How Much Does Boob Job Cost?

Boob Job Cost

Boob job cost can significantly vary between two patients depending on a number of factors. During your pre-op consultation with a plastic surgeon, you should freely ask how much does a boob job cost in USA vs. Mexico. A dedicated surgeon will transparently discuss the cost and other aspects of the procedure so that you can make an informed choice. You should also look at boob job before and after pictures, which will help you decide whether the surgery is worth the cost.

It is important to understand that breast augmentation is a highly customizable surgery. Therefore, the actual boob job price for your procedure will be determined according to your unique surgical plan. Boob job average cost is now very competitive in general because thousands of these surgeries are performed every year. If you are seeking the cheapest boob job, you need to be careful about the safety issues. A boob job in Mexico can give you the best combination of quality and affordability.

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What is boob job?

Boob job is a plastic surgery procedure that will increase the size of your breasts and enhance your shape of breasts. It will involve a surgical placement of saline or silicone boob implants. In a few cases, fat transfer boob job may be performed. While you are considering breast enhancement, you should thoroughly educate yourself about the procedure. Ask your surgeon during the initial consultation about what is boob job and how much does a boob job cost US.

When you discuss with your surgeon about what is boob job, you should also request them to show you boob job before and after images. This will give you a fair understanding of how the procedure can improve the natural contours and symmetry of your breasts and create a more attractive and proportionate breast profile. Different types of boob job procedures can be performed according to your anatomical and personal aesthetic needs.

Boob job average cost

In the US, the average cost of boob job is about $3,947, per 2019 statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. However, this cost does not include anesthesia or operating room expenses. It is important to consult with your surgeon to understand your final total boob job price, if you elect to have your surgery in the United States.

Boob job price is an important starting point for many patients because this procedure is usually not covered by insurance. When you discuss with your plastic surgeon how much does a boob job cost, you should carefully understand all the cost components. Do not ignore any seemingly minor pre- and post-surgical costs because ultimately these can add up to a significant amount.

Boob Job Cost in Mexico

Boob job average cost in Mexico will be in the range of $3,500 to $4,500. This average cost will generally include surgeon’s fee, anesthesiologist fees, hospital fees, medical tests and post-surgery garments. The variation can occur depending on the types of boob job and whether you have chosen silicone or saline implants.

Make sure that the cost that your surgeon has quoted covers the cost of implants as well. Do not focus on finding the cheapest boob job, but look for a trusted and reputable provider of medical tourism plastic surgery in Mexico.

Cost Comparison with the US

In any case, your cost in Mexico will be far lower than the boob job average cost in the US. It is not the difference in the hospital quality standards or the skills of plastic surgeons. It is just that the cost of living in Mexico is much cheaper. Another reason is that the medical costs in the US are among the highest in the world. You should know how much does a boob job cost in US and compare it with the cost in Mexico before you make your decision.

Types of boob jobs

Boob job price can vary not just on the basis of the type of breast implants, but also on the type of surgical technique. The two primary types of boob job include the sub-glandular placement surgery and the sub-muscular placement surgery. Both types of boob job have their own benefits and limitations.

During your pre-operative consultation, your surgeon will determine which procedure is more appropriate for you.

Sub-glandular Placement

In this procedure, the implants will be sub-glandularly, which means below the mammary gland. This procedure is also called over-the-muscle placement because the implants will be accommodated above the pectoral muscle in your breast. The advantage of this technique is that it is relatively less invasive, and will involve reduced discomfort and a faster recovery. The reason is that the breast muscle is not disturbed in this procedure.

Another benefit of sub-glandular placement surgery is that it can create a more pronounced cleavage. The limitation with this procedure is that the final appearance of your breasts may appear rounder compared to the natural tear-shape of the breasts. Implant rippling risks may be slightly higher as well. Therefore, when you ask your surgeon about what is boob job, you should ask them to explain the pros and cons of different types of boob job.

Sub-muscular Placement

Sub-muscular placement boob job is also called sub-pectoral implant surgery. In this procedure, the implant will be placed below the pectoral muscle in your breast. The pectoral muscle (pectoralis) can accommodate the implant because it is connected to your chest wall along its outer perimeter. This creates a natural breast pocket where the implant is placed. About two-thirds of your implant will be covered by the muscle.

The benefit of this type of boob job is that the results are more attractive and accentuated, particularly for women who have small breasts. In this procedure, the implant is concealed below the chest muscle. Therefore, any flaws such as rippling of the implant get hidden. The disadvantage with this surgery is that it will more invasive and will involve a relatively longer recovery. Your boob job cost may be slightly higher if you choose this surgery.

Breast Augmentation Mexico Cost

What all is included in boob job price

It’s paramount to have complete clarity on what services will be included in your boob job price. This will ensure that you do not face any surprise costs later on, which you may not have accounted for in your budget. Your boob job in Mexico with a reliable plastic surgeon will typically include the following costs:

• The cost of saline or silicone boob implants
• The fee charged by your plastic surgeon
• The costs of the anesthesia team
• The fee of other attending physicians and nursing staff
• Hospital charges, including overnight stay costs, if any
• Mammogram costs or other pre- and post-op tests
• Special surgical bra or compression garment
• Prescription drugs
• Transport costs from the airport to hospital to hotel and back

Your boob job price package in Mexico will usually be all-inclusive. When you work with a reputable plastic surgery tourism provider, they will share with you all the actual costs upfront. You will not have to worry about any hidden costs. At the time of your consultation, you should feel free to ask questions about your boob job price and make a well-considered decision.

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How much does a boob job cost UK

Boob job cost in UK could be upwards of £7,500. If you are based in the United Kingdom, you should know how much does a boob job cost in UK before you decide on this surgery. Medical costs in the UK are quite substantial. Breast augmentation, commonly known as a boob job, is a transformative surgery to create youthful and voluptuous breasts. As a result, the procedure is equally popular in all parts of the world. 

How much does a boob job cost in the US

The average cost of boob job in the US may range from $8,000 to $15,000. Although you may be considering plastic surgery tourism to lower your costs, you should still know how much does a boob job cost in the US. This will give you a clear perspective of how much you can potentially save on the costs if you choose to have your boob job outside the US. 

Boob job cost California

Boob job cost in California will be about $9,000 to $15,000. Plastic surgery costs in California will vary from one city to another. For instance, the cost in Beverly Hills may be higher than boob job cost in San Diego.

Boob job cost Florida

Boob job cost in Florida may range from $5,000 to $12,000. Different plastic surgery practices in Florida may charge you differently for breast implants. 

Boob job cost Miami

Boob job prices in Miami may be relatively higher than some other cities in Florida. The average boob job cost Miami may be in the range of $7,000 to $13,000, but could be lower.

California Florida Miami
$9,000 to $15,000 $5,000 to $12,000 $7,000 to $13,000


How much does a boob job cost in Australia

The boob job average cost in Australia may be in the range of $10,000 (in terms of US dollars). The costs of plastic surgery in Australia are quite similar to the costs in the UK and some other destinations in west Europe. But here too, the costs will vary significantly from one city to another. Different plastic surgery practices may also charge differently. Talk to your surgeon about how much does a boob job cost in Australia. 

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How much does a boob job cost in Mexico

The average boob job cost in Mexico will be in the range of $3,500 to $4,500. Mexico is a leading plastic surgery tourism destination today for all types of procedures for the breast, body and face. Boob job Mexico is a highly sought-after surgery among women from the US and Canada. At the time of your pre-op consultation, you should discuss with your cosmetic surgeon about how much does a boob job cost in Mexico?

A committed surgeon will provide you a clear answer and will help you make the best decision. Mexico may be able to offer you the cheapest boob job price, while maintaining world-class safety standards and services. The key is to work with a renowned and dependable service provider such as Jet Medical Tourism® for the best boob job in Mexico.

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Boob job in Thailand cost

In recent years, Thailand has emerged has a high quality plastic surgery tourism destination in Asia. You can undergo advanced surgical procedures for the body, breast, and face in Thailand at a fraction of the cost in your home country. Some of the best and the most respected hospitals and plastic surgery clinics in Thailand offer boob job and other procedures.

Boob job in Thailand cost will range between $3,100 and $5,500 on average. The cost can vary depending on the type of hospital and surgeon you have chosen, the quality of implants, and the complexity of your surgery. Compared to other medical tourism destinations within Asia, your boob job in Thailand cost is likely to be more competitive.

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Why choose Mexico for best quality & cheapest boob job

Mexico is the go-to destination for thousands of American and Canadian women who are looking for an affordable breast job cost. Here are some of the key reasons why you choose boob job Mexico for your breast enhancement:

Affordability: When you are looking for the cheapest boob job, you do not have to compromise on the quality and safety of your surgery. Mexico offers you lower costs for plastic surgery, while maintaining an excellent reputation for boob job procedures. Expect the best of both the worlds in Mexico.

Services: You can count on receiving personalized care and attention and high quality services for your plastic surgery procedure. Your Mexico plastic surgeon will customize your boob job to match with your unique needs, and the entire team will work to ensure your total satisfaction.

Safety: The country has built an advanced medical and surgical infrastructure to promote plastic surgery in Mexico. The hospitals and clinics in Mexico are equipped with cutting-edge surgical technologies. Highly qualified plastic surgeons will perform your boob job Mexico with safe and predictable results.

Boob job and tummy tuck cost

Many women want to combine a breast augmentation surgery with a tummy tuck. This will create more proportionate and natural looking results. Your boob job and tummy tuck cost in Mexico might be in the range of $6,000 to $8,500 on average. The combined surgery becomes more cost-effective because your anesthesia costs, surgeon’s fee, and hospitalization expenses will occur only once.

On the other hand, a boob job and 360 tummy tuck cost in the US may be as high as $18,000 on average. Your goal should be to work with an experienced plastic surgeon who has successfully performed combined procedures in the past. Surgeons with very similar professional credentials and experience in Mexico will charge a small fraction of what you may otherwise have to pay in the US or Canada.

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Boob job before and after

You should have realistic expectations from your surgery in order to make the best decision. Take a look at these boob job ‘before and after’ photographs to know what to expect and what not to expect from the surgery.

Boob Job Before and After

Wondering how much does a boob job cost in 2020? Contact Jet Medical Tourism® today!

At Jet Medical Tourism®, we encourage you to compare the boob job average cost in the US vs. Mexico, and make your own decision. To learn how much does a boob job cost in 2020, you should speak to one of our experienced plastic surgeons in Mexico. We can arrange a free virtual consultation for you with the surgeon directly, so you can discuss boob job costs and all other aspects of breast augmentation in Mexico. Call us now to schedule a free consultation!

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