Stomach Sleeve Surgery in Mexico: Gastric Sleeve Mexico

Stomach Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

In recent years, an increasing number of American and Canadian patients suffering from obesity have been choosing stomach sleeve surgery in Mexico.

Tijuana, one of the major destinations for medical tourism in Mexico, has emerged as a center for cutting-edge weight loss procedures, including stomach sleeve surgery.

Stomach sleeve, also known as sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico, is one of the most sought-after procedures among various bariatric surgery techniques.

A key benefit of this surgery is that is relatively less invasive compared to other techniques, and the success rate is very high. It reduces the patient’s urge to eat, while increasing the body’s metabolism, which allows the patient to burn calories faster.

This dual effect of stomach sleeve in Mexico enables patients to achieve substantial weight loss over a short period of time. Although the technology for sleeve surgery has advanced, the most influential factor continues to be the skill and experience of the stomach surgery expert in Mexico.

Patients should choose the best Tijuana hospitals and reputable gastric sleeve surgeons to achieve the most desirable and sustainable weight loss outcomes. Even at the best bariatric clinics and hospitals in Mexico, the gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico will cost a fraction of the cost compared to the US.

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What is stomach sleeve surgery in Mexico?

Stomach Sleeve Surgery in MexicoStomach sleeve or tube gastrectomy in Tijuana is a procedure in which the surgeon will create a vertical sleeve within the stomach by using surgical staples. The sleeve itself is narrow and about 8 inches in length. As the surgeon creates the sleeve, they will staple the rest of the stomach of the body.

After the surgery, the food will go through your digestive system as before and will be absorbed by your body as usual. However, the difference will be that your capacity for food within the stomach will become smaller, and your hunger will be reduced.

Many world-renowned bariatric surgeons now recommend stomach sleeve surgery or Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) to their patients because it is the most effective technique to achieve healthy weight loss. The procedure can reduce your stomach volume by as much as 70 to 80 percent.

Does the surgery involve risk?

Sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico is considered to be among the safest options for weight loss surgery. While it involves the standard risks that are inherent to any surgical procedure anywhere in the world, it is relatively safer than most other forms of bariatric surgery.

Stomach sleeve surgeons in Tijuana will perform it as a laparoscopic procedure. This means that advanced laser techniques will be involved, which dramatically increases the precision and reduces the invasiveness of the procedure.

Unlike traditional large abdominal incisions, tube gasterctomy in Mexico will only involve four small incisions to perform the procedure.

Not only is the risk mitigated with this laser guided high-precision surgery, but also the healing is faster and more comfortable, and the post-surgical scarring is minimal. Following the surgery, you will have to follow a restricted diet for about five weeks.

Your metabolic function and the stomach function will remain unchanged, and only the stomach volume will be reduced as needed. As a result, you will feel full only after consuming a smaller amount of food. Research has shown that following a stomach sleeve procedure, even the symptoms of other obesity-related conditions such as diabetes and heart disease can improve, providing a sustainable boost to your overall long-term health.

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Am I candidate for gastric sleeve

Benefits of sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico

Here are some of the important benefits of undergoing stomach sleeve surgery in Tijuana, Mexico:

  • You can achieve rapid weight loss. In about four to six months after the surgery, your body weight could reduce by 50 percent or more.
  • You will feel less hungry. As the portion of your stomach that produces the hunger hormone Ghrelin will be removed, your new stomach will feel fuller faster and remain fuller longer.
  • Risks of infection, rejection, slow healing, scarring, and other complications is lessoned (in comparison to other bariatric surgery techniques).
  • Revision surgery is possible in the long run, if the sleeve becomes stretch over time and requires re-tightening.
  • Gastric sleeve cost in Mexico is likely to range from $4,000 to $5,500, while the same surgery in the US will cost about $25,000. This becomes a key motivating factor for many Americans and Canadians who either face exorbitant costs or long insurance approval times or both in their home country.

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Stomach sleeve surgery in Mexico: FAQs

Here are a few frequently asked questions about low cost stomach sleeve surgery in Mexico:

Q. Why is the procedure called as gastric “sleeve”?

When the stomach is truncated in this surgery, it will become nearly one-fourth the original size, and the shape will resemble a sleeve or a tube. Therefore, it is named gastric sleeve surgery or tube gastrectomy in Mexico.

Q. How much time will it take to recovery after the surgery?

In all probability, you will spend just one night at the hospital in Tijuana. For the first few weeks, you will be required to refrain from aggressive physical activity and will have to consume a restricted diet as suggested by your stomach sleeve surgeon. By the fourth or fifth week, you should be able to resume your full normal diet and physical exercise routine.

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Q. Can the results of the procedure be reversed at a later stage?

No, sleeve gastrectomy is an irreversible procedure. But in the long run, a revision surgery can be performed to extend the benefits if the sleeve has slackened.

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Q. Can you cite any research study about the surgery’s effectiveness?

Several research studies have shown the successful outcomes with stomach sleeve surgery in Tijuana.

A study presented at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery in San Diego, CA showed that the participants of the study had lost on average 66 percent (two-third) of their excess weight within 24 months after the procedure.

Gastric sleeve plication – a new advancement in bariatrics

Some of the leading stomach sleeve surgeons in Mexico are now excited about an innovative advancement in bariatric surgery called gastric sleeve plication surgery. Only a select number of weight loss surgeons in the US and Mexico are performing this cutting-edge procedure as of now.

In gastric sleeve plication, the surgeon will create an internal fold within the stomach to reduce its size. Resection of a part of the stomach is not required, and the health stomach tissue is fully preserved because the organ is sutured instead of being cut out partially.

Major Advantages

  • Conservative procedure with no stomach tissue removal
  • The procedure can be fully reversed or revised at a later stage
  • The stomach’s nutrient absorption ability is not compromised
  • Risk of complications and scarring is minimized
  • The surgery involves no stapling of the stomach, which eliminates the risks of bleeding, leaking, or rejection of a foreign object at the incision closure site.

However, patients should also note a few limitations of gastric sleeve plication surgery which is:

  • Recovery period could be longer compared to traditional gastric sleeve stomach surgery
  • Success rate could be slightly lower than other weight loss procedures such as gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgery (Note: safety and survival rates are similar)
  • Hunger hormone “Ghrelin” is not removed in this procedure because no part of the stomach is surgically excised

Make a life-changing choice now with stomach surgery in Mexico

You can transform your health, improve your aesthetic appearance and personality, and boost your self-confidence with stomach sleeve surgery in Mexico. No patient anywhere in the world should have to miss out on the benefits of medical science just because the costs of surgery are too high in their home country.

Tijuana hospitals offer a safe and viable option to help you achieve your health goals and improve your quality of life. Thousands of patients afflicted by obesity and weight issues in the US and Canada are benefitting from sleeve gastrectomy in Mexico every year without disrupting their financial budget.

It may be time to consider the life-altering decision of gastric sleeve surgery in Tijuana for the sake of your health, happiness, and longevity.

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