Nose Job, Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time

Rhinoplasty recovery is a vital part of your nose reshaping plastic surgery procedure. You should be committed to following all the nose job recovery care instructions of your cosmetic surgeon in order to achieve safe and predictable results. Rhinoplasty recovery time can extend over several weeks, but the actual downtime may not be more than a week or 10 days.

Your surgeon will recommend several steps that will help promote faster healing and ensure that you achieve sustainable results. During your pre-operative consultation, the surgeon and their team will discuss with you various rhinoplasty healing stages, including the estimated rhinoplasty swelling timeline.

The actual rhinoplasty healing time can vary from one patient to another, depending on various factors such as the surgical technique used, the extent of nose modifications performed, the skill of your plastic surgeon, your general health condition, and how diligently you have followed your surgeon’s rhinoplasty recovery tips. 

Based on your estimated rhinoplasty recovery timeline, you can schedule your procedure date. While the procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis, you will have to take adequate rest and stay at your hotel for about one week to complete your initial healing. Therefore, you can return to your home country and complete the remaining rhinoplasty healing process as per your surgeon’s guidelines.

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Nose job/rhinoplasty recovery time

Rhinoplasty recovery time will include the initial downtime of about one week and the time it takes to progressively heal over the next several days, weeks, and months as your new nose shape develops. Discuss your estimated nose job recovery time with your plastic surgeon in advance and address all your concerns. 

Be prepared to commit the amount of time that is necessary for each phase of your post-surgical recovery. Remember that how well you follow your surgeon’s advice with regard to your rhinoplasty recovery will have an impact on how effective your final results from this surgery turn out to be. 

Nose job recovery day by day

Your nose job recovery begins from the day of your surgery. Your nose will be covered with a bandage and a temporary nose packing may be placed to support your nostrils. Nose job recovery day by day will improve rapidly in the first week, while you take rest at your hotel. The bruising and swelling in the incision areas will be pronounced in the first five to seven days. Your plastic surgeon in Mexico will prescribe some pain medications for the first few days to keep you comfortable. 

Nose job recovery week by week

In the first week of your rhinoplasty recovery, you should take short walks at your hotel room and perform light activities to improve the blood flow in the wound site. During the second week, you should be in a position to travel back home and resume your normal routine or return to your workplace. Nose job recovery week by week will progress well as the bruising disappears and swelling reduces significantly. After two weeks, you can begin mild exercises to regain your full health and fitness levels. 

Rhinoplasty recovery month by month

By the end of the first month of your post-surgical rhinoplasty recovery, a large part of the healing would be complete. The swelling around the incision sites would have sufficiently resolved and you can notice the final shape of your nose more clearly at this stage. Rhinoplasty recovery month by month will continue to improve for at least six months to a year, depending on your body’s natural healing response. You can resume vigorous exercises from the second or third month of your nose job recovery.

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Rhinoplasty healing stages/process

Rhinoplasty Recovery Time


The first 24 to 48 hours are usually the hardest among all rhinoplasty healing stages. At this time, you may still be recovering from the side effects of general anesthesia, and are likely to experience mild pain and soreness in the incision sites. However, your rhinoplasty healing process will rapidly improve as the days and weeks progress.


The second of your rhinoplasty healing stages will be completed at around one week or 10 days when you can gradually return to your regular daily activities. You can go back to your workplace at this stage, but continue to perform only sedentary work for at least one to two weeks. It is best to avoid lifting heavy objects, playing aggressive sports, or doing strenuous exercises during the second stage.


The third stage in your rhinoplasty healing process will begin at about four to six weeks when you would have recovered enough to return to your full vigorous exercise and fitness regimen. If you have undergone open rhinoplasty, you may notice a minor scar at the base of your nose between the nostrils at this time. But the scarring will fade gradually over the next several months and reduce to a thin white line.    

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Rhinoplasty swelling timeline

Rhinoplasty Swelling Timeline

Many patients are concerned about their rhinoplasty swelling timeline because they worry they may not be able to resume their normal lifestyle until the swelling is present. Your expected rhinoplasty swelling timeline would be as follows: 

  • First week: The maximum swelling around the incision sites would be visible at this time. You can use cold compresses for the first 48 hours to reduce the initial swelling.
  • Second week: By this time, your rhinoplasty recovery will pick up pace, and the swelling would considerably reduce. 
  • First two months: A large part of the swelling around your nose would have resolved by this time, and you can experience noticeable improvements in your nose and face. 
  • Four to eight months: Complete swelling would gradually disappear during this phase, and you won’t have to hide it with makeup any longer.  


Rhinoplasty recovery tips

Your Mexico plastic surgeon will provide detailed post-operative instructions and give you several rhinoplasty recovery tips to help you achieve the best results. 

Nose Job Recovery Tips – First Few Days 

  • Sleep with your head in raised position
  • Gently brush your teeth to protect the upper jaw and nose tissue
  • Wear loose, front-button tops
  • Do not blow your nose, especially in the first week 
  • Protect your incision sites against the risk of infection
  • Change your gauze and bandages as directed by your surgeon

Nose Job Recovery Tips – First Few Weeks 

  • Do not smoke and limit alcohol and caffeine intake 
  • Refrain from lifting heavy weights or doing vigorous exercises  
  • Always use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 when you go out
  • Avoid using sunglasses for at least one month 
  • Do not use NSAIDs or blood thinning medications until the surgeon permits
  • Increase lean proteins in your diet and limit salt intake

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1 week post op rhinoplasty

Your cosmetic surgeon in Tijuana, Mexico may schedule a follow-up appointment 1 week post op rhinoplasty before you return to your home country. At this stage, the surgeon will remove any splint or nasal packing if it was placed. Bruising would have been substantially eliminated by this time, but swelling would begin to subside primarily from the second week.

Chances are that your initial pain and soreness would be gone 1 week post op rhinoplasty, and you will no longer need pain meds. Continue to protect your nose against friction at this stage because the tissue and bone are still healing. Ask your surgeon whether you are fit at this stage to undertake airline travel if needed for your return to home. 

Open rhinoplasty recovery

Open rhinoplasty recovery may take a relatively longer time than closed rhinoplasty because more significant nose tissue and bone modifications may be involved. Your surgeon will explain to you the three key stages of open rhinoplasty recovery, which include the acute stage, the sub-acute stage, and the chronic stage.

The acute stage will typically get over by the end of first week, which is the fastest possible time you can expect to return to your normal routine. During this stage of your open nose job recovery, you may have to wear a temporary splint, which will provide support to your nasal bones and tissue while they heal.

The sub-acute stage will last for about three to four weeks. During this phase, you can go back to work as well as resume some mild physical exercises. However, keep avoiding strenuous activities so that your nasal bones and tissue do not experience undue mechanical stress. At the completion of one month, your extended chronic stage of open rhinoplasty recovery will begin, and it will last until the nasal swelling is fully resolved.  

Revision rhinoplasty recovery

The timeline for your revision rhinoplasty recovery can vary according to the nature and extent of your revision surgery. In most cases, however, you should be prepared that the length of revision rhinoplasty recovery will be more than your primary nose job recovery

This is because revision procedures are usually more complex, involving significant changes to the nose tissue and bone. If you have chosen a skilled plastic surgeon, they will try to use your original incisions to perform revision rhinoplasty. This will minimize your scarring and reduce your recovery time. 

Rhinoplasty recovery pictures

Review these rhinoplasty recovery pictures to understand what kind of final results you can expect following your nose job in Mexico.

Nose Job Before and After

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Rhinoplasty recovery time line in Mexico

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