Is Gastric Bypass Safe?

Is Gastric Bypass Safe

When you are struggling with obesity and your doctor suggests a gastric bypass, one of the first questions you may be confronted with is: Is gastric bypass safe? It is vital to understand that while there are risks involved in any surgery – they are minuscule compared to the risks of obesity. While you should know how safe is gastric bypass, it is more important to know how it can mitigate your likelihood of life-threatening obesity related co-morbidities.

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How safe is gastric bypass?

Is gastric bypass safe? If this question has been troubling your mind, there is good news for you. When it comes to safety profile and success rate, gastric bypass is widely recommended by bariatric surgeons as the gold standard among all types of weight loss surgery. Gastric bypass has been around for nearly 50 years, and the medical community has access to vast amounts of data on how safe is gastric bypass.

Low risks of gastric bypass

According to a research study published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, it was found that the dangers of gastric bypass and other bariatric procedures have dramatically reduced over the years. At present, the risks of gastric bypass are no more than that of a hip replacement or gallbladder surgery. Mortality rate at 30 days after surgery was found to be 0.3% and less than 5% patients experienced a post-op complication.

Improved health and longevity

Are you worried about how safe is gastric bypass? Well, an NIH study found that not only a gastric bypass and other bariatric surgeries are safe, they also improve cardiovascular health, lower the risk of serious illnesses, including various types of cancers, and contribute significantly to increased longevity. As a patient, your focus should be on the benefits of surgery, while you can let your doctor address the specific risks and dangers of gastric bypass.

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Is Roux en y gastric bypass safe in the long run?

The safest gastric bypass procedure available today is Roux en y gastric bypass. This surgery is performed laparoscopically, which makes it less invasive and less risky. Your surgeon will insert a tiny camera through a minor incision. They will view your underlying abdominal structure on an external monitor to perform the gastric bypass using high-precision techniques. Is Roux en y gastric bypass safe after 10 years or 20 years? The answer is YES, subject to the following conditions.

  • Nutrition supplements: Gastric bypass is a malabsorptive surgery, which means it will lower your body’s nutrient absorption. Therefore, you must be diligent lifelong about taking your nutrition supplements to avoid any risk of deficiency and related complications.
  • Prescribed post-op diet: When you ask your surgeon is gastric bypass safe in the long run, they will highlight the importance of following the prescribed diet plan for the rest of your life. This will minimize your risk of gastrointestinal complications.
  • Smoking and alcohol: Be prepared to exercise self-control for the rest of your life when it comes to behaviors such as smoking and drinking. While it may not be necessary to quit these habits altogether, it is vital to limit their consumption after a gastric bypass.
  • Medical appointments: Even with the safest gastric bypass procedure, your abdomen and intestines will undergo significant changes. Maintain your scheduled follow-up appointments with the surgeon and annual medical exams to lower your long-term risks.

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Which is safer gastric bypass or gastric sleeve?

Many patients may be eligible for both gastric bypass and gastric sleeve surgery. In this situation, the question arises which is safer: gastric bypass or gastric sleeve? The answer is that both procedures have virtually identical safety profile, but a gastric bypass is relatively more complex and invasive compared to a gastric sleeve.

  • Surgical risks: It is important to understand how safe is gastric bypass vs. gastric sleeve in the surgery room? While gastric sleeve only involves stomach tissue removal, the gastric bypass additionally involves intestinal rerouting. This is a more intricate procedure, requiring higher surgical skill.
  • Leakage risks: Which is safer: gastric bypass or gastric sleeve when it comes to the risk of anastomotic leakage? The answer is gastric sleeve is safer. One of the long-term dangers of gastric bypass is constriction of the anastomosis (where the gastric pouch and the intestine are connected).
  • Digestion risks: When you ask your surgeon how safe is gastric bypass vs. gastric sleeve, they will inform you about the short-term digestion risks such as dumping syndrome. The risk of this complication is relatively higher in a gastric bypass, but can be managed with diet and medications.
  • Deficiency risks: Gastric sleeve is only a restrictive surgery, while a gastric bypass is both restrictive and malabsorptive. Therefore, nutrition deficiency risks are higher in a gastric bypass. But is gastric bypass safe? Absolutely yes, as long as you eat a balanced diet and take your nutrition supplements.

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Is gastric bypass safe in Mexico?

If you plan to travel to one of the neighboring cities in Mexico for an affordable surgery, it is natural to ask is gastric bypass safe in Mexico? The answer is a resounding yes! Thousands of women and men from the US, Canada, and other countries now choose Mexico as their favored medical tourism destination because of its excellent safety profile and low costs.

  • Mexican government and private corporations have both invested heavily to create a world-class healthcare infrastructure in Mexico.
  • Mexico is home to a number of state of the art hospitals and bariatric surgery centers offering gastric bypass surgery to medical tourists.
  • Hospitals in Mexico are equipped with the latest surgical technologies to perform the safest gastric bypass procedure using laparoscopy.
  • Many bariatric surgeons in Mexico have impeccable professional credentials and a proven track record to perform gastric bypass.
  • How safe is gastric bypass in Mexico is also a function of the personalized care and attention that most hospitals there can offer.
  • Considering the low costs in Mexico, you can afford to choose a leading hospital and a top-rated surgeon for your gastric bypass.

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How to get safe gastric bypass surgery?

When you ask is gastric bypass safe, the most important thing to keep in mind is that a safe surgery has little to do with high costs or a fancy location. What matters is how skilled and dedicated is your bariatric surgeon who will perform the procedure, and what kind of services and facilities your hospital or bariatric center is willing to provide.

It may not be worth paying a huge sum of money to get your gastric bypass from a low-ranking surgical facility in your home country where you might not get the best standards of care. On the other hand, it may be entirely worth choosing a low cost destination where you can afford the number one hospital and surgeon. They will go the extra mile to deliver stellar results.

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