5-Day Pouch Reset

5-Day Pouch Reset

Many people have a misconception that stomach size is correlated to the body weight. However, in reality, stomach size increases in proportion to the amount of food you eat. The stomach muscles and tissue will stretch when you eat more. You could face this condition even after your bariatric surgery, if you do not follow your recommended post-op diet guidelines.

If you find that your weight loss has stalled or you are regaining weight after a bariatric surgery, you might do well to undertake a 5 day pouch reset. This unique at-home solution has helped many patients return to the path of weight loss success after they temporarily lost focus from their diet plan. Let’s take a look at what is a bariatric pouch reset and how it can help you.  

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What is a 5 day pouch reset?

A successful bariatric surgery will pave the way for your weight loss journey, which can culminate in permanent freedom from obesity. However, you could experience minor hurdles, surprises, and setbacks during this weight loss journey. Abdominal stretching, weight loss plateau, and weight regain are some of the challenges you may encounter at different stages.

One of the fastest and most effective ways to resolve these concerns and put your weight loss back on track is a 5 day pouch reset. A dedicated bariatric surgeon will usually recommend this quick, safe, and natural approach rather than an aggressive option such as a bariatric revision surgery. If you are focused and committed to your prescribed diet plan, the chances of success with a five day pouch reset diet are high.

Restoring your pouch size  

Human stomach is an amazing organ. Even after a large part of your stomach volume is removed during a weight loss surgery, the remaining small pouch can still stretch if you fail to follow your post-op diet correctly. If you eat larger meal portions, the flexible muscle and tissue in your new pouch will expand and over time your stomach may again become oversized. The five day pouch reset is a scientific aid to correct this condition quickly before it becomes irreversible.

What does a pouch reset involve? 

As the name suggests, your stomach pouch reset will typically require 5 days to complete. At the center of this weight loss restoration strategy is a rigorous 5 day pouch reset meal plan. Your nutritionist can help you create a scientific reset diet, but you must do it only in consultation with your bariatric surgeon. The diet restrictions will more severe in the first two days, but will progressively relax. Many surgeons recommend a gradual return to a normal diet after 10 days (although it is technically a 5 day plan).

Suitable candidates for a pouch reset 

Five day pouch reset is not for everyone. Do not attempt this plan without first determining whether you are a suitable candidate for it. A 5 day gastric sleeve reset or gastric bypass reset may be appropriate for you if: 

  • You are eating more than what your diet plan prescribes
  • You have stopped measuring or tracking your calorie intake 
  • You have started gaining weight 
  • You have hit a roadblock (plateau) in your weight loss journey
  • You want to regain control of your bariatric diet

Regular follow-up with your surgeon

The ideal way to remain in control of your weight loss journey is to maintain regular follow-ups and never miss an appointment with your bariatric surgeon. This will ensure that if your stomach is beginning to stretch again or you are consuming more calories than you should, the problem can be identified and resolved swiftly. A five day pouch reset diet can work wonders if it is done in a timely manner. Remember the old adage: “A stitch in time saves nine.”  

Does the pouch reset test work?

Many patients may wonder whether they can perform some kind of a home test to know if they need a stomach pouch reset. It is also natural to be skeptical about how well this reset plan works, and whether it can really help them get back on track to lose weight. To begin with, you should remember that your anatomy and metabolism is unique to you, and what may work for someone else may or may not work for you. 

What is a five day pouch test? 

You may consider doing a 5 day pouch reset test at home. It is also popularly known as a mashed potatoes test or cottage cheese test. Some bariatric experts believe that this test can tell you if your pouch has stretched after a weight loss surgery. But you should note that no research studies have been conducted to verify or validate this test. Here are the steps involved in this simple five day pouch test:

  1. Measure 8 oz of mashed potatoes or cottage cheese for your next meal. 
  2. Eat slowly and chew well until you feel that you are full.
  3. Measure the amount of food remaining in your plate.
  4. The difference will tell you how much quantity of food comfortably fit into your stomach pouch.
  5. If the test shows that you have eaten in excess 5 oz of food without feeling uncomfortable, your pouch may have stretched.
  6. Consult your weight loss surgeon with the results of your home test. 

How does a bariatric pouch reset work?

A 5 day reset pouch diet is primarily based on similar principles as your immediate bariatric surgery post-op diet. The standard post-op diet after weight loss surgery is divided into five or six segments, and lasts for about two to three months. The five day pouch reset diet for gastric sleeve or gastric bypass follows the same goals, but only lasts for about 5 to 10 days. You will need to execute this reset plan under the supervision of your surgeon.

As long as you follow this rigorous 5-day plan diligently, chances are that your pouch muscles and tissue will heal and shrink back to their natural size. The process of tissue tightening and restoration of pouch elasticity will occur gradually. Within a few days and weeks, you will know that your pouch reset is working because you will start feeling full faster and your urge to eat will become less frequent.  

5 day pouch reset diet for gastric sleeve

Gastric sleeve is currently the most sought-after bariatric surgery in the world because of its high success rate. However, sometimes you may hit a weight loss plateau or start regaining weight, particularly if you don’t abide by your recommended diet plan. In this situation, a 5 day gastric sleeve reset could help in restoring your pouch size and kick start your weight loss once again. 

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Reset diet plan for gastric sleeve

Your five day pouch reset diet for gastric sleeve surgery will mimic the early stages of your original post-op diet. The only difference is that each stage of your original plan will last for just a day or two in the reset plan. Here is the broad-based diet plan for your gastric sleeve reset: 

  • Day 1: Drink only clear liquids through the day
  • Day 2: Consume thicker protein-based liquids
  • Day 3: Eat pureed foods (blended, ground, or mashed)
  • Day 4: Repeat similar diet as Day 3 
  • Day 5: Eat semi-soft foods, in addition to a pureed diet

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Focus on the basics in reset diet  

You can successfully reignite and promote weight loss with a 5 day pouch reset diet for gastric sleeve surgery if you shift the focus back to your diet basics. Here are the basic diet principles you should follow: 

  • Chew Well: Eat your food slowly, chew thoroughly, and allocate sufficient time for eating. Focus on the act of eating and do not be distracted by other activities. This will improve satiety and you will feel full faster.
  • Cut Down on Fats: As far as possible, you should avoid or minimize food items that have a high content of fats and sugars. These are calorie-dense foods that are usually low on nutrition. 
  • Eat More Proteins: Make sure to include adequate amount of lean proteins in every meal. When you sit for a meal, make sure to first eat all the proteins in the plate first to feel full faster.
  • Stay Hydrated: Drink plenty of water throughout the day to stay hydrated. However, avoid drinking water or other beverages about 30 minutes before and after meals as well as during a meal.
  • Limit Alcohol: Avoid or limit the intake of alcohol in your post-op gastric sleeve diet. Alcohol contains a high amount of calories and is low on nutrients, particularly when you mix drinks. 

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5 day pouch reset for gastric bypass

Gastric bypass is a time-tested weight loss procedure that is widely considered as the gold standard in bariatric surgery. The surgery typically produces rapid weight loss and you can expect to shed off up to 70% of your excess weight in the first year. However, if you find that your weight loss progress has stalled or reversed, it may be time to consider a five day pouch reset for gastric bypass surgery

History of 5 day pouch reset diet 

The now-popular 5 day reset pouch diet was developed in 2007 by Kaye Bailey, who was herself a gastric bypass patient. Kaye started regaining weight after gastric bypass and shared her concerns with her surgeon. In consultation with her surgeon, Kaye developed a unique five day pouch reset for gastric bypass plan and tested it on herself. The success of this simple and safe at-home solution quickly caught on, and the rest as they say, is history. 

Mind reset along with diet reset 

Kaye Bailey discovered through her personal experience that the pouch reset is as much a function of the mind as the body. While the stringent diet control will help in healing and shrinking of your pouch muscles, it will also trigger a mental and emotional reset. You will feel in control of your gastric bypass weight loss journey once again, and it will get progressively easier to follow your recommended diet plan.

Gastric bypass pouch reset FAQs

Q: I had my gastric bypass surgery several years ago. Am I late for a pouch reset? 

A: It is never too late for a 5 day pouch reset for gastric bypass. Talk to your surgeon and get started with their advice. 

Q: What happens if even after my 5 day reset, I continue to gain weight? 

A: Do not take your pouch reset failure as your personal failure. Explore the possibility of gastric bypass revision with your surgeon.

Q: How quickly after my gastric bypass can I have a pouch reset? 

A: Your ideal goal should be to “never” have the need for a pouch reset. But if necessary, you may have a reset in the first year itself.

Q: I don’t think I have the will-power for a pouch reset. What should I do?

A: Enlist the emotional support of your friends and family. A compassionate surgeon and dietitian will also help you go through it.

Q: How frequently can I undergo a 5 day gastric bypass pouch reset?

A: Remember that a pouch reset diet is an exception, not the rule. It is a critical measure reserved only for critical times. 

Q: I cheated on my pouch reset diet on day one itself. Do I start again? 

A: Forgive yourself for minor aberrations in your 5 day pouch reset plan. But for the success of the plan, keep your resolve to follow the diet.

Q: I am a vegan. Can I undertake a 5 day reset diet? 

A: One of the key concerns in a vegan diet may be the lack of animal proteins. Speak to your nutritionist for effective substitutes. 

5 day pouch reset meal plan

The surest way to succeed in your weight loss endeavor is to have a well-crafted five day pouch reset meal plan ready in advance. Prepare the meal plan according to your unique needs and preferences. Your dietician can help you come up with the best solutions. Here is a sample 5 day pouch reset meal plan that you may consider: 

Day 1 – clear liquid diet


  • ½ cup grapefruit juice 
  • ½ cup green tea or decaffeinated coffee

First Snack Break 

  • ½ cup cranberry juice 
  • 1 ice pop (sugarless) 


  • 1 small bowl of clear tomato soup
  • ½ cup apple juice 

Second Snack Break

  • ½ cup strawberry gelatin 


  • 1 small bowl of clear chicken soup
  • ½ cup orange gelatin 

5-Day Pouch Reset Meal Plan

Days 2 and 3 – thick protein-based liquid diet


  • Meal replacement shake – vanilla or chocolate 

First Snack Break

  • Protein shake 


  • Thick soup of broccoli and cheddar 

Second Snack Break

  • Raspberry or blueberry gelatin 


Thick meal replacement soup – chicken or tomato

Days 4 and 5 – semi-soft/pureed foods


  • Pureed omelet with one mashed banana and 1 oz cheddar cheese 

First Snack Break 

  • Protein smoothie or pudding 


  • 3 oz pureed tuna and 1 oz Greek yogurt 

Second Snack Break 

  • 1 cup pureed sweet potato and 1 oz cheddar cheese 


½ cup pureed beans, 3 oz pureed turkey, 1 slice avocado

Expected results after 5 day pouch reset

As long as you diligently follow your 5 day pouch reset diet, positive results in terms of your weight loss will begin to show soon. Make sure that even after the completion of five days you are following a transition diet for at least another one week. This diet can include more complex fruits and veggies, while fish, ground meat, and small chicken pieces can be introduced slowly. 

Weight loss after 5 day pouch reset

You should be clear at the outset that your five day pouch reset meal plan is not meant as a short-term weight loss technique. However, many patients are likely to experience considerable weight loss within these five days. The objective of this program is to bring your body and mind back in sync with your original weight loss plan. In these five days, your stomach pouch muscles will ease up, and will continue to strengthen as you maintain your long-term weight loss diet. 

What happens if weight loss doesn’t sustain?

After following the 5 day stomach reset diet plan with dedication, you may quickly lose a significant amount of excess weight. But as your diet normalizes in the following days and weeks, the initial weight loss gains may disappear. This is not a cause for concern because the reset tool is just meant to bring your body out of the weight loss plateau. As your pouch heals and strengthens, you will lose weight progressively on expected lines. 

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Impact of 5 day reset with different surgeries

Whether you have undertaken a 5 day pouch reset for gastric sleeve or gastric bypass, the impact will similar. In both cases, you are likely to experience gradual tightening of your gastric pouch. Your meal portions will become smaller and you will feel full faster while you eat. The goal of pouch reset is to bring you back to the basics of your weight loss journey, no matter whether you underwent a gastric sleeve or gastric bypass. 

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5 day pouch reset reviews

One of the best ways to convince yourself about the safety and success of this tool is to check out the 5 day pouch reset reviews of past patients. These reviews will provide you valuable insights into how a pouch reset helped actual patients restore their weight loss journey and eliminate obesity. Here are some of the key benefits of 5 day pouch reset testimonials: 

  • Better Understanding: When you read about the actual patient experience with a pouch reset, why they needed it, how successfully they managed it, and what kind of results they obtain from it, you will develop a clearer understanding of what a weight loss pouch reset is.
  • High Believability: It’s natural to have apprehensions about the stomach pouch reset technique because very little clinical research has gone into it. Although you should go by your surgeon’s advice, you can gain more confidence when you read about actual pouch reset success stories.
  • Realistic Expectations: Sometimes it can be difficult to understand or interpret your surgeon’s guidance. When you go through a number of 5 day pouch reset reviews, you will have a more realistic idea of what this technique can or cannot do for you. So, you can make a more salient choice.
  • Drawing Inspiration: If you are struggling with weight loss plateau after your bariatric surgery, it can lead to loss of motivation. At that time, 5 day pouch reset success stories of other patients can serve as a source of inspiration and help motivate you to restart you on your weight loss journey. 

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A reliable and compassionate bariatric surgeon will be able to help you if you are experiencing a sense of disappointment or finding it hard to get back to your weight loss goals. The surgeon may share several 5 day pouch reset patient testimonials to restore your confidence and convince you about how this simple approach can help you win your battle against obesity. 

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