How long does a BBL last?

How long does BBL Last

Brazilian butt lift, popularly known as BBL, is a plastic surgery procedure to dramatically improve your appearance of the buttocks using a less invasive fat transfer technique. While you can expect a fuller, rounder, and perkier rear end with this surgery, it’s pretty basic to ask how long does BBL last? At your initial consultation, your plastic surgeon should clear discuss the expected BBL long term results so that you can make an informed decision.

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Brazilian butt lift results: An overview

Is BBL plastic surgery worthwhile because it only involves fat transfer and does not involve permanent implants? This is a pertinent question you should ask your surgeon when you are considering this body sculpting procedure. Make your decision not just on the basis of the immediate or short term benefits, but objectively evaluate how long does a Brazilian butt lift last?

Curvier appearance of the buttocks

If your posterior is small or undermined in comparison to your abdomen, thighs and other body areas, you can achieve a curvier and more accentuated look of the buttocks with a Brazilian butt lift. The surgery will add volume to your buttocks to make you appear sexier and more youthful. You can wear short, tight, or revealing clothes of your choice with confidence after a BBL and flaunt your attractive figure.

Sustainable, natural looking results

At first, it’s vital to know how long does BBL last. As long as your surgery is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon, you can expect to enjoy the results of BBL for years or decades to come. Another key concern is whether the effects of Brazilian buttlift will be natural looking. Because the procedure involves only autologous fat transfer and no insertion of artificial implants, the results will be completely natural looking.

BBL long term results

Fat transfer to buttocks – how long does it last? This is a valid question all patients should ask when they are making a choice between a butt implants surgery, traditional butt lift surgery, and a Brazilian butt lift (BBL). Among all these options, BBL is the procedure of choice for the largest number of patients because of the safe and minimally invasive BBL long term results.

  • Aesthetic appeal: While the answer to the question “How long does BBL last” will vary for each patient, almost all patients will be able to achieve a firmer, perkier, and aesthetically appealing backside. If you have flat abdomen, you can obtain a stunning hourglass figure with a BBL surgery.
  • Longevity of results: Your surgeon will use purified from the donor sites in your own body which have excess fat. This fat will integrate well with your butt fat, paving the way for excellent BBL long term results. Take care to maintain a moderate body weight to extend the longevity of results.
  • Before/after images: To visualize what happens to a BBL after years and how long do fat transfer results last, you may request your plastic surgeon to share a few BBL before and after photos of past patients. If the photos have been obtained at different time intervals, you can see the impact.

Effects of Brazilian buttlift

In the short and medium term, the effects of Brazilian buttlift are likely to be transformative and deeply satisfying for most patients. But this is not enough to make a decision. You should know how long do BBLs last, and what happens to a BBL after years or decades. The golden news is you can improve the odds that your outcome will persist for many years if you take a few simple precautions right after your BBL surgery.

  • BBL seat cushions: For up to 8 weeks after your surgery, avoid sitting directly on your buttocks. Your surgeon may recommend specialized BBL cushions or pillows, which will allow you to maintain a safe sitting position in the first few weeks.
  • Sleeping position: To minimize the pressure on your rear, sleep on your stomach or sides for the first few weeks. This will allow the newly transplanted fat cells to fully blend in with your buttock tissue for excellent long-term effects of Brazilian buttlift.
  • Compression garment: Wear your compression garment 24/7 in the first few weeks. This will promote faster healing and allow the grafted areas to acquire a firm shape. The benefits of these early efforts will reveal themselves in your Brazilian buttlift effects over time.

Is a BBL permanent?

All patients should know how long do butt lifts last, but in some cases, you may want to ask your plastic surgeon: Is a BBL permanent? The answer is “No” because no plastic surgery procedure in a clinical sense can be called permanent. While you can expect outstanding BBL long term results, the procedure will not stop the aging process.

Aging effects in the long run

A successful Brazilian butt lift surgery followed by good aftercare, moderate body weight, and active lifestyle will enable to you enjoy excellent BBL results after 2 years, 10 years, or even 20 years. But ultimately, your skin tissue will begin to lose elasticity and volume will deplete because of the natural effects of aging. A BBL can delay the aging process, but does BBL last forever? The answer is no.

Gravity, environment, illness

Gravitational forces will naturally pull your skin tissue down, causing it to sag over decades. Sun and wind exposure may also take their toll over time, particularly if you enjoy outdoors and sunbathing on the beach. Disease and medications may also adversely affect your skin and fat volume in the long term. Looking at these realities of life, it may not be entirely accurate to say, “Yes,” when a patient asks: Is a BBL permanent?

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Does bbl last?

‘How long does BBL last’ is a common question patients may want to ask when they are contemplating whether to have a Brazilian butt lift surgery. The longevity of results will vary in each case, but in general, you can expect to enjoy a curvy, volumized appearance of the buttocks for many years to come.

  • Surgeon’s skill: Fat transfer to buttocks how does it last will firstly depend on how skillfully your plastic surgeon has performed the BBL. If the surgeon has used highly purified fat cells and injected them at the right subcutaneous depths in your buttock tissue, you can expect long-term fat retention apart from aesthetically desirable contours.
  • Fat resorption: Your buttocks will naturally reabsorb about 50 to 75 percent of the transferred fat over the first few months after surgery. Therefore, how much fat resorption has occurred will only be known later. The transferred fat cells that get successfully resorbed are largely permanent in nature. In that sense, if someone asks does BBL last forever, that answer may be “Yes.”
  • Weight fluctuations: How consistently you maintain your body weight after your surgery will make a key difference to how long does butt lift last in your case. If you intermittently put on excess weight and then attempt to lose it, your skin may begin to sag and you may experience volume loss in the buttocks. To make sure your BBL lasts long, maintain a stable body weight.

How long does a Brazilian butt lift last?

One of the major advantages with a Brazilian butt lift surgery is that it does not involve synthetic implants, filler gels, or fat cells from external donors. Your own body fat (autologous) fat from the donor sites will be used to add volume to your buttocks. The body naturally accepts its own fat more easily. Fat rejection rate will be low, and the BBL long term results will be excellent. So, how long does a Brazilian butt lift last? Here’s the answer:

  • In general BBL results will last for several years or decades
  • In a few cases, BBL results may last for a lifetime
  • You can extend your results in the long run with touch-up injections
  • How long does a Brazilian butt lift last will vary between patients
  • How does BBL last will primarily depend on your surgeon’s skill
  • How long do BBLs last also depends on your aftercare and lifestyle
  • Minimize smoking or quit altogether to extend longevity of results
  • Maintain stable body weight to enjoy BBL results for decades
  • Make periodic visits to your surgeon for follow-up and review

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What happens to a BBL after years

Is BBL plastic surgery permanent? What happens to a BBL after years or decades? These are legitimate questions, which you must ask your plastic surgeon before committing yourself to this procedure. Although each individual’s anatomy, metabolism, health condition, age, genetic makeup, and other factors are unique, you can still obtain a fair idea of what happens to a Brazilian butt lift after years.

  • Resorbed fat cells in the recipient areas will more or less last forever
  • Fat cells removed from the donor sites will also be gone for good
  • About 1 year after BBL your full results will get established
  • BBL results after 2 years to 10 years are usually the peak time to enjoy
  • How long does BBL last will differ from one patient to another
  • Failure to follow aftercare may result in poor BBL outcomes
  • Failure to maintain a stable weight will cut down the longevity of BBL
  • What happens to a BBL after years will depend on your lifestyle
  • Minor touch-up fat injections in future can extend the life of BBL

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1 year after BBL

How diligently you follow your surgeon’s post-operative care instructions will make a big difference to what happens 1 year after BBL. In the first few months, the autologous donor fat will gradually get resorbed in your buttocks. During this healing process, be prepared to follow these tips for best BBL results after 1 year.

  • Minimize pressure: Newly transferred fat cells are without blood supply in the beginning. Avoid putting pressure on them for a few weeks to ensure maximum fat cell resorption.
  • Avoid smoking: Soreness and bruising after the surgery will get resolved within 1 to 2 weeks, but the swelling may linger on for months. Avoid smoking for a full recovery during this period.
  • Protein diet: Focus more on lean proteins in your diet for the first several months post-surgery. This will provide strength to your gluteal tissue for best results at 1 year after BBL.
  • Fitness exercises: Start mild exercises in about one month, and resume a full fitness regimen at about three months post-operatively. This will do wonders to your results at 1 year after BBL.

BBL results after 2 years

When you discuss with your plastic surgeon about how long does BBL last they will explain to you how the results may evolve at different post-operative stages. BBL results after 2 years are likely to be dramatic. This is probably the time when you would be enjoying the maximum benefits of your Brazilian butt lift surgery.

  • Maintain body weight: To make the most of your Brazilian butt lift results after 2 years, stay focused on maintaining a moderate and stable body weight. As far as possible, do not plan a pregnancy, follow a balanced diet plan, and avoid a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Stay well-hydrated: While everyone is concerned about how long does a Brazilian butt lift last, patients often overlook simple things such as staying well-hydrated? Hydration will help regulate your natural metabolic rate, which is vital for the health of your butt skin and fat.
  • Build gluteal muscles: Join a gym or work with a personal trainer to add strength to your gluteal muscles. Your BBL results after 2 years can be maintained for decades to come if you add box jumps, lunges, deadlifts, and squats for round and perky buttocks.

Final words on BBL long term results

Effects of a Brazilian butt lift surgery can be life-transforming for your appearance and your self-esteem. As long as you work with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon and stay focused on maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle, your BBL long term results are going to be nothing short of dramatic. Keep a positive mindset, clearly define your aesthetic goals, and make a well-considered decision to go ahead with a BBL surgery to achieve a winsome personality and a lifetime of happiness.

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