Sex After Gastric Sleeve

Sex after gastric sleeve surgery is healthy and will contribute to a stronger emotional bonding with your partner. Most patients who undergo sleeve gastrectomy have previously struggled with obesity for years. Sexual function, desire, and satisfaction often diminish in that condition due to medical and psychological reasons. VSG surgery will put an end to these struggles in most cases, and you can enjoy your sexual life to the fullest.

After the surgery, you will feel lighter and more energetic. Apart from physical strength, mobility and flexibility, your body’s metabolic activity and hormonal balance will also improve. As a result, sex after weight loss will become more satisfying and pleasurable. During your initial consultation, your surgeon will explain to you about when you can have sex after VSG and how your sex drive after gastric sleeve may increase.

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Sex after VSG – Good or Bad?

Sex after VSG is good! No question about it. Chances are that you may have experienced a less than satisfactory sexual life for years during your struggle with obesity. But after your gastric sleeve surgery, it is time to make up for the lost years and regain your personal confidence and peak performance at every level – including the bedroom.

Sexual Satisfaction will Increase

According to a JAMA research study, as many as 56 percent of females and 49 percent of males experienced a meaningful improvement during sex after bariatric surgery. Both women and men were able to maintain these improvements after five years when the researchers sought their feedback again. Clearly, sex after WLS is good and you have every reason to enjoy a healthy and satisfying sexual relationship.

Sex after VSG

Sexual Function will Improve

The same JAMA study also found that apart from sexual satisfaction, various elements of sexual function will also enhance following weight loss surgery. The study concluded that sexual urge as well as frequency of sexual activity improves for both women and men after this surgery. Your health will pose fewer limitations for your sexual activity. Considering these facts, there is every possibility that sex after VSG is going to be good for you.

When can you have sex after gastric sleeve

You can have sex after gastric sleeve within 15 days of your surgery. However, depending on your medical condition and the pace of post-op recovery, your surgeon may recommend you to wait for another one or two weeks before you have sexual intercourse. It is important to listen to your body and respect its limits, especially during the early healing phase.

Refrain from Intense Activity

In the first few weeks, sex after weight loss surgery should be relatively less intense. Your surgeon will recommend you to avoid lifting heavy weights or performing vigorous physical movements until the incisions have healed well. Therefore, a less intense sexual activity is advised in the early recovery period. If you experience pain in a particular sexual position, it is better to change the position or stop the activity at that point altogether.

Performance will Progressively Improve

While you can start enjoying sex after stomach surgery within a few weeks, it is important to remember that you are on a very stringent diet plan during the first three months. As you go through rapid weight loss in these months and your diet gradually normalizes, it will also have a positive impact on your sexual vigor and performance. By the end of first year, you may be at your best in terms of fitness and strength.

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Sex drive after gastric sleeve

Sex Drive after Gastric Sleeve

Sex drive after gastric sleeve is likely to improve for both women and men. As you shed off excess body weight after the surgery, it will gradually eliminate fatigue, joint pains, digestive issues, and hormonal imbalances. Symptoms of your co-morbidities will diminish, and your mental health and personal confidence will dramatically improve. All these elements, apart from specific sexual factors, will your drive for sex after gastric sleeve.

Increased Testosterone in Males

An NIH study has shown that the production of testosterone (the male hormone responsible for sexual drive) increases in the body after bariatric surgery. The surgery led to a significant jump in the testosterone levels and some other hormones following WLS. It also led to a reduction in female sex hormones in the male body. These hormonal changes also improve the male erectile function.

Increased Libido in Females

An extensive JAMA study was carried out for two years to evaluate the drive for sex after bariatric surgery in 106 females. The results showed that almost all the women who participated in the study experienced an increase in their sexual libido, arousal, lubrication and drive. The participants also reported improvements in their overall body image. Clearly, sex drive after gastric sleeve is likely to improve substantially for women.

Sex after Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Can you take viagra after gastric sleeve

viagra after gastric sleeve

Yes, you can take Viagra after gastric sleeve based on your doctor’s advice. Sildenafil citrate, which is sold under the brand name Viagra, performs the function of increase blood circulation to certain body parts. It also causes relaxation in the stiff muscles around the blood vessel walls. The FDA approved oral medication Viagra can help treat impotence or erectile dysfunction in males.

Dependence on Viagra may Reduce

Chances are that you may be able to enjoy sex after gastric sleeve even without Viagra, or at least your dependence on this medication may reduce. Many patients report that their performance during sex after VSG significantly improved over time. As your co-morbidities get resolved, testosterone levels increase, and overall hormonal balance improves after the surgery, it may favorably impact your erectile function as well.

Avoid Viagra in Certain Conditions

Your surgeon may advise you to avoid Viagra after gastric sleeve in the following circumstances:

  • If you have a known allergy to sildenafil
  • If you are taking nitrates for a heart condition
  • If you are taking other medications that are contraindicative
  • If you are taking medications to treat PAH
  • If you have had a stroke or a heart attack
  • If you are suffering from a specific kidney or liver disease
  • If you have hemophilia or another bleeding disorder

Dating after gastric sleeve surgery

Dating after gastric sleeve surgeryDating after gastric sleeve surgery can be a wonderful experience for most people. While it is natural to be excited when you are losing weight and people are admiring you, do not lose your objectivity. A date may or may not be the start of a new long-term relationship. Give yourself and the other person sufficient time to understand each other. At the same time, make sure nothing distracts you from your ongoing weight loss journey.

  • Keep Patience: When you progressively go on to lose weight, you need to watch out if the other person starts feeling insecure. It does happen in some long-term relationships, and it could also happen in short-term ones.
  • Focus on Diet: Dating after gastric sleeve may bring up frequent opportunities to eat out. Remain conscious about your diet plan, and avoid fatty foods, sugary beverages and desserts even when you plan to eat out.
  • Be Confident: Following your gastric sleeve surgery, you no longer have to feel isolated or lack in social confidence. Be assertive and self-confident to make the most of your professional, personal and social life at every step.

Relationship changes after weight loss surgery

A weight loss surgery such as gastric sleeve is life-changing in many ways. It may have an impact on your personal relationship with your partner. The initial period after your surgery is most critical when you are undergoing significant changes related to your body, hormones, emotional makeup, and general health.

Single or Married Persons

According to a research article published in JAMA, relationship changes after weight loss surgery were different for single and married individuals. People who were single had an increased likelihood for entering into a new relationship or getting married. On the other hand, those who were into an existing relationship faced increased chances of getting separated or divorced. Counseling should be considered if you wish to save the relationship in these cases.

Effects of Major Weight Loss

One of the interesting findings of the JAMA article cited above is that people who lost maximum excess weight after a bariatric surgery had the greatest likelihood of experiencing a shift in their love life. The study revealed that drastic weight loss and restored health can provide a boost to self-confidence and induce change in other lifestyle behaviors. It may sometimes be difficult for a partner to cope with these changes.

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Pregnancy after gastric sleeve

Pregnancy after gastric sleeveWomen are often concerned about what will be their prospects of a pregnancy after gastric sleeve. During your pre-op consultation, you should discuss with your bariatric surgeon about pregnancy and sex after weight loss surgery. Follow the surgeon’s advice for a safe and successful pregnancy.

  • Wait for 18 Months: Pregnancy after bariatric surgery is usually very safe. But it is best to wait for at least 12 to 18 months after the surgery so that your body weight stabilizes and your health is fully restored.
  • Watch Your Nutrition: Although gastric sleeve is not malabsorptive, you may still be at a risk of nutritional deficiency particularly during a post-op pregnancy. Take your nutrition supplements regularly as prescribed.
  • Inform Your Ob-Gyn: Make sure your ob-gyn knows at the first appointment itself that you have had a gastric sleeve surgery. If necessary, request your bariatric surgeon to speak to your ob-gyn to update them.
  • Be Aware of the Risks: Pregnancy induced gestational diabetes and high blood pressure may still occur in a few cases even after your bariatric surgery. Your doctor should monitor your condition closely throughout.
  • Health before Aesthetics: For some women, maintaining their body image and cosmetic appearance even during pregnancy may become an emotional battle. Do not compromise on nutrition in this phase and go by your doctor’s advice.
  • C-Section is a Possibility: Many medical professionals are of the view that pregnancy after gastric sleeve is likely to end up with a cesarean delivery. Talk to your doctor and determine if c-sec is a higher possibility in your case.

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Are you more fertile after gastric sleeve

Yes, according to some researchers, weight loss surgery will positively impact your fertility. Some women may be suffering from obesity-related medical conditions, including infertility. Following the bariatric surgery, you will not only lose excess weight, but resolution of your obesity-related conditions may also occur.

  • Fertility May Recover Fast: Your surgeon will advise you to avoid pregnancy after gastric sleeve for about 12 to 18 months. Remember that your fertility is likely to recover fast, so be prepared to use birth control.
  • Boost to Fertility: Research published in JOGNN journal showed that women who experienced obesity-linked fertility issues for years may begin to ovulate regularly after their weight loss surgery.
  • Discuss with Your Doctor: Talk to a fertility specialist if you have concerns about becoming pregnant or have experienced infertility prior to your bariatric surgery. Take the prescribed medications or fertility treatment for best results.

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Vertical sleeve gastrectomy can positively transform your life. You can expect yourself to do things you never even imagined doing before. Your drive for sex after VSG and your vitality is likely to grow significantly. If you are ready to make the most of this opportunity, the time to have this surgery may be now.

At Jet Medical Tourism®, our committed and knowledgeable team of bariatric surgeons will answer all your questions related to sex after weight loss. Feel free to share your concerns and make an educated decision about your gastric sleeve surgery. To schedule a complimentary consultation, call our friendly representatives today!

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