Tummy Tuck After Gastric Sleeve

Tummy Tuck After Gastric Sleeve

Massive weight loss following a gastric sleeve surgery may result in excess skin around the abdominal area. Therefore, many patients choose to have a tummy tuck after gastric sleeve to eliminate loose skin, tighten the sagging underlying muscles, and restore a flatter and smoother looking abdomen. During your pre-op consultation, you should discuss with your plastic surgeon whether you are a candidate for tummy tuck after weight loss.

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Plastic surgery after gastric sleeve

Patients who want excess skin removal after gastric sleeve may consider various body contouring plastic surgery procedures depending on their areas of concern and personal aesthetic goals. Tummy tuck or its variant panniculectomy is a commonly requested plastic surgery after gastric sleeve. Here are some of the salient points to note about tummy tuck and gastric sleeve.

  • Need for plastic surgery: Following a gastric sleeve, you may rapidly lose large amounts of weight. As a result, your erstwhile heavy abdomen will deflate. If the abdominal skin and muscles have lost their elasticity due to years of obesity-related stretching, they will sag once the body volume is reduced. This creates the need for plastic surgery after gastric sleeve.
  • Panniculectomy: After a gastric sleeve, patients may be left with a pannus, which appears like an apron of loose skin hanging down from the lower abdomen. The pannus not only creates cosmetic concerns, but it may also cause skin rashes, pain and discomfort, and mobility issues. Panniculectomy is a plastic surgery after gastric sleeve to get rid of this problem.
  • Abdominoplasty: If you only need lower abdomen skin removal after gastric sleeve, a panniculectomy may suffice. But if you have loose skin in both upper and lower abdomen as well as loose or separated abdominal muscles, you may require a tummy tuck after gastric sleeve. Tummy tuck is a more comprehensive plastic surgery to restore a youthful mid-body contour.

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Can you have a tummy tuck after gastric sleeve

Yes, you can have a tummy tuck after gastric sleeve if a plastic surgeon determines that you will benefit from this body contouring surgery. Your surgeon will evaluate your candidacy and educate you about the differences between tummy tuck vs. gastric sleeve. Here are the qualifying criteria your surgeon will consider to decide can you have a tummy tuck after gastric sleeve.

  • Excess skin: If you have developed a significant amount of loose skin around your waist, which cannot be corrected with diet or exercise, a post gastric sleeve tummy tuck surgery may be advised to enhance the mid-section contours.
  • Weak muscles: If your underlying abdominal muscles have become weak or separated because of years of carrying a heavy belly, your plastic surgeon may recommend a tummy tuck plastic surgery after gastric sleeve.
  • Fat pockets: Gastric sleeve will help you lose weight, but some stubborn fat bulges may still remain in the abdominal area. To remove excess fat and create a defined mid-section, a tummy tuck after sleeve surgery can help.
  • Belly button: Following a major weight loss in the abdominal area, the belly button may lose its natural position. Your doctor may recommend a tummy tuck plastic surgery after gastric sleeve to re-sculpt or re-position the navel.
  • General health: Skin removal after gastric sleeve is a major procedure involving general anesthesia. Your surgeon will review your medical history and examine your current health before advising a tummy tuck after VSG.

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Tummy tuck after weight loss

Weight loss surgery can make dramatic improvements to your physical appearance. However, if you develop excess skin in your mid-section and flanks area, it can prevent you from enjoying the full benefits of your weight loss. This is where a tummy tuck after bariatric surgery can be an excellent choice for many patients who want to look and feel youthful and attractive.

  • Standard tummy tuck: A full or traditional tummy tuck after weight loss is an ideal procedure if you are struggling with a moderate amount of loose skin in your abdominal area. Your surgeon will create a hip to hip incision to remove excess skin and fat, tighten the separated underlying muscles, and reposition the navel to a more youthful position.
  • Extended tummy tuck: An extended or circumferential tummy tuck after weight loss surgery may be recommend if you have lost a large amount of excess weight. It may require a full incision line around the waist so that the loose skin and unsightly fat pockets can be removed from the abdomen as well as the flanks or love handles and even the back side.
  • Mini tummy tuck: A partial abdominoplasty after gastric sleeve or a mini tummy tuck surgery is useful when you want a less invasive procedure to tighten only the lower abdominal area. The procedure may not involve muscle tightening or belly button repositioning. Risks are lower and the recovery is faster with a mini tummy tuck after weight loss surgery.

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How long after gastric sleeve can I get a tummy tuck

You can have a tummy tuck after about 18 to 24 months from the date of your gastric sleeve surgery. Some surgeons may recommend that you wait for at least 6 months after your weight loss goals are reached before you can have skin removal after gastric sleeve. But how long after a VSG can you get a tummy tuck will vary for individual patients depending on the following factors.

  • Your initial post-surgical weight loss should be complete and the body weight should not be fluctuating.
  • You should have achieved full health recovery after your gastric sleeve, and should not have severe post-op complications.
  • Your surgeon should have determined that you have no abnormal risk of blood clotting after your gastric sleeve surgery.
  • You should have no nutritional deficiency or you should be regularly taking iron, vitamin and folate supplements as directed.
  • You should not have any plans in the foreseeable future to have a pregnancy to maximize your tummy tuck benefits.
  • You should be in good health, have a positive mindset and realistic expectations from your tummy tuck after gastric sleeve surgery.

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Cost of Tummy Tuck after VSG surgery

Tummy tuck after VSG surgery may cost you up to $20,000 on average in parts of the US and Canada. If you are looking for more affordable options, you may consider Mexico as your destination where a tummy tuck surgery after gastric sleeve may cost you less than $7,000 on average. Keep the following things in mind while you are evaluating your treatment options.

  • Tummy tuck plastic surgery after gastric sleeve may be covered by your insurer if you are having it for skin rashes and infection.
  • You will access to competitive medical care financing options to pay for your tummy tuck after VSG surgery in small installments.
  • In Mexico, your cost of tummy tuck after weight loss surgery will include anesthesia, surgery, and hospitalization costs.
  • The cost of tummy tuck after weight loss will vary for standard, extended, circumferential, and partial abdominoplasty procedures.
  • Make an independent decision after considering your budget and comparing the price quotes and inclusions from different providers.
  • You can expect to save up to 70% on your costs of tummy tuck after VSG if you choose Mexico instead of the US or Canada for surgery.

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What results to expect for tummy tuck after gastric sleeve surgery

As long as you work with a qualified plastic surgeon, you can expect safe, predictable and aesthetically appealing results from your tummy tuck after gastric sleeve surgery. It will help you accomplish your physical appearance goals and make your new obesity-free life more satisfying and fulfilling in a number of ways.

  • Youthful looking skin: With excess skin removal after gastric sleeve, you will have tighter and smoother looking skin in and around your waist. If the post-VSG skin folds in the abdominal area were causing chafing, fungal infection, or pain and discomfort, these troubles will be eliminated with a gastric sleeve tummy tuck.
  • Flat and firm abdomen: Years of obesity can cause problems such as rectus diastatis or a sagging abdomen due to muscle laxity. With a tummy tuck after gastric sleeve surgery, the underlying muscles in the midline will be repaired to restore a flatter and firmer abdominal area. Excess fat pockets may also be eliminated to improve the contours.
  • Improved quality of life: With a youthful shape and tone of your mid-section, your overall appearance and personality will dramatically improve. Your physical movements will be easier, you will no longer have loose skin related pain or discomfort, your self-confidence will be much higher, and you may excel in your personal and professional life.

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Tummy tuck vs. gastric sleeve

It’s vital to understand the differences between tummy tuck vs. gastric sleeve and how these two diverse procedures complement each other. You should consult with a trusted surgeon who will educate you about gastric sleeve vs. tummy tuck and make the right recommendations to help you meet your goals. Pick up the phone and schedule a consultation today with a dedicated service provider for tummy tuck after gastric sleeve.

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