clinical terms you are not obese. So, rather than go the wrong way to increase your BMI just to qualify for surgery, you should first focus on improving your diet and exercise. With a committed effort, you should achieve your weight loss goals without surgery.

Obtain medical treatment for an underlying condition

If a specific medical condition or illness is stopping you from qualifying for gastric bypass, you should consult with your physician. They may help you pursue appropriate medical treatment to resolve your condition. Once this hurdle is cleared, you can obtain a health certification from your treatment provider. This will help you qualify for gastric bypass surgery.

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Consider an alternative bariatric surgery procedure

Take your focus away from how to get gastric bypass, and look at the possibility of another weight loss surgery procedure. Some patients are not good candidates for a gastric bypass, but may qualify for an alternative surgery such as vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG). Discuss this possibility with your surgeon when you are exploring how to qualify for gastric bypass.

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Gastric bypass surgery requirements are not impossible to meet. All you need is the right guidance and support in order to qualify for this procedure and achieve your weight loss goals. At Jet Medical Tourism®, we are dedicated to helping patients win their battle against obesity and reclaim a healthy and happy life.

If you are whether you will meet the criteria for gastric bypass, set up an appointment with us today. We will arrange your free consultation with one of our experienced bariatric surgeons. We will ensure that all your doubts and concerns are resolved, and you can make a well-informed decision. To learn more, call Jet Medical Tourism® today!

Am I a candidate for gastric bypass surgery

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