Chin Surgery in Mexico

Chin Surgery in Mexico

Chin Surgery in Mexico, clinically known as mentoplasty, is a salient plastic surgery option if you feel that the shape of your chin is not appropriate in relation to the rest of your facial features. Both women and men choose mentoplasty in Mexico to achieve chin enhancement and improve their face profile.

Depending on your facial anatomy and your cosmetic goals, your surgeon will determine whether you require chin augmentation or chin reduction surgery. If your chin is recessive or under-projected, your Mexico plastic surgeon may use synthetic chin implants to build a prominent chin. Alternatively, if you want your jaw to appear less strong, you may benefit from chin reduction.

A skilled surgeon will be able to create a more harmonious balance between your chin and nose profile while adding definition to the jaw. In some cases, chin surgery in Mexico may be combined with a nose job or lip augmentation to create more natural looking results.

In a chin enlargement procedure, your surgeon will supplement the existing chin bone with chin implants to provide a permanent boost to the chin. In case of a chin reduction surgery, they will remove excess bone and reshape it to create a more proportionate chin contour. While the procedure may appear relatively minor, it can make a dramatic difference to your facial appearance.

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