360 Tummy Tuck: Prices, Recovery & Before and After

360 Tummy Tuck

360 tummy tuck, as the name suggests, involves a complete three sixty degrees circumferential approach to abdominoplasty. If you have developed a substantial amount of loose or hanging skin around your midsection, flanks (love handles) and back, you should consider 360 tummy tuck plastic surgery. The procedure can be performed independently or in conjunction with other cosmetic surgeries, such as liposuction or body lift.

In many cases, 360 tummy tuck is performed as a part of mommy makeover surgery. Following a massive weight loss or pregnancy, it is possible to have drooping skin around the waist and weakened abdominal muscles. Diet and exercise may not successfully tighten loose skin or muscles and remove excess fatty tissue. It is best to choose 360 tummy tuck cosmetic surgery to restore a firmer, flatter, and youthful looking abdomen.

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What is a 360 tummy tuck

What is 360 Tummy Tuck

360 tummy tuck is a comprehensive body contouring plastic surgery procedure to create a tighter and shapely abdomen. Tummy tuck surgery can be performed using several techniques, depending on the extent of correction required. Circumferential or 360 abdominoplasty may be ideally suited when you have either had a weight loss surgery or pregnancy, which resulted in a significant skin laxity in the waist area.

360 degree tummy tuck may not only involve excess skin removal from the central abdominal area, but also from the love handles, backs, and hips. During the procedure, your plastic surgeon will create an incision that runs across the complete waist line. Loose skin and stubborn fat will be removed and sagging muscles will be tightened through the incision. Your surgeon may also sculpt a new belly button to create a more natural looking appearance.

360 tummy tuck lower body lift

Depending on your loss of skin elasticity in the midsection and lower body, your plastic surgeon may recommend 360 tummy tuck lower body lift. In this procedure, the surgeon will place a long incision spanning the full circumference of your torso. Through the incision, they will trim away the excess skin and remove unsightly fat deposits to re-contour your mid and lower body figure right from your ribs to your knees.

True to its name, 360 tummy tuck lower body surgery will tighten the loose skin both in the front and backside of your body. Your surgeon will also reposition in the loose abdominal wall muscles to provide a firmer, lifted look. In some cases, liposuction may be used as an additional procedure to eliminate specific fat pockets. It is also possible to complement the results further by combining a 360 tummy tuck lower body with an arm lift or breast lift.

360 Tummy Tuck Mexico

Tummy tuck vs 360 lift

At the time of your initial consultation, you should discuss with your cosmetic surgeon about tummy tuck vs. 360 lift and make an informed choice. Here are some of the key differences between the two techniques.

  • Candidacy: If you are bothered by the excess loose skin and drooping muscles in your abdomen, you may be a candidate for tummy tuck surgery. But if you are seeking a comprehensive 360 degree correction of your lower body figure, your surgeon may recommend a 360 body lift.
  • Incision Placement: A traditional tummy tuck plastic surgery will involve a smaller incision in the natural crease of your abdomen. In case of a 360 lower body lift, a longer incision will be placed around the full circumferential length of your waist.
  • Areas of Treatment: In a tummy tuck surgery, the focus will be on tightening and lifting the lower, upper, and central abdominal area. A 360 lift, on the other hand, may also involve lifting of the hips, thighs, buttocks, flanks, and back along with the abdomen for more harmonious results.

360 Tummy tuck vs 360 Liposuction

When you are considering a body contouring plastic surgery, you should evaluate 360 tummy tuck vs. 360 liposuction and discuss your best treatment options with your plastic surgeon. In some cases, the surgeon may also recommend 360 lipo with tummy tuck to create a more comprehensive outcome.

  • Treatment Goals: In case of 360 tummy tuck, the primary focus will be on eliminating loose or hanging skin in the abdomen and other lower body areas. However, if your concern is unsightly fat bulges in the abdomen, hips, buttocks, and thighs, you may need a 360 liposuction surgery.
  • Surgical Approach: 360 tummy tuck vs. 360 liposuction will involve different surgical techniques. The tummy tuck involves a longer scar to eliminate excess abdominal skin and tighten the underlying muscles. Liposuction will involve only fat removal, and no skin or muscle changes.
  • Combined Procedure: It is possible to perform 360 lipo with tummy tuck as a combined surgery. If you are bothered by the appearance of excessive skin laxity as well as stubborn fat deposits around the waist and lower body, your plastic surgeon may perform both procedures together for effective results.

Tummy tuck 360 and BBL

Heredity, pregnancy, weight loss, and sedentary lifestyle are common factors that can contribute to sagging skin in the abdominal area. In some cases, the loose skin may also occur in the buttocks. Your plastic surgeon may recommend a tummy tuck 360 and BBL as a combined procedure in these cases.

  • Procedure: The cosmetic surgeon will create a circumferential incision around your waist, covering both front and back. They will create an additional incision in the crease between the buttocks. Through these incisions, the surgeon will remove excess skin from the abdomen, flanks, back, and buttocks.
  • Benefits: When you combined a 360 degree tummy tuck with a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgery, the final outcome will be more aesthetically appealing. While the tummy tuck will create a flat and trim looking stomach, the BBL will provide you with a more voluptuous, shapely, and smooth rear.
  • Recovery: When a tummy tuck 360 and BBL are performed together, the recovery process will be nearly the same as that of an independent circumferential abdominoplasty. However, if BBL is performed alone, the recovery time will be shorter. A skillful surgeon can use common incisions to minimize your tissue healing time.

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360 tummy tuck scar

At the time of your pre-op consultation, you should ask your surgeon about the possibility of 360 tummy tuck scar. An experienced plastic surgeon will place the incisions as low as possible around your waist. As a result, even though the scar will be present around the abdomen and will extend behind your hips, it will get concealed within your undergarments. You can expect to wear low-rise dresses without worrying about scarring visibility.

Your surgeon will advise you a few guidelines to minimize your 360 tummy tuck scar, which include:

  • Avoid smoking before and after your surgery for several weeks
  • Do not expose the incision areas to direct sun for up to one year
  • Use silicone cream, silicone sheets or petroleum jelly to improve scar appearance as directed by your surgeon
  • Protect the incision areas against infection until the healing is complete
  • Minimize your risk of injury in the incision sites by avoid strenuous exercises, bending and lifting weights in the first month after surgery

360 tummy tuck recovery

360 Tummy Tuck Recovery

It is important to understand the 360 tummy tuck recovery process and follow the post-op do’s and don’ts that your surgeon may advise. A circumferential tummy tuck is a major plastic surgery procedure, and recovery is a vital component. Here is the estimated timeline for your 360 tummy tuck recovery:

First 10 Days

You will have to stay at your home or hotel room for about one week to 10 days after the surgery. Take sufficient rest during this period to allow the incision sites to heal well. Mild soreness in this phase can be managed with prescription pain meds. Your surgeon will encourage you to take short walks at home from the second day to improve the blood circulation to incision areas.

11 to 30 Days

By the second week of your surgery, you should have recovered enough to resume your regular daily routine. You may go back to your workplace, but continue to perform only sedentary or light activities for at least one month. Avoid strenuous exercises during this period, but you can begin mild exercises from the third or fourth week. Swelling in the incisions would be largely resolved by the end of first month.

Next Two Months

You will start seeing noticeable results of your circumferential abdominoplasty during this period as you fully recover from the surgery. For the best possible 360 tummy tuck recovery, continue to avoid smoking for as long as you can in this phase. Increase the intake of lean proteins in your diet to achieve most effective healing. In your third month, you may be able to return to vigorous exercises, sports, and gym activities.

360 tummy tuck before and after

360 tummy tuck before and after

To help you form realistic expectations about the procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will present 360 tummy tuck before and after pictures during your consultation. These photographs will provide you visual insights about what this surgery can or cannot do for you, and which areas of your body will be enhanced.

Remember that tummy tuck is a body contouring surgery, and not a weight loss procedure. Make a well-considered decision after carefully reviewing 360 tummy tuck before and after photos. If you are planning to have a virtual consultation, you can request your surgeon to share the photos via email.

360 tummy tuck prices

Cost is an important starting point that will help you decide about your plastic surgery. Feel free to ask questions to your surgeon about 360 tummy tuck cost during your pre-op consultation. Make sure that the price they quote you includes the cost of all key components, such as anesthesia costs, surgeon’s fee, and operating room charges.

Tummy Tuck 360 Cost in Mexico

In Mexico, your 360 tummy tuck cost may range from $5,000 to $6,000 on average. Compared to the US or Canada, this cost is likely to be cheaper by about 70 percent. Check the 360 tummy tuck near me prices in your local area where you reside, and compare with them with the costs in Mexico through a reliable and dedicated medical tourism provider.

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Possibility of Insurance Coverage

If your loose skin is causing infection or skin rashes, your health insurance company in the US or Canada may be willing to partially cover the costs of abdominoplasty. Evaluate your tummy tuck prices with or without insurance in view of your budget. Mexico offers you the most competitive costs, and you can undergo this surgery at some of the best hospitals in the country with very safe outcomes.

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360 tummy tuck Tijuana, Mexico

Thousands of women and men in the US and Canada are now choosing 360 tummy tuck Tijuana, Mexico. Tijuana has emerged as a top medical tourism destination for sophisticated plastic surgery procedures such as circumferential abdominoplasty. Here are a few reasons why you should consider having your 360 tummy tuck in Tijuana, Mexico:

State of the Art Hospitals

Tijuana is home to some of the most advanced and well-equipped hospitals and plastic surgery centers in Mexico. These full-service hospitals have the latest surgical technologies and techniques to deliver results at par or better than some of the leading hospitals anywhere in the world.

Qualified Plastic Surgeons

Cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeons in Tijuana, Mexico are highly qualified and experience. Many of the top surgeons are board certified and are affiliated with pre-eminent plastic surgery associations. You can expect exceptional results if you work with a leading Tijuana plastic surgeon.

Proximity to the US

Tijuana shares the border with California. This makes it convenient for medical tourists to visit the city for tummy tuck in Tijuana, Mexico. Over the decades, Tijuana has imbibed much of the cultural and linguistic nuances of the US. Most of the surgeons at Tijuana hospitals can converse in English.

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360 tummy tuck surgeons

The skill and expertise of your plastic surgeon is critical to the success of your 360 degree tummy tuck procedure. In Mexico, you have the advantage of working with highly qualified and experienced 360 tummy tuck surgeons at an affordable cost. Here are some of the key attributes you should look for in a Mexico plastic surgeon:

  • Skills and Training: Make sure that the cosmetic surgeon you choose in Mexico is not just trained in general surgery, but has undergone specialized training in plastic surgery. Your surgeon should ideally have performed several body contouring procedures, including tummy tuck 360 surgery with successful results.
  • Art and Science: To create dramatic yet natural looking and sustainable results, your Mexico plastic surgeon should not only have the best surgical skills, but also a superior artistic sense. They should be able to customize your tummy tuck according to your unique midsection anatomy and your personal aesthetic goals.
  • Personalized Care: The best outcomes in a plastic surgery procedure are achieved when your surgeon is willing to invest time and provide you personalized care and attention. Mexico 360 tummy tuck surgeons are dedicated and will support and guide you at every step of your procedure from consultation to surgery and beyond.

Flatten your belly with 360 tummy tuck by Jet Medical Tourism®

You can restore your youthful and slim-looking appearance with a flat and firm belly. This transformation is within your reach when you consider a 360 tummy tuck surgery from a leading plastic surgeon. Jet Medical Tourism® is committed to providing you the highest quality surgical care at a very affordable cost.

We have on board some of the most trusted and reputable plastic surgeons in Tijuana Mexico who can provide 360 tummy tuck with outstanding results. To know more about this surgery and how it can help you fulfill your aesthetic goals, talk to our caring and friendly representatives today. We will also schedule your free consultation with one of our best surgeons. Call us today!

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