Lap Band Removal After 10 Years: Everything You Need to Know

Lap Band Removal after 10 Years

Lap band removal after 10 years may be required in some patients either due to defects that may occur in the band over time or the patient may develop medical complications. Some lap band side effects are normal after the surgery, and will quickly dissipate on their own. However, serious lap band complications years later or just after the surgery may sometimes require lap band removal.

The good news is that lap band surgery is entirely reversible. Whether lap band erosion occurs after years or some other gastric band complications take place within months after the surgery, it is possible to perform lap band removal surgery to protect your health. If you are suffering from lap band surgery complications, you may consider lap band removal after 10 years or at any other time in Mexico.

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Do lap bands need to be removed?

No, lap band removal after 10 years or earlier is not necessary in every case. Many patients will never develop lap band surgery complications and may not require a revision or removal. According to some research studies, gastric lap band removal after 10 years or earlier may only be required in about one in 10 patients.

However, this success rate is possible only where the patients have followed their surgeon’s guidelines throughout and continued follow-ups with their surgical team. In other cases, persistent lap band side effects or lap band complications may make it essential for a patient to undergo lap band removal surgery in Mexico.

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What is gastric lap band removal?

Gastric lap band removal after 10 years or at any other time is a procedure to reverse the effects of the primary lap band surgery and restore the original condition of the stomach. During the lap band surgery removal in Mexico, your bariatric surgeon will cut the capsular tissue that would have formed around the device and then remove the sutures and the band itself.

If your primary lap band surgery in Mexico was performed using the laparoscopic technique, your gastric lap band removal can be performed using the original incisions. This will make the procedure simpler and the risk of complications after lap band removal will be minimized. However, if your primary surgery involved the open technique, your lap band removal after 10 years may also be an open surgery.

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How many years does a lap band last?

Gastric Band Removal

Lap band is designed to last a lifetime. It is usually made from highly resilient silicone material, which will not disintegrate easily. In many cases, if lap band long term complications do not occur due to some other reason, the band itself will outlive the patient. But in some cases, lap band erosion may occur over time, making it necessary to perform lap band surgery removal.

Patients often ask: “Do lap bands need to be removed” or “How many years does a lap band last?” The answer is that in many cases, the band will last forever, but in some cases, lap band complications years later may occur because of band erosion, band slippage, band infection, or intolerance. These conditions can be reversed with lap band removal after 10 years or before.

Lap Band RemovalLap band complications years later

Lap band complications years later may either because the patient has not managed to abide by the surgeon’s post-surgical instructions on diet and exercise as well as maintaining medical follow-ups, or because issues such as lap band erosion or other gastric band complications have developed. It’s possible to completely reverse lap band side effects or complications with lap band removal surgery in Mexico.

Lap band problems after 5 years

Lap band problems after 5 years typically include erosion of the band or disintegration of the line of staples. In exceptional cases, stomach fluids may leak into your abdomen, which may necessitate lap band surgery removal as an emergency. Enlargement of the stomach pouch, saline leaks, and band slippage are also some of the common lap band problems after 5 years, which may require a removal procedure.

Lap band 10 years later

Lap band removal after 10 years is relatively more common. For the first few years, the band can function effectively without any trouble, but gastric band complications in the long term may gradually develop. With long-term usage of the band, dilation of the esophagus tissue may occur in some patients. Inflammation of the surrounding tissue and dysmotility are other symptoms that may cause lap band surgery complications.

Lap Band Removal Mexico

Lap band removal after 10 years

Lap band removal after 10 years in some patients becomes necessary if they find that they have not been able to maintain their weight loss. The band may move from its original position or the patient may simply feel hungry often because the size of the stomach has not been adequately reduced. For the first few years, the patient may remain committed to their diet and exercise regimen, but may eventually start regaining weight.

Lap band side effects and lap band complications may occur after 10 years or more, even if the device has been functioning without any trouble in the previous years. Lap band erosion is one of the major causes behind the need for lap band removal after 10 years. As the band constantly rubs against the body tissue, the tissue may gradually begin to disintegrate. This may cause lap band complications years later.

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How long does it take to remove a lap band?

How long does lap band removal take

It takes only about 15 to 20 minutes in the surgery room to remove your lap band, if the procedure is performed using the laparoscopic technique. In case of open surgery, the procedure may take about 30 to 45 minutes. As long as you have chosen an experienced lap band surgeon in Mexico, you can expect a safe surgery and return to your hotel room the same day after your procedure.

You should clearly ask your surgeon during the pre-op consultation: “How long does it take to remove a lap band?” An experienced surgeon will review your medical history, understand your surgical goals, and examine the reasons behind your lap band complications or weight loss failure. Based on this, they will plan a customized lap band removal surgery in Mexico and provide you accurate answers to all your questions.

Emergency lap band removal

Emergency lap band removal may be required in rare cases where the stomach juices are flowing back or leaking into the abdomen. In this condition, you may feel like throwing up immediately after you eat or drink something. If this condition persists, you may not be able to eat or drink anything.

The failure to digest fluids will cause you to be dehydrated very fast, and create a medical emergency. In this situation, your surgeon may put you on IV fluids to restore your immediate condition. After conducting a few tests, the surgeon may decide to perform an emergency lap band removal after taking your consent.

Gastric Band Complications

Weight loss after lap band removal

Weight loss after lap band removal becomes a challenge because the size and function of your stomach would return to normal. If your lap band was supporting you to maintain a balanced diet, you may suddenly find yourself without this support system following the lap band removal after 10 years or sooner.

While lap band surgery removal is one of your options, you may also consider a lap band conversion to gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. In this case, your band will be removed and a gastric sleeve will be performed at the same time to help you achieve and maintain the desired weight loss after lap band removal.

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Stomach swelling after lap band removal

Stomach swelling after lap band removal may occur as a temporary side effect in some cases. What kind of side effects you experience may depend on the lap band surgery complications you have had. However, when you work with an experienced weight loss surgery in Mexico, you can be assured of minimal risk of side effects after your lap band removal.

Following your primary lap band procedure, sometimes your stomach pouch may dilate or stretch. This is one of the lap band complications that may eventually contribute to your stomach swelling after lap band removal. Make sure you follow your surgeon’s pre- and post-op instructions carefully in order to minimize your risks.

Pain after lap band removal

Pain after lap band removal will be minimal, particularly if your bariatric surgeon in Mexico has used the laparoscopic technique to perform your procedure. This is a less invasive technique, and your incisions will heal much faster. Even in case of open surgery, you may only experience mild discomfort pain and pain after lap band removal.

An experienced lap band removal surgeon in Mexico will prescribe you the appropriate pain medications for the first week to keep you comfortable. In rare cases, if the pain persists or becomes severe, it could be due to an infection in the incision areas. Speak to your surgeon if the pain after lap band removal persists beyond a week.

Lap Band Removal Tijuana Mexico

Lap band removal horror stories

Lap band removal horror stories could discourage some patients from going ahead with their surgery in Mexico. But the reality is that lap band removal is a very simple and straightforward surgery with minimal risk of complications during or after the procedure. Your goal should be to choose a qualified and experienced bariatric surgeon in Mexico.

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will determine your candidacy for lap band removal after 10 years or at any other time. Lap band removal horror stories relate to situations where a patient worked with an unskilled or less experienced surgeon. In these cases, the surgeon may botch up the surgery and put you at risk.

Will insurance cover lap band removal?

Lap Band Removal Insurance Coverage

Insurance will likely cover your lap band removal costs in Mexico, if your primary lap band surgery was covered under insurance. In such a case, your insurance provider may even agree to pay for a lap band conversion to gastric sleeve or another bariatric surgery in Mexico. You should speak to your insurance company about this issue.

Call your insurance agent and ask them: “Will insurance cover lap band removal in my case?” You should also inform them that you plan to have your lap band removal surgery in Mexico. Your insurer may also consider whether you are suffering from lap band complications, which makes the procedure a medical necessity.

Lap band removal and lap band erosion

Lap band erosion may sometimes occur, which can make it necessary for you to consider lap band removal after 10 years or even earlier. When your lap band comes in contact with your stomach wall, it will gradually weaken the stomach tissue. This may eventually cause a perforation in your stomach.

Lap band erosion sometimes occurs because the band is too tight, and the stomach tissue suffers from a lack of blood supply. This will lead to weakening of the tissue. Infection, stomach acid or ulcers in the band area may also result in a condition where lap band erosion occurs. Lap band removal is the right choice in these cases.

Cost of lap band removal after 10 years

Cost of lap band removal after 10 years in Mexico will be far more affordable compared to the cost of the same procedure in the US or Canada. In general, the surgery may cost you about $3,000 in Mexico. In comparison, the same surgery in the US or Canada may cost you upwards of $12,000.

Your cost of lap band removal after 10 years in Mexico will include the surgeon’s fee, hospital charges, pre- and post-op blood work, and anesthesia expenses. You may also consider financing your lap band removal surgery so that you can pay back in convenient monthly installments.

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