Neck Lift in Mexico

Neck Lift in Mexico

Neck Lift in Mexico is an ideal plastic surgery procedure to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the neck if it is sagging due to loss of natural elasticity. Clinically known as lower rhytidectomy in Mexico, neck lift is relatively less invasive procedure that can be completed in less than two hours in the surgery room.

In addition to the removal of loose skin and fat, your neck lift surgery may also involve restructuring of the slack platysma muscle (neck muscle). In some cases, the procedure may be more elaborate if it involves neck liposuction to reduce excess fat or the neck lift is performed in conjunction with facelift to create more uniform looking results.

If you are struggling with double or triple chin, have prominent jowls (excess skin and fat under the jaws), sagging neck skin (a “turkey wattle” neck), or your neck skin has been damaged by sun and wind exposure, you may be an ideal candidate for neck lift surgery in Mexico.

Make sure you choose a Mexico plastic surgeon who can apply the latest neck lift surgery techniques to perform your procedure. They can achieve desirable outcomes in a less invasive way by placing small incisions inconspicuously behind your ears or below your chin.

A neck lift in Mexico can help you achieve a smooth, slender, youthful looking neck. Contact Jet Medical Tourism® for more information. 

Neck lift in Mexico consultation

A neck lift surgery will improve visible signs of aging in the neck and jawline. Our board-certified plastic surgeons can remove excess skin and fat from your neck to provide a smoother, slimmer look. Email us today for a consultation or call (855) 506-6188 for more information on surgery prices or other cosmetic surgeries.

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