Breast Reconstruction in Mexico

Breast Reconstruction in Mexico

Breast Reconstruction in Mexico may be performed on women who have undergone mastectomy after breast cancer. This procedure can restore your breast appearance and improve self-confidence and a sense of femininity after breast cancer surgery. Breast reconstruction is a major surgery and you should preferably work with a highly trained and board certified plastic surgeon in Mexico.

Your surgeon will determine whether a flap technique to restore appearance or the use of breast implants may be the better approach for your breast reconstruction. In the implant technique, the surgeon will place saline or silicone implants below your pectoral muscle in the breast to add new volume to the breast tissue.

In case of a flap reconstruction, they will extract excess skin, fat tissue or muscle from donor sites in your body to reconstruct the breast. The implant technique and the flap technique have their own pros and cons, and your surgeon will help you choose the procedure that is most appropriate to meet your anatomical and aesthetic goals.

Breast reconstruction plastic surgery in Mexico is a major procedure, which will require you to stay committed through the treatment process. But the results with this surgery can be transformative for your body image and quality of life.

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The impact of losing the breast can be devastating to a woman’s femininity and self-confidence. The board-certified plastic surgeons at Jet Medical Tourism® can help you restore your figure through breast reconstruction in Mexico.

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