Breast Implant Removal in Mexico

Breast Implant Removal in Mexico

Breast Implant Removal in Mexico may be necessary if you have suffered from capsular contracture or another breast implant complication, and you do not want an implant replacement. You could also choose breast implant removal surgery if you want to restore the natural look of your breasts for personal aesthetic reasons.

Removal of saline breast implants is relatively easier because your surgeon can first deflate the implants and drain out the saline. Thereafter, the deflated saline implants can be taken out using only small incisions. But if you are seeking removal of your silicone implants, your surgeon will have to create a larger incision.

A skilled Mexico plastic surgeon will aim to use the old incision lines to safely remove your breast implants in order to mitigate subsequent scarring. A number of surgical techniques such as full or partial capsulectomy and en bloc implant removal are available to your surgeon to perform this surgery. They will discuss the best surgical options for your case during the initial consultation.

You should note that breast implant removal in Mexico is often accompanied by a breast lift surgery because your breast tissue may have sagged over the years while accommodating the previous implants. A combination of breast implant removal with lift will help restore firmer and more youthful looking breasts.

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