Cheapest Gastric Sleeve Surgery in USA

Cheapest Gastric Sleeve Surgery in USA

Obesity in the United States has been increasing at an exponential rate over the last two decades. Although affordable weight loss surgeries such as gastric sleeve are a proven solution to this growing problem, many Americans are either without insurance or do not get approved for bariatric surgery by their insurers. When you have to pay for it out of pocket, it is prudent to look for the cheapest gastric sleeve surgery in USA.

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Affordable weight loss surgeries

Affordable weight loss procedures do not necessarily compromise on the safety, quality of service, or the standards of care. You need to be a little more open-minded about exploring all options, evaluate the pros and cons of each, and then make a judicious decision within your budget. Planning ahead of time will give you the leverage to do a careful cost-benefit analysis and find an affordable bariatric surgery.

Different surgeries cost differently

As a starting point, you should consult a bariatric surgeon to determine whether you are a candidate for a gastric sleeve surgery. This is one of the most effective and most affordable weight loss surgeries. The cheapest gastric sleeve surgery in USA may cost significantly lower than other more complex bariatric procedures, such as gastric bypass and duodenal switch.

Different destinations cost differently

If you are seeking a low cost gastric sleeve surgery in USA, keep an open mind about traveling to a state where the surgical costs are considerably lower than your home state. With that said, be prepared to explore cheap gastric sleeve surgery options in a medical tourism destination such as Mexico, where this procedure could save you up to 70% on your costs.

Is gastric sleeve the cheapest weight loss surgery procedure?

When you are operating on a budget, you would naturally want to know what is the cheapest weight loss surgery? Low cost gastric sleeve surgery (laparoscopic) is the cheapest and best option you can get anywhere in the world. A majority of affordable weight loss surgeries performed today are gastric sleeve.

  • Cost comparison I: Gastric sleeve surgery cheap options will be significantly lower than a Roux-en-y gastric bypass or duodenal switch, which are more complex procedures. Gastric sleeve is simpler, more widely available, has lower complications, and is more competitive priced everywhere.
  • Cost comparison II: Gastric sleeve cheapest options will be competitive priced in comparison to a much less effective procedure called adjustable gastric band or lap band surgery. Success rate of gastric sleeve is far higher, where as many surgeons don’t even offer lap band any longer.
  • Cost comparison III: A traditional open incision VSG or an innovative single incision VSG are costlier alternatives compared to a standard laparoscopic gastric sleeve surgery. When you are seeking the safest and cheapest weight loss surgery, the standard gastric sleeve is ideal.

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Gastric sleeve cost in the US

Low cost gastric sleeve surgery in USA on average may be in the range of $15,000 to $20,000. It is important to understand that these are just average cost estimates for gastric sleeve surgery cheap in the US, but actual costs will vary from one practice to another. Here is a basic checklist to keep in mind while you are considering gastric sleeve cheapest options in the US.

  • Check what are inclusions in the price quote you have received for cheapest weight loss surgery
  • Check the qualifications, certifications and experience of the bariatric surgeon who will perform your VSG surgery
  • Check the facilities of the hospital or surgery center whether your cheap gastric sleeve surgery in the US will be performed
  • Check with your health insurance provider if they will qualify you and cover your full or partial gastric sleeve cost in the US
  • Check the payment terms, financing options, and look for any hidden costs in your gastric sleeve surgery cheap quote
  • Check other affordable weight loss surgery options and do an independent cost comparison before you commit

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How to find cheapest gastric sleeve surgery in USA

If your goal is to save on costs, you should look for the cheapest state for gastric sleeve in the US and be prepared to travel for a few days. Do your own research ahead of time, shortlist a few dedicated bariatric surgeons, check their websites, and call their offices to request a quote for the cheapest gastric sleeve surgery in USA.

  • Destination: When you are willing to travel to the cheapest place to get gastric sleeve, you can save a substantial amount of money. Some of the states have lower real estate costs, lower per capita incomes, and lower taxes. Here you could find gastric sleeve cheapest options in the United States.
  • Surgical venue: You may have the choice to undergo your low cost gastric sleeve surgery in USA at a hospital, an accredited surgery center, or a private surgical suite. The costs and benefits in each case are going to vary, so make a judicious decision within your budget after consulting your surgeon.
  • Choice of surgeon: Some weight loss surgeons in the US enjoy a top reputation, and may command a much higher surgical fee because they are always busy and overbooked. Your goal should be to look for a low profile yet skilled surgeon who delivers the same results for an affordable fee.

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Mexico: Cheapest place to get gastric sleeve by the US residents

Thousands of women and men in the US are now choosing Mexico as their favored destination for cheapest weight loss surgery procedures. The savings are enormous if you choose Mexico for your safe and affordable gastric sleeve surgery rather than the US. As the cheapest place to get gastric sleeve for US residents, Mexico offers a number of benefits.

  • Close proximity: Traveling to Mexico is very convenient and cheap, whether by air or by car. Even when you account for the travel and stay costs, you will still save thousands of dollars in Mexico when you compare it with the cheapest gastric sleeve surgery in USA.
  • High standards of care: Full-service hospitals and bariatric centers in Mexico are equipped with the latest surgical technologies. Bariatric surgeons are highly qualified and experienced, staff is committed and bilingual, and best in class care is available for US patients.
  • Personalized service: Right from airport pick-up to consultation, surgery and initial recovery, you can expect highly personalized care and attention in Mexico at every step. You cannot expect this level of service when you choose cheapest gastric sleeve surgery in USA.

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Why is gastric sleeve surgery cheaper in Mexico?

Patients are sometimes concerned why is gastric sleeve surgery cheaper in Mexico? Do affordable weight loss surgeries mean you have to compromise on the standards of care? That could be true if you are seeking the cheapest gastric sleeve surgery in USA, but in Mexico you can obtain the highest quality of care for a very low cost. Here’s why:

  • Medical tourism is integral to Mexico’s economy. Strong government support is available to promote cheapest weight loss procedures.
  • Hospitals in Mexico have low overheads and have to pay low salaries to staff. So, they can offer gastric sleeve cheapest to patients.
  • Even the highest rated bariatric surgeons in Mexico will charge a much lower fee than a US surgeon, which lowers your cost of surgery.
  • Unlike the US, the surgeons in Mexico usually do not have to spend money on medical malpractice insurance, which saves on overhead.
  • Healthcare system in the US is the costliest in the world, while in Mexico you pay full cash up front to get cheap gastric sleeve surgery.

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