How Much Does a Breast Reduction Cost?

How much does a breast reduction cost

Cost is an important starting point in an elective plastic surgery procedure such as breast reduction. You will most likely have to bear the full costs out-of-pocket, so you should clearly know how much does a breast reduction cost. During your initial consultation, discuss your goals and your budget with your plastic surgeon so that they can advise you on your options.

In exceptional cases, insurance coverage may be available for this plastic surgery. Even so, you should know how much does a breast reduction cost with insurance? If your breasts are heavily sagging, you should check the breast lift and reduction cost in order to determine whether you can afford to undergo a combined procedure.

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What is breast reduction surgery?

When it comes to breast appearance, bigger is not necessarily beautiful. If you breasts are disproportionately large, you may benefit from a breast reduction surgery. This procedure is designed to reduce the size and volume of excessively large and pendulous breasts and create a more youthful breast contour that accentuates your silhouette. It may be worth paying the cost of breast reduction for the follow reasons:

  • Your breasts will be proportionate to the rest of your body, helping you appear more attractive
  • Enlarged nipple-areola complex can be resized to make it look more aesthetically pleasing
  • Physical discomfort in the neck, shoulders, and back caused by heavy breasts will be eliminated
  • Your clothes will fit better and you can confidently wear revealing tops and swimsuits
  • You can bend, lift, and move with greater ease and agility, and participate in outdoor activities

Average cost of breast reduction

The average cost of breast reduction can be as high as $12,000 in parts of the US, while the same procedure in Mexico may cost less than $7,000. At your pre-op consultation, make sure to ask your plastic surgeon about how much does a breast reduction cost? Perform your independent cost-benefit analysis, check the possibilities of insurance and financing, and make a well-considered choice.

The actual cost of breast reduction surgery can vary from one patient to another because of the following factors:

  • Plastic surgeon’s fee can vary according to their skills and experience
  • Anesthesia costs can vary depending on whether an anesthesiologist or a certified nurse anesthetist administers anesthesia
  • Operating room costs can differ based on the surgical technology and standards of care available at a particular facility
  • How complex is your breast reduction surgery or whether the procedure is combined with a breast lift
  • Location of your surgery – whether you undergo your procedure in Mexico or in the US or Canada

Breast lift and reduction cost: What all is included?

Breast Lift and Reduction CostIf your breast skin has become lax over the years because of overstretching, a standalone breast reduction surgery can cause your breasts to sag. In these cases, the procedure may be performed in conjunction with a breast lift. Obtain a breast lift and reduction cost estimate from your plastic surgeon, and carefully consider your budget before making a decision.

Breast reduction with lift is more cost-effective

While your breast lift and reduction cost will be higher in absolute terms, but the procedure will be more cost-effective compared to a situation where both surgeries are performed separately. In a combined breast reduction with breast lift, you will spend only once for the surgeon’s fee, anesthesia charges, surgical facility costs, and other pre- and post-op expenses. So, the cost of the combined procedure may only be marginally higher than a single procedure.

Breast reduction and lift cost inclusions

Breast lift and reduction cost that your surgeon quotes you will typically include the surgeon’s fee, anesthesiologist’s fee, surgery room charges, cost of mammograms and other diagnostic tests, prescription drugs for a week, and the cost of a special surgical bra. As long as you work with a reputable plastic surgeon, they will inform you all the cost inclusions transparently, so that you don’t have to face any unpleasant surprises at the time of surgery.

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Male breast reduction surgery cost

Male breast reduction, popularly known as a man boob surgery, is performed to eliminate excess breast tissue in men in order to restore a more masculine appearance. The average male breast reduction surgery cost in parts of the US can be as high as $15,000, while in Mexico you can have the same surgery for less than $8,000. Here are a few salient points to understand how much a does a breast reduction cost for men.

  • Gynecomastia: If the underlying cause of male breast appearance is excessive development of glandular tissue in the chest area, it will require a more invasive surgery to remove the unwanted tissue. Gynecomastia surgery cost may be higher because the procedure is more complex.
  • Pseudo-gynecomastia: Sometimes, the glandular tissue may be normal but you may have developed excess fatty tissue in the chest area. This can usually be corrected with a traditional liposuction fat reduction surgery. The price tag will be relatively lower because liposuction is a simpler procedure.
  • Combined surgery: In some cases, you may have the presence of both glandular tissue and fatty tissue in the chest area. Male breast reduction surgery cost could be the highest in this case because the surgeon will use both tissue extraction and liposuction to restore a masculine appearance.
  • Insurance aspects: You should consider male breast reduction price without insurance because most insurance companies will not offer coverage for this procedure. Only in an exceptional case, if gynecomastia is causing you serious mental or physical health problems, you may eligible for coverage.

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How much does a breast reduction cost in Mexico vs USA

Breast reduction cost in Mexico can be as high as $7,000 vs. $14,000 in the US. Considering the substantial savings involved, thousands of women now choose Mexico as their destination for breast reduction surgery. You don’t have to severely disrupt your household budget or get into a crushing debt trap by having this surgery at exorbitant rates in the US or Canada when Mexico offers a much cheaper option.

Is a low cost breast reduction surgery safe?

Low cost does not mean a low quality surgery. When you are researching how much does a breast reduction cost in Mexico vs. US, you should find out why Mexico is so affordable. The cost of living in Mexico is low, the surgeons charge a lower fee, and the hospitals are affordably priced because of low overheads. You can choose a top qualified plastic surgeon and a top-rated hospital in Mexico at a lower cost than an average surgery center in the US with ordinary standards of care.

Advantages of low cost breast reduction in Mexico

Breast reduction cost without insurance becomes pocket-friendly when you choose Mexico for your surgery. Medical tourists from the US and Canada received privileged treatment at leading hospitals and plastic surgery centers in Mexico. You can expect personalized care and attention from your surgeon and staff, negligible waiting times, excellent options for accommodation during your stay, and a complete privacy during your initial recovery in Mexico.

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Breast reduction cost with insurance

It is important to know at the outset how much a breast reduction cost with insurance and without insurance. Breast reduction is one of the few plastic surgeries where insurance coverage may be available in exceptional cases. Talk to your doctor and your insurance provider to understand your eligibility for coverage. Here are a few vital points to remember while you evaluate your options.

  • Even if you are eligible for full breast reduction with insurance, you will still have to pay the deductibles and co-pays on your own.
  • Most insurance firms will consider the percentage of breast tissue to be removed while determining your eligibility for coverage.
  • You must be able to provide medical evidence that your excessively heavy breasts are causing you infection, pain, or other health issues.
  • Your surgeon in the US will require pre-certification from your insurance company for the cost reimbursement.
  • Your insurer may also require a letter from your plastic surgeon detailing their evaluation of the percentage of breast tissue removal.
  • If you are eligible for only partial coverage, you may ask your insurer if they will cover your cost of breast reduction with insurance in Mexico.

Breast reduction cost without insurance

Breast reduction is usually considered an elective cosmetic surgery. This means you will not be eligible for insurance coverage. In this situation, the most important figure for you to determine is your cost of  breast reduction without insurance. Ask your surgeon about their payment terms, and discuss your financing options. Explore avenues such as credit card loans, personal loans, or a medical care financing company loan. Here are the benefits of a specialized medical care financing loan.

  • You can get your full breast reduction cost without insurance financed through a medical care financing firm.
  • Minimum documentation will be required for loan approval.
  • You may qualify for the loan even with a relatively low credit score.
  • Medical care financing loans are approved fast and the cash may be disbursed to you well ahead of your surgery date.
  • No penalties are usually imposed if you repay your loan earlier than the stipulated date.
  • Medical care financing company loans are usually available up to 60 months and are payable in easy monthly installments.

Final Words on breast reduction prices

How much does a breast reduction cost will be an important factor in your decision to go ahead with this surgery. Weigh all your options objectively and consider the pros and cons of undergoing the procedure at a low cost destination. Breast reduction prices should not become a deterrent in your way to achieve your goals. Make a well-researched and balanced decision and reclaim your health and self-esteem with this life-altering surgery.

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