Facial Implants in Mexico

Facial Implants in Mexico

Facial Implants in Mexico are an effective way to improve your facial balancing among various features, such as the cheek, chin, nose, and forehead. While most candidates choose facial enhancing through implants for cosmetic reasons, you may also undergo this surgery as part of a reconstructive procedure or as a revision of a prior facial surgery.

Facial implants will rejuvenate, enhance or augment your facial contours with lasting results. Your facial plastic surgeon in Mexico will help you select the right size, shape and type of implants to add proportion or volume or restore contour to your face.

Your surgeon may recommend facial implants to supplement your tear trough area, create more chiseled cheekbones, or augment your jaw or chin. Lower jaw implants are placed inside your lower lip, cheek implants can be placed either through the lower eyelid or internally through the upper lip, and chin implants can be placed beneath your chin or through your lower lip.

Through a small incision close to the marked site for implants, your surgeon will create an implant pocket within the facial tissue. The implant will be carefully placed and adjusted into position and the wound will be closed with sutures. The results with facial implants in Mexico can last for very long, and in many cases, permanently because the synthetic implants will not disintegrate with time.

Facial implants in Mexico can enhance your facial contour with long term results. Contact Jet Medical Tourism® today for more information on jaw implants or chin implants.

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Getting facial implants in Mexico can enhance the appearance of facial features like the chin, jaw and/or cheekbones. Our board-certified plastic surgeons can correct any facial structure imbalance with facial implants. Email us today for a free consultation or call (855) 506-6188 for more information on surgery prices or other cosmetic surgeries.

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