Drinking Carbonated Water After Gastric Sleeve

Drinking Carbonated Water After Gastric SleeveIf you’re a gastric sleeve patient, you probably already know about what you can and can’t eat, and especially just after the surgery, you’ll want to be very careful about what you drink, too.

Carbonated water, in particular, is something that’s certainly a better choice than soda because of the low sugar content. However, it can cause some major irritation in the same way that soda does simply because of the carbonation.

What Happens When You Drink Carbonated Water After Gastric Sleeve?

If you try drinking carbonated water after gastric sleeve surgery, especially during the months after, you will likely experience bloating, acid reflux, or stomach upset. It’s truly in your best interest to avoid feeling full because you need to keep room in your stomach for food with high nutritional value.

Carbonated water doesn’t have any nutritional value but will give you a sense of fullness, which is to your disadvantage. So it’s better to avoid it altogether at least during the first year or so after your surgery. 

When to Try Carbonated Water and Other Drinks

You must remember that your body will be adjusting to your new stomach size not just in the few months after gastric sleeve surgery, but even for the following year or two. During this time, your focus will be on eating the healthiest and most nutritious foods as recommended by your doctor.

You’ll also be busy figuring out how much you can eat of different foods without feeling sick or full. This amount will be different for everyone, but just bear in mind that you will probably be able to eat a little more normally down the road as your stomach stretches out.

But your goal is really to stay on the healthy diet that your new stomach requires. You don’t want to stretch it out, so you have limit caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and all carbonated beverages. 

Tips for Drinking Beverages After Gastric Sleeve

You can always treat yourself to small amounts of your favorite foods, and you absolutely should reward yourself. But try to stick with your recommended diet, and follow your doctor’s orders.

If you love carbonated beverages and want to try it out, be careful! Here are a few tips:

  • Well after the surgery, try a sip or two of carbonated water, but wait until it’s somewhat flat first – less carbonation means less chance of stomach upset.
  • Don’t plan on drinking any carbonated drinks until well after the surgery.
  • Keep drinking only between meals and taking very small sips at a time.
  • Plain water will always be a better choice than carbonated water.
  • If you are craving soda or even carbonated water, try iced herbal teas or plain water infused with a little fruit.

After gastric sleeve surgery, it’s important to remember that moderation is a key factor is your new diet. You can enjoy good foods and drinks, and even some of your former favorites, but try to consider them a treat and not an everyday item. You’ll be a lot more comfortable and see better results!

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