Gastric Bypass Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Gastric Bypass Nuevo Laredo, Mexico is a time-tested bariatric surgery procedure that has been around for over half a century in different forms. The current ‘gold standard’ in this surgery in Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, which reduces risk and produces more reliable weight loss results. The procedure involves targeted changes to your small intestine and stomach to alter their natural food digestion and absorption function.

Gastric bypass surgery in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico supports weight loss in four ways:

  1. It restricts the amount of food you can hold in your stomach at one time
  2. It limits the amount of nutrients and calories that can be absorbed in your body
  3. It reduces your gut hormones so that your appetite gets partly suppressed and your stomach feels fuller longer
  4. It reverses the metabolic syndrome effects which were the intrinsic cause of your obesity prior to your surgery

Your bariatric surgeon will perform gastric bypass Nuevo Laredo, Mexico by creating a small stomach pouch while stapling off a major section of it. The pouch will then be connected to your small intestine so that the food, which creates a bypass and helps reduce the absorption of calories. As you consume a small amount of food, you will experience satiety quickly and will gradually lose weight.

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Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in Nueveo Laredo, Mexico

Gastric Bypass Nuevo Laredo

Roux-en-Y gastric bypass is a cutting-edge surgical technique to perform this bariatric surgery in a precise and less invasive manner. Experienced weight loss surgeons in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico will typically use this technique to perform your procedure. Four key steps involved in Roux-en- Y gastric bypass Nuevo Laredo, Mexico include:

  • Step 1: Creation of a small-sized stomach pouch by dividing the upper portion of the stomach from the remainder
  • Step 2: Division of the small intestine into upper and lower parts
  • Step 3: The lower end of the small intestine is pulled up and connected with the small stomach pouch to build a bypass
  • Step 4: The upper end of the small intestine is connected to the lower end so that the digestive enzymes and stomach acids will get mixed with the food for healthy digestion

Your Mexico weight loss surgeon will usually perform Roux-en-Y gastric bypass surgery laparoscopically. They will create a few tiny incisions in discreet locations within your abdomen. Small surgical tools and a mini camera will be inserted through the incisions so that the surgeon can view the inner structures on an external video monitor to accurately perform the surgery.

Considering Gastric Bypass Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Your surgeon will staple the upper part of your stomach to divide it from the lower part and create a small pouch. Your food intake will get naturally curtailed with a new small stomach pouch. The bypass created between the small stomach pouch and the small intestine will create malabsorption or lower absorption of calories in your body. Therefore, you will lose weight firstly because you will eat less, and secondly because of reduced absorption of calories.

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Benefits of gastric bypass surgery in Nuevo Laredo, Meixco

As long as you have chosen a qualified and skilled bariatric surgeon with sufficient experience in performing gastric bypass surgery in Mexico and other weight loss surgery in Mexico, you can expect to achieve the best benefits from your surgery. Here are some of the key benefits of gastric bypass Nuevo Laredo, Mexico:

  • Dramatic short term weight loss results – You may be able to lose as much as 60 to 80 percent of your excess weight in the first year
  • Sustainable long term weight loss outcomes – A large majority of patients are able to maintain at least 50 percent or more of their excess weight loss for decades after their surgery
  • Significant resolution of obesity-related illnesses – If you are suffering from obesity-related medical conditions, such as type 2 diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, sleep apnea, PCOS, and fatty liver, you can achieve notable improvement in your symptoms
  • Excellent quality of life – Following your successful gastric bypass surgery, you may have a renewed desire to live life to the fullest, become a social extrovert, fight back anxiety or depression, improve your sexual activity, and achieve more from personal as well as professional relationships.

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Are you a candidate for gastric bypass?

Gastric bypass Nuevo Laredo, Mexico could be an ideal treatment option for you if you suffer from extreme obesity (which means, your BMI is 40 or above). On the other hand, if your BMI is at least 35 and you suffer from obesity-related health conditions, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obstructive sleep apnea, cardiovascular disease, or fatty liver disease, you could also be a good candidate for gastric bypass.

Depending on your personal needs and the severity of your health factors, your bariatric surgeon in Mexico may sometimes recommend a gastric bypass even if your BMI is between 30 and 34. However, it’s vital to understand that you will qualify for this surgery only if you are prepared to make dedicated changes to your lifestyle and adopt a healthy diet and exercise regimen in the long run.

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Post-surgical recovery

After your gastric bypass Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, you may be able to return to your hotel the same evening or the next day. In the beginning, you will have to follow a liquid diet, and then gradually move on to semi-solid and solid foods. Your surgeon’s staff members will provide you the gastric bypass post op diet guidelines, which you should diligently follow.

Post Surgical Recovery after Gastric Bypass Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Your surgeon will also give you instructions about caring for your incision areas and temporary drainage tubes in the first few days. They will also prescribe you mild pain medications, antibiotics and some vitamin, calcium, and iron supplements, depending on your needs. You can expect to travel back to your home country in about a week and return to your workplace in about two to four weeks.

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Is your gastric bypass in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico successful?

In clinical terms, your gastric bypass Nuevo Laredo, Mexico may be considered successful if you have managed to sustain excess weight loss of at least 50 percent for five years or more. For instance, if you were overweight by 120 pounds prior to your surgery, and you manage to lose at least 60 pounds by the end of first year and consistently maintain that weight loss for another four years, you have achieved a successful result.

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If you are able to obtain symptomatic relief from your obesity-related medical conditions, it is another dimension to the success of your gastric bypass surgery. As long as you comply with your surgeon’s guidelines to maintain a healthy diet and an active lifestyle, you may even be able enjoy up to 80 or 100 percent of excess weight loss for years and decades to come.

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Gastric Bypass in Nuevo Laredo Mexico

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