Is Gastric Sleeve Reversible?

Once you have chosen to go ahead with your gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, it’s necessary to have clarity on this key question: Is gastric sleeve reversible? You should feel free to ask this question from your Mexico bariatric surgeon during your initial consultation. They will provide you a detailed and accurate answer to help you make an informed decision.

In this post, we will focus on this vital question that many patients want to know about: Is gastric sleeve reversible? We will also address some additional issues related to this subject.

A gastric sleeve is not reversible. Contact Jet Medical Tourism® today to learn more about other surgery options.


What is Gastric Sleeve Reversal?

Gastric Sleeve Reversal in Mexico

Gastric sleeve reversal refers to the possibility of restoring your original condition of the stomach by undoing the steps undertaken in your initial gastric sleeve surgery. For some patients, the issue of gastric sleeve reversal in Mexico may arise at some stage after their primary bariatric procedure if they develop some complications or simply want to return to their original condition.

This problem may particular occur if you fail to follow your surgeon’s post-surgical care instructions or start eating beyond your recommended gastric sleeve post-op diet. While gastric sleeve surgery will automatically restrict you from overeating, you still need to track your food intake and maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise regimen.

Lack of commitment with regard to your diet or exercise may sometimes cause your sleeve shaped stomach pouch to enlarge and expand. Although gastric sleeve reversal may not be a possibility in these cases, you may choose to have a gastric sleeve revision surgery in Mexico.

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Your surgeon can perform a revision bariatric procedure by removing excess stomach volume and re-shrinking your gastric pouch. This is commonly known as a gastric re-sleeve surgery, which will be performed quite the same as your primary gastric sleeve. In exceptional cases, your vertical sleeve gastrectomy (VSG) can also be revised to a gastric bypass surgery or a duodenal switch.

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Can Gastric Sleeve Surgery be Reversed: Yes or No? 

Can Gastric Sleeve Surgery be Reversed

No, it is not possible to reverse a sleeve gastrectomy at any stage after the surgery has been performed. Many patients ask this question from their weight loss surgeon during their pre-operative consultation: Can gastric sleeve surgery be reversed? A responsible surgeon will clearly explain to the patient why a gastric sleeve is not reversible.

Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico involves a permanent removal of up to 85 to 90 percent of your stomach. Your surgeon will reshape the remainder stomach into a sleeve, akin to the shape and size of a banana. Because of these permanent characteristics of this sleeve procedure, your bariatric surgeon will be unable to reverse it at a later stage.

The primary goal of your gastric sleeve procedure is to reduce the capacity and size of your stomach, while also changing the configuration of hunger hormones to keep you satiated for longer periods. There is no way to restore your original stomach in the future once the surgery has been performed.

Make sure to discuss with your vsg surgeon about this question during your bariatric surgery consultation: Can gastric sleeve surgery be reversed?

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Is Reversal Possible for all Bariatric Surgical Procedures?

Reversal is possible for some bariatric surgery procedures, but not all. Before you go ahead with your weight loss surgery, you should carefully evaluate the pros and cons, and determine whether you are willing to commit to a healthy lifestyle and diet for the sake of your own health and body.

Gastric Bypass Reversal

Gastric Bypass Reversal Roux-en-YGastric bypass reversal is not possible once the surgery has been completed. During the surgery, your Mexico bariatric surgeon will divide your stomach and re-route it by connecting it to the small intestine. The goal is to reduce the absorption of calories in your stomach.

If at a later stage, you want a gastric bypass reversal, it means your surgeon would have to separate the stomach from the small intestine where they had been sutured together. They would then have to rejoin these organs in their original position using staples. However, the stomach configuration restored in this manner will not be identical to what it was prior to the bypass.

Most importantly, a number of stomach nerves that support the normal gastric function, cannot be mended to attempt a reversal of this surgery. Despite these limitations, if a patient chooses to undergo gastric bypass reversal, they could suffer from acid reflux or other gastrointestinal issues in the future.

Lap Band Surgery Reversal

Lap Band Reversal Surgery in MexicoLap band surgery reversal is possible, if at a later stage you want to restore your original stomach condition. In the primary lap band procedure, your surgeon will wrap an inflatable band around your stomach, and suture it into place to compress the space within your stomach.

At a later stage, if you want the effects of the surgery to be reversed, your surgeon can safely take out the band without much risk of complications. For many patients, the fact that lap band surgery reversal is possible later on becomes an appealing factor to choose this procedure.

But you should know that even though your lap band can be surgically removed later on through a relatively simple surgery, your Mexico bariatric surgeon will recommend it only when it is medically necessary. At the time of the primary procedure, they will place the lap band with the intent to keep it in place throughout your lifetime.

You also be aware that once you go ahead with a lap band reversal surgery, chances are that you will regain the weight.

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Is Gastric Sleeve Right for Me?

One of the first questions you need to ask of your surgeon about weight loss surgery in Mexico at your initial consultation should be: Is gastric sleeve right for me? Not every overweight individual would be a candidate for this procedure.

In general, your surgeon would recommend a gastric sleeve surgery for you if you have a BMI of 40 of above.

If you are suffering from underlying obesity-related health conditions, you could qualify for this surgery even with a BMI of 35 or above. Your surgeon will also determine your psychological and emotional readiness for this procedure. Therefore, you should free discuss this question at the outset with your bariatric surgeon in Mexico: Is gastric sleeve right for me?

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Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico can be a life-changing procedure to restore your health, body, appearance and personal confidence. Jet Medical Tourism® will set up a virtual consultation with one of their top Mexico bariatric surgeons to address all your concerns, including: Is gastric sleeve reversible? Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Is Gastric Sleeve Reversible?


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