Breast Lift in Mexico (Mastopexy)

Breast Lift in Mexico with Jet Medical Tourism®

Breast lift in Mexico (“mastopexy”) is designed for women who want to achieve more attractive and sensuous breast contours. Your plastic surgeon in Mexico will subtly raise the position of the breasts, tighten loose breast skin, and create a more youthful and perkier projection.

Breast lift in Mexico is an ideal choice for you if your breasts are beginning to sag, particularly after a pregnancy or weight loss, or simply due to aging effects. Your Mexico cosmetic surgeon will recommend the most appropriate breast lift technique, based on the degree of droopiness, your skin quality, and whether you are combining it with breast augmentation surgery.

  • If your breasts are significantly sagging due to excessive loose skin, your surgeon may recommend the traditional anchor incision technique to perform your breast lift plastic surgery in Mexico. It will involve one incision around the areola border, a second incision vertically down to the breast fold, and a third horizontal incision within the breast crease.
  • If relatively less skin removal is needed, your cosmetic surgeon may perform a “doughnut mastopexy” which will involve a circumferential incision around the areola.
  • A third technique called “lollipop mastopexy” falls midway between the previous two techniques. It will involve one incision around the areola and another small incision vertically down to the breast base.

A woman’s desire to keep looking young is nothing new. However, it’s one of the reasons why so many American women are choosing a breast lift in Mexico. As we age, our skin wrinkles and sags as it loses its elasticity. A breast lift helps you get rid of the loose skin and tightens the tissue to support the new, youthful breast shape.

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Benefits of breast lift surgery in Mexico

Restore youthful appearance
Youthful and perky breasts are naturally elevated and proportionate to the rest of your body shape. By lifting and tightening the breasts, our plastic surgeons in Mexico can help you take 10-20 years off your appearance!

Correct drooping and sagging breasts
Breast lift surgery in Mexico
is designed to lift the sagging breasts by elevating the inner breast tissue. It also removes the loose (excess) skin. This cosmetic procedure can also improve the symmetry and shape of your breasts.

Wear better fitting clothes
Sometimes, it can get challenging to find proper fitting bras and clothing if your breasts are saggy. With a breast lift surgery, you can get a shapelier and firmer physique which will make bra shopping a breeze. You may also be able to pull off some dresses that didn’t look good on you before.

Enhance your self-esteem
Drooping or sagging breasts can affect you in more ways than one. If you are not happy with the way your breasts look, it can have a negative impact on your self-esteem. You can regain that confidence – and then some – by opting for a breast lift surgery in Mexico at Jet Medical Tourism.

Your perkier and younger looking breasts will help you feel sexier and more confident. To improve the quality of your life, a dose of confidence may be all you truly need.

Mexico breast lift surgery procedure

During your consultation, our board certified plastic surgeons in Mexico will choose the best breast lift technique depending on your health and aesthetic goals. They will explain the various options to you and you will be free to go with the one that suits you the most.

Mastopexy varies for each patient, but the overall procedure has the same steps. The procedure usually takes between 2 – 4 hours, depending on the breast lift technique you chose earlier.

The first step in any surgical procedure is the administration of anesthesia. Before your cosmetic surgeon can begin, an anesthesiologist will put you under general sedation. They may give you the anesthesia via inhalation or IV. They will make sure that you are completely asleep during your surgical procedure.

Incision placement
Once you are fully sedated, our cosmetic surgeon will make careful incisions as per your surgical plan. Even though this kind of surgery will leave some scars, the surgeons will ensure there is minimum scarring. They will make the incisions in the most discreet places, like the natural folds of your breasts.

Breast reshaping
Your surgeon will remove the extra tissue through the incisions and reshape the tissue underneath to create a more proportionate shape. For example, if your areola is stretched, the plastic surgeon will remove tissues from the perimeter and reshape that area.

Once that’s done, they will proceed to lift your areola and nipple by placing them up on your breasts. Then they will bring some of the tissue (that was previously up on your areolas) down to the lower parts of your breasts. Finally, they will re-drape your skin.

Closing the incisions
To make sure you retain the new shape of your breasts, your surgeon will place multiple sutures deep into the breast tissue.

Recovery from breast lift in Mexico

Breast lift surgery in Mexico varies for each patient according to their anatomical and personal aesthetic goals. The exact timeframe of your recovery will depend on your particular breast lift technique and your body’s natural healing process.

But most patients find they can return to normal routine activities within a week. Please keep in mind that it is a ‘surgical’ procedure, after all, so avoid strenuous physical activities for a few weeks.

Breast Lift in Mexico

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