Weight Loss Surgery For Men

Weight Loss Surgery For Men

A growing number of men now recognize that bariatric surgery is not just about weight loss, but also about improving health and longevity. According to a JAMA study, weight loss surgery for men is becoming increasingly popular. To understand the potential benefits of this surgery, you may begin by looking at gastric sleeve before and after men and gastric bypass before and after male pictures that are widely available online.

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Bariatric surgery for men: An overview

Weight loss surgery for men is primarily performed using one of the two procedures: male gastric bypass and gastric sleeve men. Both these procedures can be performed laparoscopically, which is a less invasive technique with an outstanding success rate. It is best to work with a surgeon who has proper training and years of experience in performing bariatric surgery for men.

High satisfaction rates post-surgery

A Kansas State University research study showed that in comparison to women, men achieve more satisfactory male gastric bypass and gastric sleeve male results. Nearly 94% of the male participants in the study reported satisfaction with their health outcomes post-surgery. In comparison, only 85% of the female participants were satisfied. Weight loss surgery for men with obesity helped improve co-morbidities such as diabetes, hypertension, and sleep apnea, which typically affect men.

Boost to male testosterone levels

Obesity Surgery, the prestigious Springer journal run by the IFSO, published the findings of a detailed review, which revealed that bariatric surgery for men may also help improve the patient’s testosterone levels post-operatively. Men with obesity often suffer from reduced sexual satisfaction, low testosterone levels, and diminished fertility. Researchers have found that men’s gastric sleeve results and male gastric bypass results include a significant improvement in testosterone levels on average.

Gastric sleeve men

At present, gastric sleeve men is by far the most sought-after weight loss surgery for men anywhere in the world. During the procedure, the bariatric surgeon will remove about 80% of the stomach tissue, leaving behind a small banana-shaped pouch. Here are some of the key features of gastric sleeve surgery for men.

  • Restrictive: Male gastric sleeve surgery is a restrictive procedure. It will reduce the size of the stomach, so that you will feel full after eating a smaller meal portion. This will help you to naturally eat less food in day.
  • Hormonal: Men’s gastric sleeve surgery will also reduce the natural production ghrelin, the hunger hormone in your body. Therefore, your appetite will be curbed and you will feel less hungry throughout the day.
  • Invasiveness: Gastric sleeve men is a relatively less invasive surgical procedure because it does not involve any changes to the intestines. Risks, discomfort, and post-op downtime are lower with this bariatric surgery.
  • Lifestyle: Any bariatric surgery for men is designed to make it easier to follow a diet and fitness regimen. But at the same time, you should minimize habits such as smoking and alcohol to obtain best gastric sleeve men results.

Gastric sleeve male results

Male gastric sleeve results are life-altering for most patients. You can expect to lose up to 70% of your excess weight in the first year itself. With continued commitment, it is possible to achieve complete freedom from obesity within two years after your weight loss surgery for men.

  • 3 month weight loss gastric sleeve results men are usually most positive, leading to a weight reduction of 30 to 40 lbs. on average.
  • Long term gastric sleeve male results may include full resolution or improvement in symptoms of obesity-related medical conditions.
  • You should be committed to following your VSG diet guidelines diligently to achieve sustainable men’s gastric sleeve results.
  • In addition to physiological benefits, you can also expect an improvement in self-esteem and self-confidence after a VSG for men.
  • Check out several gastric sleeve before and after men photographs to understand the gastric sleeve male results in a better way.

Gastric sleeve before and after men

Gastric sleeve before and after photos men will serve as an excellent visual aid to help you understand what to expect and what not to expect from this surgery. At your initial consultation, you should request your surgeon to share these photos so that you can make a better informed decision.

Gastric sleeve before and after male male gastric sleeve before and after picture
  • Gastric sleeve men before and after images can be accessed online from reliable websites or through your surgeon’s office.
  • Male gastric sleeve before and after pictures may include photos taken at different stages of weight loss to show you the progress.
  • Reviewing several gastric sleeve before and after men photographs will give you more confidence about going ahead with the surgery.
  • One of the major benefits of these photos is that you can form realistic expectations from gastric sleeve male results.
  • Gastric sleeve before and after men images are also an eloquent testimony to the past performance and skills of your surgeon.

Male gastric bypass

Male gastric bypass surgery is considered the gold standard among various types of weight loss surgery for men. It is a time-tested procedure that has been around for decades. Researchers have large amounts of data available to establish the safety and success rates of gastric bypass men surgery.

  • Procedure: Roux-en-y gastric bypass for males is performed laparoscopically. In the first stage of the procedure, the surgeon will reduce your stomach size and in the second stage, they will reroute the intestines.
  • Eligibility: Men with a BMI is 40 or above, or those with a BMI of at least 35 with co-morbidities may be candidates for a male gastric bypass surgery. Men with type 2 diabetes usually benefit the most from this procedure.
  • Results: Gastric bypass male results are highly satisfactory for most patients. You can expect rapid weight loss in the first six months, and eventually a possible full resolution of obesity as well as co-morbidities.
  • Recovery: Following a male gastric bypass surgery, you will go through a downtime of about one week. Post-op diet and nutrition supplements are vital to your short-term recovery as well as long-term weight loss success.

Gastric bypass before and after male

Gastric bypass before and after men photographs refer to a set of pictures belonging to past patients who have undergone the same surgery with satisfactory results. Your surgeon would obtain these pictures with the patient’s consent and present them before you for educational purposes at the time of your weight loss surgery for men consultation. Be prepared to review as many photos as possible to understand the potential outcomes.

Dedicated bariatric surgeons like to present gastric bypass before and after male pictures at the outset to bring more transparency to the consultation process and help you make an informed choice. When you see these photos, you will know what this procedure can or cannot do for you. Feel free to ask questions from your surgeon related to men’s gastric bypass before and after images in order to gain more insights about all aspects of the surgery.

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Lap band for men

Adjustable gastric band surgery, commonly known as lap band for men is a relatively less invasive bariatric procedure. This weight loss surgery for men involves the placement of a removable band or belt around the top portion of your stomach. The goal is to restrict the stomach’s food storage capacity. Here are some of the salient characteristics you should know about male lap band surgery.

  • The procedure is performed laparoscopically using a band filled with silicone material to bifurcate your stomach.
  • Lap band for men is the least invasive among all types of bariatric surgery for men, involving minimal risk of complications.
  • Weight loss failure rate of male lap band surgery is high, which is the reason many surgeons do not recommend this procedure.
  • Gastric band for men is a reversible weight loss surgery for males, and a lap band revision to gastric sleeve men is possible.
  • If you have severe obesity or co-morbidities, you may benefit more from other male bariatric surgery procedures rather than lap band.

Lap band before and after men

One of the best ways to understand the benefits and limitations of a weight loss surgery for men is to review before and after pictures. During your initial consultation, your bariatric surgeon may present before you several lap band before and after men photographs. These pictures can often tell the real story about the surgery more clearly than words can.

Lap band before and after men images will also help you make a confident decision about the surgery. When you see how other patients have benefitted from this procedure, you will be able to form a positive mindset along with realistic expectations. Even prior to your consultation, you may review men’s lap band before and after photos online to prepare your mind.

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Skin removal surgery men

One of the fallouts of a weight loss surgery for men could be that you are left with a significant amount of loose or hanging skin in certain areas of your body. This may occur because the body will deflate when you go through a massive weight loss. However, the sunny news is that this condition can be easily corrected with skin removal surgery men.

  • Tummy tuck: Men typically have excess skin and fat deposits in the abdominal area, especially when they are overweight. If your bariatric surgery has resulted in loose skin hanging down from your mid-section, you can have an abdominoplasty as part of your skin removal surgery men.
  • Lower body lift: Bariatric surgery for men may also leave you with sagging skin and uneven contours in the lower body areas, such as the hips, buttocks, and thighs. In this case, you may choose a lower body lift skin removal surgery men with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.
  • Upper arm lift: Following a male weight loss surgery, loose skin may appear in the upper arms. Even hard workouts at the gym may not help in firming up of your male triceps. Your surgeon may recommend a brachioplasty or upper arm lift as part of your skin removal surgery men.

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The bottom line

Whether you choose a male gastric bypass or a gastric sleeve men surgery, you can achieve transformative outcomes for your health, longevity, and good looks with weight loss surgery for men. Take the first important step by setting up an appointment with a dedicated bariatric surgery service provider. In all probability, this could turn out to be the most important appointment of your life.

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