Ear Surgery in Mexico

Ear Surgery in Mexico

Ear Surgery in Mexico, clinically known as otoplasty, is a relatively less invasive cosmetic surgery to correct the shape, size, or orientation of your ears. If your ears sag too long, are without symmetry, or protrude too much, you could be a candidate for ear reshaping surgery. The procedure is equally safe for children as it is for adults.

Otoplasty in Mexico can be used to cosmetically alter one or both of your ears. An experienced plastic surgeon can also reduce the size of your ears or earlobes or perform a cauliflower ear reshaping surgery as part of otoplasty. In case of ear reduction, the surgeon will remove excess cartilage and skin and recontour the shape of your ears to create a natural look.

Ears are a conspicuous part of your face, and you can expect a highly desirable improvement in your facial appearance with otoplasty along with an increase in your self-confidence. If your ear has suffered damage in an accident or has a birth deformity, an ear reconstructive surgery can be performed to restore its natural shape.

Your Mexico cosmetic surgeon will typically perform an otoplasty or ear pinning surgery using IV sedation with local anesthesia. They will create a small incision discreetly behind the ears so that any subsequent scarring remains minimally exposed.

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Having cosmetic ear surgery in Mexico can improve the shape, position, size and symmetry of the ears. Our board-certified plastic surgeons can help you achieve the ear look you desire. Email us today for a consultation or call (855) 506-6188 for more information on plastic surgery prices other cosmetic procedures.

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