Benefits of Choosing Mexico Board Certified Bariatric Surgeon

Benefits of Choosing Mexico Board-Certified Bariatric SurgeonThere are numerous benefits of choosing Mexico Board Certified Bariatric Surgeon such as lower risk of potential complications during surgery and a higher chance of patients reaching their ideal weight loss goals.

Medical Tourism in Mexico is a booming industry, and a growing number of Canadians and Americans are heading south of the borders to access safe and affordable medical procedures, such as bariatric surgery with Jet Medical Tourism.

To ensure patient safety and the best results, it’s crucial to choose board-certified doctors in Mexico and certified surgeons, because these medical professionals are guaranteed to have the training, experience, and skill necessary to perform your surgery to the highest standards.

If you’re considering medical tourism in Mexico, here’s what you need to know about board-certified surgeons and the benefits of working with them.

Requirements to Be a Doctor in Mexico

The process to become a doctor in Mexico is similar to the process in Canada or the United States. After high school, students enter medical school for four to five years and then complete a two-year internship and social service training.

Once students complete this training, they become certified to practice general medicine. However, if students want to specialize in a particular field of medicine, they have to complete another four years of extensive training.

Board Certifications in Mexico: The Three-Stage Certification Process for Bariatric Surgeons

To be considered board-certified in Mexico, bariatric surgeons must meet the rigorous requirements laid out by the Mexican College of Surgery for Obesity and Metabolic Diseases AC. Certification consists of three-stages, and they are:

  • Stage one: The doctor must take certified courses in bariatric procedures, become certified with the Mexican Board of General Surgery, and gain at least three years of experience performing bariatric surgeries.
  • Stage two: During this stage, the surgeon who wants to receive certification will submit case studies to the evaluation committee.
  • Stage three: This stage involves both a theoretical and oral evaluation of the surgeon, and it is not until the surgeon passes these evaluations that he or she becomes board-certified.


The Importance and Benefits of Choosing Mexico Board Certified Bariatric Surgeon

There are many advantages to working with board-certified doctors and surgeons in Mexico, including:

  • A lower risk of complications during and following surgery
  • The surgeon will have more experience and be better equipped to evaluate patients
  • A higher chance of patients reaching their weight loss goals
  • The surgeon will be up-to-date with all the latest procedures, equipment, technology, and medications
  • You’ll have more confidence in the surgeon and feel less stressed about the procedure


How to Verify a Doctor in Mexico

When you choose medical tourism in Mexico, you want to make sure you’re working with trained and certified doctors, but this can be difficult to ascertain from thousands of miles away. One of the best first steps is to arrange a video conference call with any doctor or surgeon you’re thinking of working with, asking to see their credentials (which will be issued by the Secretaría de Salud), and asking for references or testimonials from previous patients.

You can also receive the highest level of quality and safety by working with a reputable medical tourism company that has already thoroughly vetted a list of surgeons and physicians on your behalf.

Medical tourism in Mexico is a great way to get access to safe and affordable medical care when it’s too expensive at home or when the wait list is too long. An increasing number of Canadians and Americans are traveling to Mexico every year for bariatric procedures, and getting the highest quality of care means choosing board-certified doctors and surgeons.

These medical practitioners are guaranteed to have the skills and experience necessary to help you reach your weight loss goals, while also putting your safety and health first.

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