Buttock Augmentation in Mexico, Butt Implants

Buttock Augmentation in Mexico

Buttock Augmentation in Mexico, clinically known as gluteal augmentation but popularly called butt implants surgery can increase fullness and enhance your rather flat or under-projected buttocks. If you feel that your rear side is asymmetrical, lacks in shape, or is not sensuous, butt implants in Mexico may be your best solution.

Butt augmentation surgery in Mexico involves the placement of a soft, medical grade silicone implant into your buttock’s muscular space. A high quality implant will mimic the natural tissue and provide the consistency and feeling of a flexed muscle when you touch it. The size and shape of your implants (oval or round) will be chosen according to your anatomy and your cosmetic preferences.

Your surgeon will create an implant pocket in the buttocks, either submuscularly or intramuscularly, to place the butt implants. In the submuscular approach, your implants will be placed below the gluteus maximus muscle. This provides greater padding and extra protection to the implant, while also makes it less obvious.

In the intramuscular approach, your Mexico plastic surgeon will place the butt implant right within the muscle. However, this approach is used less commonly to avoid any possible impairment of the muscle function. In some cases, buttock augmentation in Mexico may be combined with liposuction for more effective outcomes.

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