Weight Loss Surgery Payment Plans

Weight Loss Surgery Payment Plans

Although bariatric surgery is a life-saving procedure, many women and men are reluctant to choose it because they may lack insurance or their insurer may disqualify them for coverage. Fortunately, a number of weight loss surgery payment plans are available today, which can make this surgery affordable. During your consultation with a bariatric surgeon, you should explore your weight loss surgery payment options and plan your procedure accordingly.

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How expensive is bariatric surgery

In some parts of the US and Canada, the average bariatric surgery costs may be as high as $25,000 or more. During your scheduled consultation with a weight loss surgeon, be upfront about the cost issue and ask them how expensive is bariatric surgery? A committed surgeon will provide you a fair and transparent cost estimate, while explaining the services covered in their quoted price.

Evaluate various weight loss surgery payment plans

If insurance coverage is not possible, it does not mean that you cannot afford to have a bariatric surgery when you need it. Be prepared to conduct your own research and due diligence regarding various weight loss surgery payment options that may be available to you. Compare the terms and interest rates of different loan providers and choose a payment plan that works best for you.

Medical travel can make bariatric surgery affordable

Keep an open mind about low cost weight loss surgery payment plans that involve medical tourism. Thousands of patients are benefitting from safe and highly affordable medical travel options at excellent locations near your home country. Your worries about how expensive is bariatric surgery can be easily resolved once you make up your mind to choose a nearby offshore destination for your procedure.

Weight loss surgery payment options

No matter how expensive is bariatric surgery it is definitely within your reach as long as you have found the right payment plan. A wide range of weight loss surgery payment options will be available to you, so do not settle for the first loan offer that comes your way. Look at all possible bariatric surgery payment plans and evaluate their pros and cons to make the best choice.

  • Hospital’s in-house plan: While most hospitals and bariatric centers do not offer credit directly, there is no harm in exploring your weight loss surgery payment options with them. Some may be willing to accept extended payments through major credit cards or may have a tie-up with a loan company.
  • Medical loan programs: Both gastric sleeve payment plan and gastric bypass payment plans can be linked with secured or unsecured medical loans. Secured healthcare loans are available from credit unions and banks, which unsecured loans are obtainable in the form of personal loans from direct lenders or brokers.
  • Life insurance or 401K loans: Although retirement savings are vital for a secure future, and life insurance is meant to provide a death benefit, your current life and health is a priority. Consider these weight loss surgery payment options if they fit your needs. Take into account any early withdrawal penalties and costs before making a decision.
  • Personal borrowings: Your family members, friends or co-workers may want to support your plan to restore your health through bariatric surgery. They may offer you interest-free or low interest credit at flexible terms for this procedure. This type of option may work out much better for you than professional weight loss surgery payment plans.

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Gastric sleeve payment plan

Gastric sleeve currently ranks as the number one bariatric surgery procedure worldwide. If you do not qualify for insurance or find the cost of the procedure to be out of your budget, you may consider a good gastric sleeve payment plan. It is best to work with a leading company such as Citerra Finance, which can offer you a competitive loan and prompt service.

Here are the highlights of Citerra Finance gastric sleeve payment plans:

  • The company is recognized for its speed and transparency.
  • Extensive experience in offering weight loss surgery payment plans.
  • Loan approval process is quick, straightforward, and streamlined.
  • Low interest rates for various bariatric surgery payment options.
  • You may also choose a gastric sleeve payment plan for medical travel.
  • No cost for loan application and approval in less than one hour.
  • You may use the funds at any bariatric hospital or surgery center.
  • Your gastric sleeve payment plan may also cover travel and stay costs.

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Gastric bypass payment plans

Gastric bypass is considered the gold standard among various bariatric surgery procedures. The surgery may be costlier than VSG, but with competitive gastric bypass surgery payment plans it is possible to pay for it in affordable installments. eFinancing Solutions is a highly rated medical care lending specialist that can offer you a gastric bypass payment plan to meet your needs.

Key features of eFinancing Solutions payment plans are:

  • Nearly two decades of experience and a top reputation in lending.
  • Specialized eMedical Financing Solutions division for medical loans.
  • You can apply online for the loan in an easy and hassle-free manner.
  • Different loan programs available for customers with A, B, or C credit.
  • Multiple gastric bypass surgery payment plans from various lenders.
  • The firm will match your loan requirements with a suitable lender.
  • Weight loss surgery payment plans available from 12 to 84 months.
  • Flexibility in choosing your bariatric facility for your gastric bypass.

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Lap band surgery payment plans

Lap band surgery is relatively less complicated and consequently less expensive than other bariatric procedures. If you do not wish to pay the full cost of surgery at once, you may choose a suitable gastric band payment plan to make the payments in small monthly installments. You may consider top lenders, such as Medicard which offers lap band surgery payment plans in Canada.

Notable features of their payment plans are:

  • A wide array of weight loss surgery payment options on offer.
  • The company has over 25 years of experience in medical lending.
  • Award winning lender for lap band surgery payment plans.
  • Recognized by more than 10,000 medical facilities nationwide.
  • No collateral and no down payment required for medical loans.
  • Competitive rates of interest and high loan approval rates.
  • No penalty if you pay the loan earlier than the scheduled date.
  • Easy application process for a gastric band payment plan.

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Lack of insurance or a tight budget should not deprive you from getting the benefits of bariatric surgery. An array of weight loss surgery payment options is available today, which are designed to make this life-changing procedure accessible to all. To learn more about the best bariatric surgery payment plans, call our friendly and caring patient coordinators at Jet Medical Tourism® today!

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