What Is The Safest Form Of Weight Loss Surgery

What Is The Safest Form Of Weight Loss Surgery

What is the safest form of weight loss surgery is a critical question that must be carefully addressed when you are considering a bariatric surgery procedure. Advancements in the surgical field have led to numerous weight loss surgery options, but not all options are equally safe or effective. More importantly, each patient’s BMI, health parameters, and personal goals are unique. Therefore, which weight loss surgery is best for you may differ from what treatment option suits someone else.

You need to closely discuss with your surgeon during the initial consultation to determine which bariatric surgery is best for you. An experienced weight loss surgeon will prioritize your safety above all other considerations, and help you make the right decision for your own long-term health and well-being. As long as you have chosen the best bariatric surgeon in Mexico, you can be assured of safe, sustainable and predictable results.

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Weight Loss Surgery: helpful for people with obesity

Before you look for an answer to this question: “Which weight loss surgery is best for me,” you should be fully convinced that bariatric surgery is the ideal solution for you to get rid of obesity. The challenge for most people struggling with obesity is that they face significant physical limitations, fatigue and pain, which prevents them from performing vigorous aerobic exercises to reduce weight.

They are also usually unable to achieve success through diet programs as their body craves for large amounts of calories because of excessive weight. This is where safe and proven weight loss surgery options can help them achieve permanent freedom from obesity. In addition to restoring your physical health and fitness, a bariatric procedure will also improve your self-confidence and self-esteem, and enhance your overall quality of life.

The key to success lies in determining “which weight loss surgery is right for me.” You also need to work with a skilled and experienced Mexico bariatric surgeon who can produce excellent outcomes and meet your goals most effectively. A survey conducted by UCLA researchers found that more than 95% of patients reported a marked improvement in their quality of life after their weight loss surgery.

Weight Loss Surgery Options

To determine what is the safest form of bariatric surgery for you your surgeon will check your BMI and medical history. In general, they will consider you as a candidate for this procedure if your BMI is at least 40. However, if you are suffering from any obesity-related health conditions, you may be an appropriate candidate even with a BMI of 35.

Which weight loss surgery is best for you may also depend on your specific underlying medical conditions, such as heart disease, fatty liver disease, high blood pressure, obstructive sleep apnea, hyperlipidemia, or PCOS. Here are the four primary weight loss surgery options that you should evaluate in accordance with your surgeon.

Weight Loss Surgery Options Procedures

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico is the most widely chosen form of bariatric surgery today. In this procedure, your surgeon will remove about 75 to 80% of your stomach. This will reduce your stomach to a small pouch, resembling the size, and shape of a banana. VSG is the most recommended procedure because of its dual ways to help you reduce weight.

The substantial stomach reduction will ensure that you can only eat a very limited amount of food at any given time, and feel full quickly. Secondly, gastric sleeve surgery will result in the reduced production of ghrelin hunger hormone. This will help you curb your appetite further.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery is another major form of weight loss surgery in Mexico. This procedure is performed in two steps. At first, your surgeon will apply staples to bifurcate your stomach into a large lower section and a small upper section. The food will go directly into the smaller pouch, which will ensure that you can only eat a small amount of food each time.

The second part of gastric bypass surgery involves connecting the surgically created pouch with the small intestine. With this procedure, the food you eat will bypass most of your small intestine, and go from the pouch directly into the attached portion of the intestine. This will significantly cut down your calorie absorption.

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Lap Band or Gastric Band Surgery

In gastric band or lap band surgery in Mexico, your surgeon will place an inflatable band around your stomach. This will divide your stomach into two sections (just as in the case of gastric bypass surgery). Your food will go directly to the smaller section, and as a result you will feel full faster. In this case, the food will gradually flow into the larger section of your stomach.

The difference here from gastric bypass is that instead of staples, your surgeon will use a gastric band. Secondly, the complex intestinal rerouting is not involved in this surgery. However, lap band surgery is no longer popular because the gastric band may fail over time. The success rate of this procedure is relatively lower compared to other weight loss surgery options.

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Duodenal Switch

Duodenal switch surgery in Mexico may be recommended only in exceptional cases to correct severe obesity. It combines two medical procedures into one: restrictive and malabsorptive surgeries. The first stage is the restrictive surgery, which involves removal of up to 80% of the stomach (which is quite similar to gastric sleeve).

The second stage is malabsorptive surgery, where your surgeon will attach the first section of your intestine (the duodenum) with the last part. The middle port of the intestine will be bypassed. This technique will significantly reduce the calorie absorption in your intestine. In that sense, this procedure combines the principles of both gastric sleeve and gastric bypass.

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Considering Weight Loss Surgery

What is the safest form of weight loss surgery

Once you have understood the role and function of different types of bariatric surgeries, you will need to determine what is the safest form of weight loss surgery in your case? No two cases are similar, and your Mexico weight loss surgeon is the best person to determine which bariatric surgery is best for you. Here are the pros and cons of various weight loss surgery options, which you should help you make an informed decision.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery


• The procedure is less invasive compared to gastric bypass and duodenal switch, and can be performed laparoscopically.
• The results are highly effective, and you can expect to lose up to 70% of your excess body weight in the first year itself.
• Co-morbidities (obesity related medical conditions) will significantly improve in most cases after the surgery.
• No dumping syndrome and minimal dietary complications.
• Reduced risk of post-surgical nutritional deficiency.


• Risk of bleeding and leakage in the incision sites.
• The procedure cannot be reversed in future if you want.
• Stomach pouch can stretch again in future if you fail to follow the surgeon’s dietary guidelines.

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Gastric Bypass Surgery


• Rapid initial weight loss.
• Substantial overall weight loss due to twin benefits of smaller stomach pouch and reduced calorie absorption.
• Most obesity-related health problems are either fully or partially resolved.
• Easier to follow healthy food choices because your body will experience discomfort if you eat carbohydrates, fats, and sugars.


• Surgery is more complex because of intestinal rerouting.
• Permanent and irreversible results.
• Risk of dumping syndrome.
• Risk of nutritional deficiency because of low nutrient absorption.

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Gastric Band Surgery


• The procedure is least invasive among all weight loss surgery options.
• The results are reversible as the lap band can be removed at any time.
• No overnight stay in the hospital required in most cases.
• Minimum post-operative risk, discomfort, and downtime.


• May not significantly improve co-morbidities.
• Slower rate of weight loss.
• Success rate is low because stringent adherence to dietary guidelines is required.
• Lap band may slip, loosen, leak, or fail at some point.

Duodenal Switch


• Very substantial and rapid weight loss in the first six months.
• Symptoms of obesity-related illnesses are likely to resolve or improve in most cases.
• High success rate in maintaining long-term weight loss.
• Suitable for patients suffering from extreme obesity.


• More complex and invasive surgery compared to other options.
• High risk of dumping syndrome.
• Potential post-op complications, such as hernias, gallstones, and leakage.
• Nutritional deficiencies force the patients to depend on supplements for life.

Which weight loss surgery is best for me?

We have created a short “Which weight loss surgery is best for me Quiz.” Based on your responses to the questions in this quiz, it may be easier to determine which bariatric surgery is best for you.

1. What is your age? ____
2. What is your body weight (in kg or lb)? ____
3. What is your height (in cm)? ____
4. Do you suffer from Type 2 diabetes? Yes/No
5. Do you suffer from a heart ailment? Yes/No
6. Do you suffer from hypertension? Yes/No
7. Do you suffer from obstructive sleep apnea? Yes/No
8. Do you suffer from PCOS? Yes/No
9. Do you suffer from fatty liver disease? Yes/No
10. Have you talked to your doctor about obesity? Yes/No
11. If the answer to the above question is “Yes, has your doctor recommended weight loss surgery? Yes/No
12. Do you have health insurance coverage? Yes/No
13. Are you committed to following a balanced diet and active lifestyle after you lose weight through bariatric surgery? Yes/No
14. Would you be willing to consider a safe and affordable weight loss surgery in Mexico? Yes/No
15. If the answer to the above question is “Yes,” would you like to have a free virtual consultation with Mexico bariatric surgeon? Yes/No

Is it safe to have weight loss surgery in Mexico

Thousands of women and men from the US, Canada, Europe, and other countries visit Mexico every year for bariatric surgery. When these patients return to their home country, they spread the word about their successful outcomes and a happy experience. Clearly, Mexico is one of the safest destinations for weight loss surgery today.

Many hospitals in Mexico are accredited by the government of Mexico (CGI accreditation), which maintains very high standards for quality and safety. Some of the Mexico hospitals for bariatric surgery are even JCI-accredited, which is the gold standard in the US for hospital safety. You can even find highly reputable surgery clinics that have a long history of satisfied patients. 

Weight loss surgeons in Mexico are often as qualified and experienced as their counterparts in the US or Canada, and in some cases, are even more qualified. Mexico surgeons will provide personalized care and attention, and create custom surgical plans for their patients. This ensures additional safety and serves as a distinct advantage, which is hard to find in other countries.

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