Nada’s story is one of many bariatric sleeve success stories associated with Jet Medical Tourism®. When 20-year-old Nada decided to undergo gastric sleeve surgery, she had only one goal:

To lose at least 100 lbs and lead a healthy life.

On December 7, 2019, Dr. David Vazquez with Jet Medical Tourism® performed the gastric sleeve on Nada at San Juan Clinic in Tijuana, Mexico. She weighed 257 pounds on her surgery day and only three months after the sleeve procedure, she successfully lost 87 pounds… and counting.

Nada is one of the many people whose bariatric sleeve success stories inspire others to lose weight and take charge of their life again. What caused her to gain weight in the first place? When asked this question, Nada lists unhealthy eating habits and lack of exercise as the reasons for her weight gain.

At one point, Nada had gained so much weight that she started feeling different from others. When she decided to take the plunge and undergo gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico, she weighed 257 lbs. The decision, says Nada in a gleeful tone, changed her life completely. (Her story now ranks among the amazing weight transformation success stories at Jet medical Tourism®.)

After bariatric sleeve surgery, Nada began to lose weight rapidly. She lost over 85 lbs within three months and became slimmer and healthier than she ever was before.

Nada says that she now feels lighter and has lots of energy, which allows her to lead an active lifestyle. She adds that the problems that persisted prior to the surgery – back pain, reduced mobility, low energy levels, and lack of agility – are all gone now and she feels a lot healthier as a result.

Does Nada feel like comparing gastric sleeve before and after pictures, like most women who undergo bariatric surgery do?

“I might,” responds Nada with a laugh. “I feel like I have become more beautiful after the surgery. I am more confident, more sociable, and more personable than I ever was before,” says Nada happily.

When asked if she has any advice for people who might be considering gastric sleeve surgery at Jet Medical Tourism®, Nada says that she would recommend it for anyone who is struggling with obesity related health problems and looking to lose weight.

“It can be tiring and painful for a short while. But it is totally worth it. After a month or two, you can start seeing the results. It is a very good surgery to keep you in shape. It can help you lead a healthy life,” says Nada confidently.

Nada says that her family – her brother in particular – has been very supportive of her throughout her weight loss journey. The support of family and friends features often in our gastric sleeve patient stories at Jet Medical Tourism®.

Bariatric Sleeve Success Stories to inspire you to lose weight.

Bariatric Sleeve Success Stories 

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