Mexico Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Medical Tourism in Mexico ranks in the top five medical tourism destinations world-wide. Medical tourism in Mexico has consistently grown over the last several years, with more than a million visitors from the US, Canada, and other countries traveling every year to Mexico for healthcare. While affordability continues to be the number one reason behind the popularity of Mexico medical tourism, patients are also attracted by the country’s excellent reputation for personalized care and fine hospitality. The serene climate of Mexico is also ideal for patients who are seeking recovery of their health.

The government of Mexico has prioritized the development of medical infrastructure in the country. As a result, Mexico today boasts of state of the art hospitals and surgery centers, which are led by highly qualified medical professionals. The country has set up a medical tourism advisory council, which includes representatives from the federal government, research and academia, and the private sector. The council is promoting medical tourism in Mexico through favorable policies and support for the industry.

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Going to Mexico for medical treatment

Mexico is located right across the southern border of the US, making it a convenient medical tourism destination for Americans and Canadians. Going to Mexico for medical treatment has emerged as a safe and viable option as thousands of patients achieve successful and deeply satisfying results year after year at a low cost. The challenge for many people in the US and Canada is that the costs of medical treatment are prohibitively expensive.

“More than 70 percent of Mexico’s US patients travel from the border states of California, Texas, or Arizona. Nearby patients from San Diego, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Tucson, Dallas, and Houston make the two- to six-hour trek across the border to their clinic of choice, stay a night or two in a hotel, and then drive back.” ~Patients Beyond Borders  

Significant Cost Savings

People who are struggling with obesity, physical appearance issues, or other medical concerns often find that they have no or inadequate insurance coverage in their home country. These people can now save thousands of dollars on their medical treatment in Mexico. Medical tourism in Mexico is thriving because people are receiving a wide range of medical treatments, including bariatric surgery and plastic surgery procedures, at a fraction of the cost.

Choose the Right Provider

If you are thinking of going to Mexico for medical treatment, your first step should be to identify a trusted and reliable medical tourism provider. They will be able to organize your visit to one of the best hospitals in Mexico and make sure that you receive excellent medical care and attention throughout your stay in the country. Jet Medical Tourism® is one of the topmost names when it comes to medical tourism in Mexico for weight loss surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery, and various other procedures.

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Healthcare in Mexico for US citizens

Medical tourism in Mexico immensely benefits the country’s national economy. Therefore, the government has taken numerous steps to ensure that healthcare in Mexico for US citizens can be accorded top priority. Some of leading hospitals and surgery centers in the country have invested in latest medical technologies and facilities, and have obtained accreditation from national or international organizations.

Some of the most qualified and experienced bariatric surgeons, plastic surgeons and other medical professionals are dedicated to serving the health needs of US patients. The track record of healthcare in Mexico for US citizens is outstanding, and the government and the private hospital systems of the country are working round the clock to maintain their reputation. The country has developed world-class infrastructure for bariatric surgery and plastic surgery procedures.

Healthcare in Mexico vs. United States

Healthcare in Mexico vs. United States stands out in two key respects. The first is that all types of medical and surgical procedures in Mexico are much more cost-effective compared to the US. Even when you account for the costs of airfare and hotel stay, your total cost of treatment in Mexico is likely to be 50% to 70% cheaper than what you would end up paying in the US. Your savings in terms of US dollars can be enormous for procedures such as bariatric surgery and cosmetic surgery.

The second vital aspect where healthcare in Mexico vs. United States makes a difference is the kind personalized care and attention you will receive. Your doctor or surgeon in Mexico will give you as much as you want, and will personally perform your procedure, no matter how minor or major. Waiting times will be eliminated, and the doctor and their staff will provide you priority care. Your surgeon will tailor the procedure to match with your unique needs and invest maximum time to ensure the best outcomes.

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Medical tourism in Mexico statistics

Medical tourism in Mexico ranks second in the world (after Thailand) in terms of total number of medical tourists visiting annually. The revenues from Mexico medical tourism are as high as $23 billion a year. According to Patients Beyond Borders, a respected organization promoting medical travel, nearly one million visitors from the US alone travel to Mexico every year for affordable medical treatment.

Number of Medical Tourists

City Express Hotels has reported that Mexico receives about 1.2 million medical tourists every year. Owing to the high influx of visitors, as many as 15 “medical clusters” have emerged in Mexico over the years. These clusters are hubs where advanced healthcare infrastructure has come up as well as hotels and other facilities of international standards have developed.

Potential Cost Savings

City Express reports that medical tourists can save anywhere from 35% to 85% of their medical costs compared to their home country. Clearly, the savings are likely to be on the higher end for visitors from the US and Canada because the medical costs in these countries are among the highest in the world.

JCI Accredited Hospitals

According to Patient Beyond Borders, in 2006, Mexico had no Joint Commission International (JCI) accredited hospitals. But by 2018, as many as eight hospitals in the country had earned JCI accreditation. Leading hospitals in the country are also often affiliated with top education institutions. This helps in the adoption of latest medical research and techniques in these medical facilities.

According to Joint Commission International’s website, the are currently 7 hospitals in Mexico with JCI Accreditation including:

US Citizens Choose Mexico

Figures released by the Medical Tourism Association (MTA) show that 8 out of 10 visitors who choose medical tourism in Mexico come from the United States. According to a Deloitte partner, while the health system in the US is most advanced, it is also the most expensive. More medical insurance is not accessible to many, which makes medical tourism a practical choice.

Medical Tourism in Mexico: Yes or No?

Medical tourism in Mexico has become a choice of millions of people seeking affordable health solutions. Here is why women and men in the US, Canada, and other destinations are saying “Yes” to medical tourism in Mexico.

Excellent Safety Record

Mexico enjoys one of the highest success rates and an excellent safety record for procedures such as weight loss surgery and plastic surgery.

Low Cost of Procedures

Even for elaborate and advanced surgical procedures, the cost in Mexico is very low. Chances are that you can easily afford it within your budget.

Skilled and Experienced Surgeons

Bariatric surgeons, plastic surgeons and other medical professionals in Mexico have acquired advanced skills, training, certifications, and experience.

Latest Surgical Technologies

Many hospitals, surgery centers and clinics in Mexico are equipped with cutting edge surgical technologies and facilities to deliver safe patient outcomes.

Personalized Service and Comfort

The doctors and attending staff at Mexico hospitals will provide you prompt and personalized care and services, and deliver a comfortable treatment experience.

Medical Tourism in Mexico

Is it safe to have surgery in Mexico?

In a globalized economic environment, Mexico has made rapid advances to upgrade its law and order, safety and security, and general infrastructure. As a result, the country has experienced a tourism boom as well as strong growth in medical travel. Most of the popular destinations for medical tourism in Mexico have developed facilities that ensure both safety and comfort for visitors from the US and Canada.

High Standards of Healthcare

The federal government of Mexico has made extensive efforts and investments in recent decades to strengthen the country’s healthcare infrastructure. The government policies and practices have ensured that both public and private hospitals in the country adhere to the highest standards of care. The medical council of Mexico has enforced stringent criteria for training and certification of doctors in the country.

Full-Service Hospitals and Clinics

Full service hospitals and advanced clinics in Mexico are equipped to provide complex bariatric surgery, plastic surgery, and other medical procedures. All medical services are available in-house and a team of specialists from multiple medical streams is available to deal with emergencies, if any. From consultation to surgery and post-surgical care, the standards of care at Mexico hospitals and clinics are best in class.

Top Qualified Doctors and Staff

The constant stream of visitors from the US, Canada, and other global destinations has enabled the doctors, surgeons and medical staff in Mexico to gain vast experience. The medical teams are well-versed in weight loss surgery, cosmetic surgery, and other such procedures that are popular with regard to medical tourism in Mexico. Some of the bariatric surgeons and plastic surgeons in the country have also received training in the US.

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Top 5 Mexico locations for medical tourism

Mexico now has 15 healthcare clusters spread across the country, including popular medical tourism cities such as Tijuana, Mexico City, Chihuahua, Quintana Roo, Jalisco, Puebla, Sonoro, Yucatan, and San Luis Potosi, among others.

The country’s powerful medical tourism advisory council, which is creating public policies to develop and promote Mexico medical tourism, comprises central government agencies, topmost research, and academic institutions and large corporations.

There are several locations in Mexico, and each has a number of hospitals and facilities for medical tourists to choose from. Some of the most popular regions in Mexico for medical tourism include Tijuana, Cancun, Guadalajara, Monterrey and Mexico City.

Medical tourism in Mexico has been on the rise for the last 20 or so years, and the reasons for this include the high quality of medical care, the quick and efficient service without extended wait times, the low cost of surgeries and treatments, and the great selection of medical services and hospitals.

To make your trip as simple and stress-free as possible, consider partnering with Jet Medical Tourism®, a company that can help you choose the right clinic and doctor, provide pre-op and follow up services, and even all-inclusive trip options.

Medical tourism Cancun

Medical tourism Cancun

Medical tourism in Cancun is thriving because of its integrated hospitals and medical facilities. Among various destinations in Mexico that receive medical tourists from the US or Canada, Cancun ranks among the top. The city has always been a holiday tourism hotspot, attracting millions of leisure tourists. Now tens of thousands of patients are also visiting to benefit from the high quality medical tourism in Cancun.

Full Suite of Medical Services

Hospitals in Cancun are equipped to offer a full suite of reliable and high quality medical treatments and services. These include cosmetic and plastic surgery, bariatric surgery, reconstructive surgery, and various other medical treatments, including post-surgical care. Doctors and surgeons in Cancun are highly skilled and experienced. The staff is highly trained and bilingual in most cases.

Popular Procedures in Cancun

Weight loss surgery is one of the most sought-after procedures among patients from the US and Canada who visit Cancun, Mexico. All types of bariatric surgeries, including gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery are performed by the surgeons here. Medical tourism in Cancun is also renowned for a wide range of plastic surgery procedures for the breast, body, and face.

Medical tourism Tijuana

Medical tourism Tijuana

Medical tourism in Tijuana has become central to the city’s economy. Tijuana is located just 20 minutes from San Diego International Airport, which makes it a highly convenient border destination for US visitors. Tijuana is home to top of the league medical facilities, fine hotels and restaurants, exotic beaches, and boasts an eclectic nightlife. The city’s Spanish influence and its warm hospitality appeal to almost all medical tourists visiting Tijuana.

Robust Medical Infrastructure

A number of newly built hospitals and clinics have come up in recent years because of the immense popularity of medical tourism in Tijuana. Some of the US health insurance companies have even starting offering coverage for certain medical procedures in Tijuana. Bariatric surgery, cosmetic and plastic surgery, cardiovascular treatments, orthopedic surgery, stem cell therapy, fertility treatments, and anti-aging procedures are now performed in Tijuana.

High-end Amenities

Patients who seek plastic surgery or bariatric surgery procedures in Tijuana are expected to stay for a few days to achieve safe post-op recovery. During this recuperative phase, they can experience vacation-like luxury amenities in the city’s leading hotels. The city’s crime rate has drastically gone down over the years and the roads and other facilities have improved. All these are helping patients achieve a wholesome treatment experience, while giving a boost to medical tourism in Tijuana.

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Medical tourism Nuevo Laredo

Medical tourism in Nuevo Laredo has come up rapidly because of its strategic location and a shared border with Texas. Three bridges connect Nuevo Laredo with Texas, which make it highly convenient for US visitors to arrive in the city for healthcare treatments. The city combines cultural heritage with modern amenities, providing the best of both the worlds to the visitors.

Location Advantage

Nuevo Laredo lies just across the border from its sister city Laredo in Texas. In addition to the connecting bridges that are open for roadway and rail traffic, the region is served by two international airports and one major interstate highway. Greyhound network also provides convenient bus service to Nuevo Laredo. The doctors and staff at Nuevo Laredo hospitals have imbibed the American culture to a significant extent, which helps medical tourists from the US and Canada feel at home during their visit.

Medical Technology and Talent

One of the highlights of medical tourism in Nuevo Laredo is the wide variety of treatments that are available in this border city. Whether you are looking for gastric sleeve in Nuevo Laredo, gastric bypass in Nuevo Laredo or a cosmetic surgery procedure for the face, body or breast, the hospitals here are likely to provide it. Some of the most talented and experienced doctors and staff are available at the hospitals and surgery centers here. With its high success rates in bariatric surgery, Nuevo Laredo has rightfully earned the nickname of “City of Weight Loss.”

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Medical tourism Guadalajara

Medical tourism in Guadalajara came into international limelight a few years ago when Kim Kardashian was spotted here visiting a leading cosmetic surgery center. Guadalajara not only offers plastic surgery and other high quality medical services at an affordable cost, but also assures complete discreetness and confidentiality to patients who value their privacy more than anything else.

Destination for Medical Travel

As the second biggest city in Mexico, Guadalajara is home to some of the leading hospitals and highly competent surgeons in the country. The traditional values of Guadalajara combined with its adoption of modernity influence the city’s commitment to medical tourists from all parts of the world. The city has an international airport, which makes it easy to arrive in the city from any location in the US or Canada.

Hub of Medical Education

Guadalajara has emerged as a leading hub of medical education with its three highly respected medical schools. As a result, the city has no dearth of top qualified and trained bariatric surgeons and plastic surgeons who have received their medical degrees from one of these schools. Universidad de Guadalajara is a leading state medical school, while Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara is a renowned private medical school in the city.

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Medical procedures in Mexico

Hospitals in Mexico offer a broad range of medical and cosmetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical. Bariatric surgery and plastic surgery are two of the major medical procedures in Mexico. In addition, various other procedures such as dental, eye care, cardiovascular, oncology, and neurology treatments are a part of medical tourism in Mexico today.

Weight loss surgery in Mexico

Thousands of women and men in the US and Canada are benefiting from safe and affordable weight loss surgery in Mexico. Some of the key surgeries include:

  • Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico: Gastric bypass surgery is considered the gold standard among all weight loss procedures. It involves the surgical resizing of the stomach into a small pouch in the first phase of the procedure. The second phase involves rerouting of the small intestine to create a controlled degree of malabsorption of calories in the body.
  • Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico: Gastric sleeve procedure has contributed considerably to the current boom in medical tourism in Mexico. In this bariatric surgery, nearly 75 to 80% of the original stomach will be surgical removed. The remainder small pouch will have a significantly reduced capacity to store food. As a result, the patient feels full faster (because they are fuller faster) and consumes smaller portions of food for every meal and any snack session.
  • Lap Band Revision Surgery in Mexico: When a lap band patient fails to lose weight or develops lap band slippage, the bariatric surgeon in Mexico may recommend lap band to gastric sleeve or lap band to gastric bypass bypass.

Plastic surgery in Mexico

Cosmetic, reconstructive, and plastic surgery in Mexico now rank among the most in-demand procedures from medical tourists. Plastic surgery in Mexico can be primarily classified into three types of procedures.

Cost of medical treatment in Mexico

The general cost of living in Mexico is significantly lower than the US or Canada. The surgeon’s fee, anesthesia charges, operating room costs, medical test expenses, and prescription drugs are all far cheaper cost components in Mexico when compared to the costs in US or Canada.

In general, the cost of a weight loss surgery or plastic surgery procedure in Mexico may be lower by up to 70% than what it would cost you in your home country.

Weight loss surgery in Mexico Cost

The average weight loss surgery in Mexico cost are approximately as follows:

ProcedureUS/CanadaMexicoApprox. Saving
Gastric bypass surgery$24,000$6,50072.9%
Gastric sleeve surgery$17,500$5,00071.4%

Plastic surgery in Mexico Cost

The average plastic surgery in Mexico cost are approximately as follows:

ProcedureUS/CanadaMexicoApprox. Saving
Breast augmentation$6,500$4,50030.7%
Face lift$15,000$5,50063.3%
Tummy tuck$10,500$5,00052.4%
Mommy makeover$24,000$12,50047.9%

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Doctors of medical tourism in Mexico

Many of the doctors, surgeons, nurses, dentists, and other medical practitioners in Mexico are highly trained and skilled professionals who have excellent patient safety records. Moreover, many of the country’s medical practitioners have traveled to other countries like the U.S. for all or part of their training, so language barriers aren’t usually a problem for English-speaking medical tourists.

In terms of Mexico clinics and hospitals, the country also has a number of modern and state-of-the-art facilities that are Joint Commission International or CSG accredited, equipped with high-tech medical equipment and technology, and have access to the latest drugs and medications.

Weight loss surgeons in Mexico

Best Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico - Dr. David VazquezBest Bariatric Surgeons in Mexico - Dr. Venecia Leonbest bariatric surgeons in mexico dr jorge reyes

Mexico has skilled and experienced bariatric weight loss surgeons with a proven track record of success in different types of bariatric surgery. These surgeons are specialized in bariatrics and have a complete understanding of the human gastrointestinal anatomy.

To select the right surgeon, your best bet would be to join hands with a leading provider of medical tourism in Mexico, such as Jet Medical Tourism®. During your initial consultation, you should address the following issues with weight loss surgeons in Mexico.

  • Surgeon’s Credentials: Check their qualifications, training, certifications, and ask how many years of experience do they have in the field of bariatric surgery.
  • Hospital Affiliation: Ask your surgeon whether they have staff privileges at a leading hospital, clinic or bariatric center in Mexico. Discuss where they will perform your surgery.
  • Patient Testimonials: Request your bariatric surgeon in Mexico to provide you patient reviews and testimonials, and if possible, share with you before and after photos of past patients.
  • Type of Surgery: Talk to your weight loss surgeon in Mexico about the type of bariatric surgery that is most appropriate for you, and whether they specialize in that surgery.
Weight Loss Surgery Mexico

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Plastic surgeons in Mexico

Mexico has some of the best plastic surgeons providing a comprehensive range of procedures related to the breast, body, and face. Most of these surgeons are well-versed in performing all types of cosmetic, reconstructive, and plastic surgery procedures.

Jet Medical Tourism® has on board a number of high qualified and experienced plastic surgeons in Mexico who can deliver exceptional results for you at an affordable cost. Look for these attributes when you are choosing a plastic surgeon for your procedure in Mexico.

  • Skills and Experience: Make sure that your surgeon has received dedicated fellowship training in plastic surgery or is board certified in plastic surgery. They should also have sufficient prior experience in the field.
  • Customization: Your surgeon should not have a one-size-fits-all approach to plastic surgery. They should have the ability to customize your procedure to match with your unique anatomical and aesthetic needs.
  • Artistic Sense: Plastic surgery is as much of an art as it is science. Your surgeon should have a keen sense of art and should be able to sculpt an aesthetically desirable yet natural looking appearance.
  • Before After Pictures: Request your plastic surgeon in Mexico to share with cosmetic surgery before and after pictures of previous patients. This will help you better understand the work performance of your surgeon.
Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Why is medical care cheaper in Mexico

It is natural for new patients to ask why is medical care cheaper in Mexico when compared to the US or Canada. The reality, however, is that the cost of medical care in the US and Canada is one of the highest in the world. When compared to the exorbitant costs of care in these countries, medical care would look cheaper almost anywhere else.

Clearly, lower cost of medical care in Mexico does not mean that the quality of care is also lower. If that was the case, medical tourism in Mexico would not be growing in popularity year after year. Millions of satisfied medical tourists are a living testimony to the world-class standards of medical care in Mexico. Here are some of the key reasons why medical care is cheaper in Mexico.

  • Lower Cost of Living: The general living costs in Mexico are far lower compared to the US or Canada. Even the leading bariatric surgeons and plastic surgeons in Mexico will charge a much lower fee and the top-rated hospital charges are also much more affordable. Costs of anesthesia, attending staff costs, operating room costs, and prescription drugs – everything costs low in Mexico compared to the US and Canada.
  • Zero Student Debt: Unlike the US or Canada, a physician in Mexico is not likely to enter into professional practice with a heavy burden of student debt. Private medical schools have a much lower fee and government-aided universities provide almost free education to medical students. Therefore, plastic surgeons and bariatric surgeons in Mexico are under no pressure to charge exorbitantly in order to clear their debts.
  • No Malpractice Insurance: Unlike the US or Canada, Mexico doctors do not usually purchase expensive medical malpractice insurance to protect themselves against potential lawsuits. Medical profession in Mexico runs on the old values of good faith and trust between the patient and the doctor. When these unnecessary costs are avoided, the ultimate beneficiary is the patient who can get their procedure done at a lower cost.

Traveling to Mexico

You can travel by air or by road to the destination of your choice in Mexico. Traveling to Mexico is safe, quick, and convenient because the country shares its borders with the US. This is one of the reasons why medical tourism in Mexico is so widely preferred by patients from the US and Canada. Your medical travel facilitator, such as Jet Medical Tourism®, can help you make the most comfortable travel and stay arrangements in Mexico.

Travel to Mexico from the US

When you plan to travel by air or drive down to Mexico, you should carry a valid passport with you. Direct flights to major cities in Mexico are available from the US. If you or your companion plans to drive in Mexico, you should purchase Mexican auto insurance, which your existing car insurer can provide. While traveling by road from San Ysidro, California, you can choose the Fast Lane, which is dedicated for tourists and medical travelers.

Travel to Mexico from Canada

Canada has several flights going to and from Mexico. Remember to carry your Canadian passport with you. You do not need an entry visa for Mexico as long as your planned stay is less than six months. Whether you arrive by air or by road in Mexico, you will be required to fill out a tourist card at the port of entry. Jet Medical Tourism® can arrange your travel logistics and accommodation in Mexico and assist you throughout your journey.

Mexico hospitals for bariatric surgery

Mexico has about 4,700 hospitals (as of 2019), representing an addition of nearly 100 new hospitals compared to the previous year. The numbers have been rising year after year since at least 2014, considering the growing acceptance of medical tourism in Mexico.

Many of these hospitals are equipped to provide weight loss surgery for visitors from the US and Canada. You should look for the following features when checking Mexico hospitals for bariatric surgery.

  • Is it a full service hospital offering bariatric surgery as one of its specialties?
  • Is it a bariatric center dedicated to providing weight loss surgery procedures?
  • Is the hospital equipped to provide both gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery procedures?
  • Who is the bariatric surgeon heading the weight loss surgery team at the hospital?
  • Does the hospital have a qualified anesthesiologist and other attending physicians?
  • Do they have a well-equipped surgery room for bariatric procedures?
  • Do they have comfortable rooms for overnight stay, if required?
  • Does the hospital have a nutritionist support program?
  • Where is the hospital located (in which city) and how you can reach there from your home destination?

Mexico hospitals for plastic surgery

Mexico has a large number of hospitals for plastic surgery, in addition to some exclusive surgery centers providing these procedures. A majority of Mexico hospitals for plastic surgery are equipped to provide a comprehensive range of procedures for the breast, body, and face.

Jet Medical Tourism® has partnered with hospitals and clinics, which have a proven performance record for these procedures. Here is a brief checklist that should help you evaluate hospitals and clinics in Mexico.

  • Does the hospital or surgery center specialize only in plastic surgery procedures, or is it one of their sub-specialties?
  • Does the hospital offer only cosmetic and plastic surgeries, or do they also provide reconstructive procedures?
  • Are the plastic surgeons at the hospitals well-versed in providing various types of plastic surgery for the breast, body, and face?
  • Is the hospital equipped to handle an emergency medical situation, should it arise during or after your surgery?
  • Does the hospital have an in-house test lab for pre- and post-surgery diagnostics?
  • Who is the chief of plastic surgery at the hospital and what are their professional credentials?
  • For how many years has the hospital been providing plastic surgery procedures, and what is their track record of success?
  • Does the hospital also offer non-surgical cosmetic treatments?

Medical Tourism Mexico Reviews

Jet Medical Tourism® is a leading service provider in the field of plastic surgery and bariatric surgery in Mexico. Here are some of the medical tourism Mexico reviews from the past patients of Jet Medical Tourism®.

FAQs for medical tourism Mexico

When you are considering a weight loss surgery or plastic surgery in Mexico, you should feel free to ask questions from your medical tourism provider. Make a decision only after you are satisfied with their answers and feel confident about their credentials and commitment.

Here are some of the FAQs for medical tourism Mexico that the patients of Jet Medical Tourism® often ask.

Why is surgery cheaper in Mexico?

Bariatric surgery, plastic surgery, and other surgical procedures are much cheaper in Mexico because the costs of living in the country are low. Cheaper cost does not mean cheaper quality of care.

Is it safe to travel to Mexico?

It is absolutely safe to travel to Mexico. The country receives more than one million medical tourists every year, and many more millions of leisure tourists from all over the world, who enjoy safe, incident-free travel.

Are Mexican hospitals good?

Mexico hospitals are as good as the hospitals in any other country. Many full service hospitals in Mexico are equipped with state of the art medical and surgical technologies and are led by top qualified doctors.

How much does gastric bypass surgery cost in Mexico?

The average cost of gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is in the range of $6,500 at some of the best hospitals. Compared to the US or Canada, this cost may be lower by about 65 to 75%.

How much is gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico?

The average cost of gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is about $5,000 at leading hospitals and bariatric centers. In the US or Canada, the same surgery may cost you about three times higher.

How much is lap band surgery in Mexico?

The average cost of lap band surgery in Mexico is in the range of $5,000. This procedure is now only performed in rare cases. The cost in Mexico is nearly one-third of what you may pay in the US or Canada.

How much is plastic surgery in Mexico?

The average cost of plastic surgery in Mexico may range from $3,000 to $8,000, depending on your choice of procedure. In general, the cost of plastic surgery in Mexico may be about 70% lower than the US.

How much is skin removal surgery in Mexico

The average cost of skin removal surgery in Mexico may be about $4,500. The cost may vary according to the amount of skin removal required. In any case, the cost will be much cheaper than the US or Canada.

How much is liposuction in Mexico?

The average cost of liposuction in Mexico would be in the range of $4,000 for one body area. If you require liposuction in multiple areas, the cost may increase. Anyway, it would be far lower than the cost in the US or Canada.

Get Help from a Medical Tourism Company – Jet Medical Tourism®

Medical procedures such as weight loss surgery or plastic surgery can be life changing for a patient. The high costs of medical care in your home country should not prevent you from achieving your health and aesthetic goals. This is where a dedicated and dependable medical tourism company can help you with the right guidance and support.

Jet Medical Tourism® has been helping a large number of women and men receive safe and affordable bariatric surgery, plastic surgery and other procedures in Mexico. Our caring and compassionate team would love to help you with your goals. Call us today to schedule a free consultation with a top-rated surgeon.

Medical Tourism in Mexico