Buccal Fat Removal in Mexico

Buccal Fat Removal in Mexico

Buccal Fat Removal in Mexico, also known as cheek reduction, is a suitable plastic surgery procedure when you have substantial fat pockets in the lower or mid-face that creates a look of chubby cheeks. These fat pockets in the lower and mid-face exist naturally and are called buccal fat pads. However, the problem occurs when these buccal pads become too large.

Your Mexico plastic surgeon can remove the oversized buccal fat pads to restore a more sculpted and proportionate appearance of your face. With this surgery, you can achieve a more defined lower face contour as well as an enhanced cheek hollow with more prominent looking cheekbones.

When your facial appearance becomes more chiseled and cheekbones are enhanced, it will give an effect of a slimmer face as if you have lost weight. The key is to choose a trained and experienced Mexico facial plastic surgeon who can help you achieve a subtle cheek thinning while avoiding any drastic or unnaturally altered facial look.

Cheek reduction in Mexico involves the placement of a small incision inside your mouth on both sides (opposite the upper molars). You will not have any visible scarring on the outside because the buccal fat pads will be removed through the incisions placed inside the mouth. The buccal lipectomy procedure is completely safe and recovery will be fast.

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Buccal fat removal in Mexico consultation

During your consultation for buccal fat removal, our board-certified plastic surgeons will discuss options to reshape an overly round face by reducing or removing the buccal fat pads under the cheekbones on both sides of your mouth.

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