Mommy Makeover Checklist

Mommy Makeover Checklist

A mommy makeover is a complex plastic surgery procedure that will involve some advance preparation and a significant post-operative recovery. Having a thorough mommy makeover checklist ready right at the start will help ensure that no important elements of the preparation, surgery or recovery get missed out. At your initial consultation, your plastic surgeon or their staff will inform you about mommy makeover must haves to get you started on this body transformation journey.

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What is mommy makeover checklist

A mommy makeover checklist is a simple organizational tool to help you prepare meticulously for your scheduled surgery and subsequent recovery. The first section of the checklist will focus on the do’s and don’ts to remember while you are preparing for mommy makeover surgery.

The second part will deal with mommy makeover recovery supplies, clothes to wear after mommy makeover, and precautions to take. Four key elements common to every mommy makeover checklist include the following.

  • Diet: An increased focus on a healthy diet is one of the critical mommy makeover must haves that will begin before the surgery and continue during the entire recovery phase and beyond. A diet rich in lean proteins will strengthen your body to sustain the surgery and have a faster recovery.
  • Exercise: Following a regular exercise and fitness regimen a few weeks or months in advance will help in preparing for mommy makeover surgery. Post-operatively, you will begin with a mild exercise routine after about three weeks, and gradually increase the intensity of exercises as you heal.
  • Smoking: No mommy makeover checklist can be complete without clear instructions about avoiding smoking for at least a specified time period before and after the surgery. Smoking narrows your blood vessels and increases the risk of complications during surgery as well as recovery.
  • Medications: NSAIDs, blood thinners such as aspirin, vitamin E supplements, and some herbal medications can increase your risk of blood clots. Your mommy makeover checklist will mention the type of medications you must avoid taking for a few days before and after surgery.

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Mommy makeover must haves

While you are contemplating a mommy makeover, it’s a stellar idea to do some research on the key plastic surgery procedures that are widely regarded as mommy makeover must haves. Some advance knowledge through your surgeon’s website or other online resources will help you have a productive consultation.

Your plastic surgeon may recommend the following procedures to be covered in your mommy makeover checklist.

  • Tummy tuck: Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck surgery is considered one of the important mommy makeover must haves for most patients. Pregnancy may take a toll on your abdominal appearance, resulting in loose skin and sagging muscles. A tummy tuck on your checklist is a key item to consider.
  • Breast surgery: Breast augmentation, breast lift and breast reduction are three major procedures. Your surgeon may recommend one or two of these surgeries as mommy makeover must haves, depending on whether your breasts have deflated or have become oversized following a pregnancy.
  • Lower body lift: Loose skin and stubborn cellulite appearance in the thighs and buttocks may occur after pregnancy. Lower body lift procedures, such as thigh lift and Brazilian butt lift may be included in your mommy makeover checklist if your surgeon determines you are a suitable candidate.
  • Liposuction: This is a relatively less invasive body contouring surgery that is widely accepted as one of the most important mommy makeover must haves. Liposuction will help you get rid of unwanted fat deposits in certain areas of your body and restore a slimmer and more toned appearance.

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Preparing for mommy makeover surgery

Well-prepared patients are almost always going to have a more successful surgery and faster recovery. Preparing for mommy makeover surgery is a key part that will create the foundation for a safe and predictable outcome. Your surgeon will recommend several preparatory guidelines to be included in your mommy makeover checklist.

  • Be proactively involved in your pre-op consultation, ask questions, make notes, and share your personal aesthetic goals with the surgeon.
  • To save time, arrange your medical history records to be sent directly to your surgeon’s office from your physician, specialist, or hospital.
  • Preparing for mommy makeover surgery requires a focus on diet, fitness, and lifestyle behaviors, so be diligent on all of these.
  • Make a list of all the prescription and OTC drugs you are currently taking, including herbal supplements and share with your surgeon.
  • Include the payment, financing and insurance aspects in your mommy makeover checklist and address them ahead of the surgery.
  • If you are working, take care to inform your employer in advance and obtain a leave for at least two weeks to have a stress-free recovery.
  • Arrange in advance for someone who can drive you home after the surgery and preferably stay with you for a night or two for support.
  • Purchase the necessary mommy makeover recovery supplies and some soft clothes to wear after mommy makeover ahead of time.

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What to pack for mommy makeover

Many moms want to know what clothes to wear after mommy makeover at various stages of the surgery and recovery process. Your surgeon may provide you a compression garment and special surgical bra as part of your mommy makeover checklist, but you must prepare and pack your own clothing and personal accessories.

  • Day of surgery: It’s a salient idea to wear loose fitting clothes on your day of surgery. Avoid wearing any jewelry, makeup, or contact lenses. Pack an additional pair of loose fitting, front-button top and baggy sweatpants. These clothes can be worn comfortably with drain tubes and bandages.
  • Early recovery: Add a reminder in your mommy makeover checklist to buy a few comfortable button-up hoodies or shirts and a soft robe or baggy sweatpants for the early recovery phase. With swelling and soreness lingering for a few days, you will need soft clothes that are easy to change.
  • Post-healing: Do not buy expensive dresses or fancy clothes to wear after mommy makeover until you have sufficiently healed. You won’t need extra large or shapeless garments any longer, and you will be ready for well-fitting clothes as your new body contours firm up. So, look forward to it.

Mommy makeover recovery supplies

Recovery is a vital phase in any plastic surgery procedure, and it is prudent to prepare ahead of time for it. Here are some of the useful mommy makeover recovery supplies that you may want to arrange ahead of time to have a safe and comfortable recovery.

  • Ice packs to help improve the swelling in the first 48 to 72 hours after your mommy makeover surgery.
  • Over the counter pain medications for a few days (buy and use them in consultation with you surgeon.)
  • Gauze bandage to protect against fluid leak from the incision sites and preventing friction with the clothes.
  • Wedge pillow and soft cushions to help you sleep more comfortably without hurting your incisions.
  • Sports bras that close in the front will help because you may have to avoid underwire bra for several weeks.
  • Silicone sheets, tape or any topical creams or gels your surgeon may suggest for post-op scar reduction.
  • Ready to eat meals and frozen snacks for a few days in case you don’t have help for cooking during early recovery.
  • Walker, dry shampoo, arnica, stool softener, and high-waist leggings may also be part of your mommy makeover recovery supplies.

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The bottom line

As long as you choose a dedicated plastic surgeon who takes personal interest in your well-being right from the first consultation to your post-op recovery, you are in safe hands. Your surgeon will help you in preparing for mommy makeover surgery for best results. But you don’t have to wait. Pick up your pen or use your smartphone to start creating your work-in-progress mommy makeover checklist right away.



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