Lap Band Slippage: Causes, Symptoms, And Treatment

Lap Band Slippage

Lap band slippage is a potential post-surgical complication that may occur at some stage after your lap band surgery for weight loss. Gastric band slippage takes place only in a few cases, but it is one of the risks that you should be aware of. During your initial consultation, your Mexico bariatric surgeon will inform you about the risk of lap band slippage so that you can make a well-considered decision.

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What is lap band slippage?

Lap band slippage is said to occur when the band involuntarily shifts down or up from its intended position around your stomach. Once the slippage has happened, you may start experience some adverse symptoms or your weight loss results may begin to reverse. An experienced bariatric surgeon in Mexico can perform accurate gastric band slippage diagnosis and prescribe appropriate slipped gastric band treatment.

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What does a slipped lap band feel like?

You should have an idea of what does a slipped lap band feel like so that you can contact your weight loss surgeon in Mexico as soon as possible. You may feel lap band slippage pain, and you may experience some reduction in your appetite. If sometimes you wish to eat more than your normal diet, you may find it difficult or feel like vomiting. With gastric band slippage, liquids and solids may get stuck in the stomach pouch, causing abdominal discomfort.

Signs or symptoms of lap band slippage

Signs of lap band slippage will alert you to the fact that something is wrong with your stomach. Depending on the final position of your lap band after the slippage, your appetite may reduce. You may experience vomiting or nausea because of the prolapsed stomach. Symptoms of gastric band slippage also include acid reflux (signaled by bloating, heartburn, hiccups, chest pain and frequent burping). Gastric band slippage pain in the abdomen is another key sign you should watch out for.

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Lap band slippage pain

Lap band slippage pain is one of the common symptoms of this and other gastric banding complications. Some patients may not specifically experience pain, but may feel mild abdominal comfort. Patients with this condition often report that “something does not seem to be right” with their stomach. In a few cases, the gastric band slippage pain may be acute, requiring immediate medical attention. For your own safety, it is best to consult with your bariatric surgeon in Mexico if you experience persistent pain or discomfort.

Lap band slippage causes

One of the leading lap band slippage causes is overeating and drinking sugary and carbonated beverages. When you undergo lap band surgery, it will reduce the capacity of your stomach to hold food. Therefore, if you persist with excessive eating or violating other dietary guidelines of your surgeon, it may result in gastric band slippage. Another of the major gastric band slippage causes could be the surgical skill of your surgeon and the specific surgical technique they have used.

Is lap band slippage dangerous?

Many patients want to ask their Mexico bariatric surgeon: Is lap band slippage dangerous? If the slippage has occurred quite soon after your primary gastric band surgery, it could be an acute emergency complication. Removal of the lap band may be recommended to minimize your risk. But if the slippage has occurred after several years in due course, it may not pose immediate danger, but a revision lap band surgery in Mexico may still be necessary for your safety.

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Can lap band slippage fix itself?

Some patients who are diagnosed with this complication may like to ask their surgeon: Can lap band slippage fix itself? The answer is that if the slip is very mild, your weight loss surgeon may simply deflate the band for a few days to allow it to shift back into its desired position. (That’s because the lap band is “adjustable”.) However, if this technique does not work, a surgical intervention may be necessary to fix your gastric band slippage.

Gastric band slippage treatment

Lap Band Slippage Treatment

Your bariatric surgeon will perform a diagnostic test to determine the status of your gastric band slippage. If the slip is very small in size, they may deflate the band by removing its fluid to allow it to return to its original position. But if the slip is significant, your gastric gastric band slippage treatment may involve lap band removal surgery. Many patients choose lap band conversion to gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico in order to maintain their weight loss.

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Lap band slippage diet

Whether you undergo a minor non-surgical lap band adjustment or a lap band revision surgery, in both cases you will be required to follow a specific gastric band slippage diet. Your surgeon may recommend you to follow a liquid diet for two to three days after your procedure, and the slowly move to pureed foods. If your signs of gastric band slippage such as acid reflux and nausea do not recur, your gastric band slippage diet can gradually include solid foods.

Slipped gastric band radiology

If you are showing symptoms of gastric band slippage, your bariatric surgeon in Mexico may order slipped gastric band radiology tests. The test is designed to provide a view of your upper GI tract. Your test provider will request you to drink barium fluid, which will travel down your esophagus and finally flow into your stomach pouch. Images will be taken after this step. The slipped gastric band radiology results will show to your surgeon the precise size and condition of your slippage.

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