Jet Medical Tourism® is an online medical tourism company with a single purpose – to inform patients about their weight loss surgery options and to facilitate safe, all-inclusive medical travel packages.

We specialize in helping patients from the United States, Canada and Europe travel abroad to Mexico for high quality and affordable weight loss surgery and plastic surgery.


Jet Medical Tourism® is a here to support you

We know how complicated it can be to research your treatment options and choose the best bariatric surgeon and nutrition aftercare specialist. That is why we formed a world-class team focused on your health, wellness and weight loss success.

When you choose Jet Medical Tourism® to arrange your medical travel abroad, you can expect the following:

  1. Surgical Experience
    Every patient benefits from the expertise of our world-class surgeons and the strength of our multidisciplinary team approach to weight loss surgery. This sets us apart and makes Jet Medical Tourism® a recognized leader in the medical tourism industry.
  2. Affordable Price 
    We know you have other choices of providers besides Jet Medical Tourism® so we strive to be among the best in every area of weight loss surgery. If you find an identical bariatric surgery package at a lower cost than we offered, we’ll do our best to beat that price.
  3. Nutrition Aftercare
    We put your health and wellness first, always. For us, this not only means helping you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. It means providing the highest quality nutrition aftercare support.
  4. Extraordinary Service
    You will benefit from the extraordinary level of service we offer because we are available 24/7 for you. Simply put, we provide the highest level of service in a compassionate, discreet and respectful manner.
  5. Trusted Relationships
    We’re based in California and visit Mexico often in order to maintain close relationships with our health provider network. This team approach provides you with the treatment you need and the care you deserve.
  6. Weight Loss Surgery Packages
    We are recognized as an innovative provider of weight loss surgery packages combined with superior nutrition aftercare. We’ve earned a reputation for providing the highest quality treatment available, anywhere.
  7. We Respect Your Privacy
    We respect and are committed to protecting your privacy. We will never share, publish, advertise or broadcast any before and after weight loss picture or personal success stories without your authorized consent.

Jet Medical Tourism®: Our Mission

Jet Medical Tourism® works with the top private hospitals, clinics and world-class bariatric surgeons in Mexico. Together, our mission is to facilitate the highest-quality and the most affordable weight loss surgery in Mexico for patients from the United States, Canada, Europe and other parts of the world. At the same time, we aim to inspire a healthy relationship with food through one-on-one nutrition counseling with our Food & Nutrition Experts.

Jet Medical Tourism®: Patient Reviews

We live by one guiding principal – “Patients Always First”. Each day our dedicated bariatric and nutrition team strives to provide extraordinary service to each patient. Our goal is, and always will be, to exceed your expectations. Click the links below to see what others like you say about Jet Medical Tourism®.

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