Medical Tourism in Turkey

Medical Tourism in Turkey

Medical tourism in Turkey has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years, establishing the country as a leading global destination for healthcare services. From cutting-edge medical facilities and highly skilled professionals to cost-effectiveness and a rich cultural backdrop, Turkey offers a compelling blend of factors that attract patients from around the world.

In this comprehensive guide, we will discuss the growing demand for medical tourism in Turkey, exploring the reasons behind its popularity, the diverse range of medical procedures available, the top destinations, and key considerations for those seeking quality healthcare abroad.

If you’re thinking about cosmetic surgery, weight loss procedures, specialized treatments, dental work, or other healthcare services, Turkey has a lot to offer. We’re here to offer insights and information to help you make informed decisions about your medical journey in this captivating country.

Why Choose Medical Tourism in Turkey

Turkey has become a hotspot for medical tourists worldwide, and there are compelling reasons behind this trend. Turkey attracts medical tourists with skilled professionals, advanced technology, cost-effectiveness, and government support.

Skilled Medical Professionals

Turkey’s medical tourism industry owes much of its success to its highly skilled and experienced medical professionals. Renowned for their expertise and commitment to patient care, Turkish doctors, surgeons, and healthcare staff have earned global recognition. They’ve trained at prestigious global institutions, staying at the forefront of medical advances. Patients can trust Turkey’s proficient and dedicated medical professionals for complex surgeries, innovative treatments, and personalized care. Their unwavering commitment has established Turkey as a top medical tourism destination.

Cutting-Edge Medical Technology

Turkey’s commitment to providing top-tier medical care is further exemplified by its investment in cutting-edge medical technology. The country boasts state-of-the-art medical facilities equipped with the latest advancements in healthcare technology. From robotic-assisted surgeries to advanced diagnostic tools, Turkey’s healthcare infrastructure rivals that of any developed nation. Modern technologies enhance procedure precision, shorten recovery, and improve outcomes. Patients in Turkey benefit from the seamless integration of expertise and innovative tech for world-class healthcare in a progressive environment.


Turkey’s medical tourism industry emphasizes cost-effectiveness. It offers treatments at a fraction of Western costs while maintaining high standards of care. This affordability extends to a wide range of medical services, including elective cosmetic surgeries, orthopedic procedures, dental treatments, and more. Lower labor and operational costs, coupled with favorable exchange rates, contribute to these cost advantages. Competitive pricing doesn’t compromise care quality or medical professional qualifications. Turkey remains cost-effective for healthcare while addressing budget-conscious needs.

Turkish Government Support

Turkey’s medical tourism industry benefits from robust government support and initiatives aimed at fostering its growth. The Turkish government promotes medical tourism to boost revenue. They invest in modern facilities and infrastructure to meet global healthcare standards. The government has also streamlined visa processes and introduced e-visas, making it easier for medical tourists to access the country. Moreover, Turkey has taken steps to attract internationally renowned medical professionals and specialists to provide world-class medical services. Turkey is dedicated to becoming a top medical tourism destination, fueling the industry’s growth.

In summary, choosing medical tourism in Turkey means gaining access to highly skilled medical professionals, cutting-edge medical technology, cost-effective healthcare services, and strong government support. These factors, combined with Turkey’s unique cultural experiences and historical treasures, make it a compelling choice for patients seeking both top-quality medical care and memorable travel experiences.

Turkey offers a wide range of medical procedures, such as cosmetic surgeries, dental treatments, orthopedic surgeries, and bariatric surgeries. Patients come to Turkey for these procedures due to the expertise of Turkish healthcare providers.

Weight Loss Surgery in Turkey

Weight loss surgeries have gained significant popularity in Turkey’s thriving medical tourism industry. Procedures like gastric sleeve surgery, gastric bypass, and lap band revision are among the most sought-after options. Turkey’s weight loss surgeons are highly skilled and renowned for their expertise in addressing obesity-related concerns. Patients choose Turkey for weight loss surgery due to its competitive pricing and uncompromising standard of care. The country offers state-of-the-art medical facilities and experienced professionals committed to patient well-being. Turkey is a premier hub for bariatric medical tourism, providing hope and transformation to individuals seeking weight loss solutions.

Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery in Turkey

Cosmetic surgeries are a driving force in Turkey’s burgeoning medical tourism sector. The country has become a go-to destination for individuals seeking aesthetic enhancements. Highly skilled plastic surgeons offer a wide array of cosmetic procedures, from facelifts and rhinoplasty to breast augmentation and liposuction. Turkey’s popularity in this field stems from its combination of affordability and quality care. Patients globally choose Turkey for both cost-effective procedures and the opportunity to receive treatments from experienced specialists in state-of-the-art clinics. Turkey is a top choice for cosmetic surgery, offering confidence-boosting procedures along with unique cultural and historical experiences.

Dental Procedures in Turkey

Turkey has emerged as a favored destination for individuals seeking dental procedures, thanks to its combination of high-quality care and cost-effectiveness. Some of the popular dental procedures in Turkey include dental implants, teeth whitening, veneers, and full-mouth restorations. Dental tourists are drawn to Turkey not only for the expertise of its skilled dental professionals but also for the savings they can achieve.

The country offers competitive prices without compromising on the quality of care. Modern dental clinics equipped with the latest technology ensure that patients receive top-tier treatments. Whether it’s a smile makeover or addressing oral health concerns, Turkey has established itself as a prominent choice for dental tourism, providing patients with beautiful smiles and significant cost savings.

Hair Transplant in Turkey

Hair transplant procedures have gained immense popularity in Turkey’s thriving medical tourism landscape. The country is renowned as a global hub for individuals seeking hair restoration treatments. Turkey has become a premier destination for hair transplants, offering skilled specialists, modern clinics, and cost-effective services. Patients worldwide choose Turkey for affordable, high-quality hair restoration procedures. The country’s reputation in this field makes it a top choice for regaining confidence and a youthful appearance.

These are just a few examples of the popular medical procedures available in Turkey. The country’s blend of skilled healthcare providers, cutting-edge technology, affordability, and government support makes it an ideal choice for patients seeking a wide range of healthcare services, from cosmetic enhancements to life-changing surgeries.

Top 5 Medical Tourism Destinations in Turkey

While Istanbul remains a prominent medical tourism hub, Turkey offers a range of healthcare destinations that cater to different medical specialties. We’ll highlight cities like Izmir, Antalya, Bursa, and Ankara each renowned for specific medical treatments. These destinations boast world-class hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities.

1. Istanbul Medical Tourism

Istanbul, Turkey’s largest city, is a burgeoning medical tourism hub for several compelling reasons. Its rich history and cultural diversity make it an attractive destination for travelers seeking medical treatments and cultural experiences. Istanbul is also home to some of Turkey’s most prestigious and advanced medical facilities, staffed by highly skilled professionals renowned for their expertise.

Its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia ensures easy accessibility for international patients. Moreover, Istanbul offers a wide range of medical procedures at competitive prices compared to Western countries. With its vibrant atmosphere, top-tier healthcare, and cultural treasures, Istanbul remains a top choice for medical tourists seeking both care and memorable travel experiences.

2. Antalya Medical Tourism

Antalya, nestled on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, has risen as a top medical tourism spot due to its unique attributes. It offers a serene environment for post-treatment recovery, boasting modern healthcare facilities and highly skilled medical professionals. What makes Antalya even more appealing is its cost-effectiveness.

Medical procedures here are notably more affordable than in Western countries, all while maintaining high standards. The city’s warm climate, beautiful beaches, and historical sites further enrich the medical tourism experience. Antalya’s reputation as a healthcare hub in a tranquil setting continues to draw individuals seeking quality care.

3. Bursa Medical Tourism

Bursa, known as the “Green City,” is rising in popularity for medical tourism in Turkey. It offers world-class medical facilities and skilled professionals for various treatments. Patients enjoy quality care amid Bursa’s scenic beauty. The city’s rich history and vibrant atmosphere enhance the medical journey, and its proximity to Istanbul makes it accessible. Cost-effective medical treatments attract patients worldwide. Bursa’s ongoing investments in healthcare and focus on medical tourism position it as a growing choice for quality healthcare amid natural beauty and cultural heritage.

4. Izmir Medical Tourism

Izmir, situated along Turkey’s Aegean coastline, has risen as a global medical tourism hub, renowned for its top-tier healthcare facilities and skilled medical professionals. The city hosts modern hospitals and clinics equipped with advanced technology, offering an array of medical services. Additionally, Izmir’s picturesque coastal setting enhances the medical tourism experience, providing a tranquil environment for recovery.

The therapeutic benefits of the Aegean Sea and the pleasant Mediterranean climate make it an ideal choice for post-operative care. Moreover, its cost-effective healthcare services attract patients seeking quality care without exorbitant expenses. As Izmir continues to invest in healthcare and medical tourism initiatives, it is positioned to solidify its status as a premier destination for global medical travelers.

5. Ankara Medical Tourism

Ankara, Turkey’s capital, gains popularity in medical tourism thanks to cutting-edge facilities and skilled healthcare professionals. Its central location makes it accessible for domestic and international patients. Top-notch hospitals with advanced technology and cost-effective procedures draw patients seeking quality healthcare. Ankara’s modern healthcare, accessibility, and affordability make it a prominent player in Turkish medical tourism, attracting those seeking high-quality services.

These destinations boast world-class hospitals, clinics, and medical facilities, making Turkey an attractive choice for various medical treatments. When choosing a destination for medical tourism in Turkey, it’s essential to consider the specific treatment required, the expertise of healthcare providers, and the city’s suitability for post-operative recovery and leisure activities.

Accredited Medical Centers in Turkey

In the realm of medical tourism, Turkey has gained prominence for its accredited medical centers, setting a high standard for patient care and safety. Accreditation is a critical aspect of Turkey’s medical tourism sector, ensuring that healthcare facilities adhere to rigorous international standards.

  • Many of Turkey’s leading hospitals and clinics have received accreditation from renowned organizations such as the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the Turkish Ministry of Health. These accreditations are a testament to the commitment of Turkish medical centers to provide top-tier healthcare services that meet or exceed global benchmarks.
  • Accredited medical centers in Turkey offer a wide spectrum of medical specialties, ranging from general surgery to highly specialized treatments like organ transplantation and advanced cancer care. The accreditation process involves rigorous evaluations of healthcare infrastructure, medical staff qualifications, patient safety protocols, and overall quality of care.
  • Patients who choose accredited facilities in Turkey can have confidence in the expertise of the medical professionals, the state-of-the-art technology, and the adherence to stringent safety standards.

For medical tourists seeking a combination of world-class healthcare and a unique cultural experience, Turkey’s accredited medical centers stand as beacons of excellence. With their commitment to quality and patient-centered care, these facilities continue to attract individuals from around the globe, making Turkey a premier destination for those in pursuit of medical treatments and procedures.

Best Hospitals in Turkey

As of October 2023, Turkey had about 38 hospitals that are accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). However, the number of JCI-accredited hospitals in Turkey can change over time as new hospitals seek accreditation, and existing ones undergo reaccreditation.

We recommend checking the latest information with JCI or relevant healthcare authorities in Turkey for the most up-to-date statistics on accredited hospitals in specific cities. Below is a list of the best hospitals in Turkey with JCI accreditation.

JCI Accredited Hospitals Located in Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul, as Turkey’s largest city and a major healthcare hub, has the highest number of JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited hospitals in the country. Istanbul is known for its advanced healthcare infrastructure and medical tourism, which has driven many hospitals in the city to seek JCI accreditation to meet international healthcare standards.

  1. Acibadem Altunizade Hospital – Instanbul, Turkey
  2. Acibadem Maslak Hospital – Istanbul, Turkey
  3. Acibadem Mehmet Ali Aydinlar University Atakent Hospital – Istanbul, Turkey
  4. American Hospital – Istanbul, Turkey
  5. Bahçelievler Hospital – Medical Park Healthcare Group – Istanbul, Turkey
  6. BHT Clinic – Istanbul, Turkey
  7. Dunya Goz Hastanesi – Istanbul, Turkey
  8. Göztepe Hospital – Medical Park Healthcare Group – Istanbul, Turkey
  9. Hisar Intercontinental Hospital – Istanbul, Turkey
  10. Istanbul Aydın Üniversitesi VM Medical Park Florya – Istanbul, Turkey
  11. Istanbul Florence Nightingale Hastanesi A.Ş. – Istanbul, Turkey
  12. Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University Gaziosmanpasa Hospital – Istanbul, Turkey
  13. Kolan International Hospital Sisli – Istanbul, Turkey
  14. Liv Hospital Vadi İstanbul – Istanbul, Turkey
  15. Medipol Bahcelievler Hospital – Istanbul, Turkey
  16. Medipol Mega Hospitals Complex – Istanbul, Turkey
  17. Medistate Kavacik Hospital – Istanbul, Turkey
  18. Memorial Bahcelievler Hospital – Istanbul, Turkey
  19. Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul – Istanbul, Turkey
  20. Npistanbul Brain Hospital – Istanbul, Turkey
  21. Sonomed Medical Imaging and Health Services – Istanbul, Turkey
  22. Yeditepe University Dental Healthcare and Research Center – Istanbul, Turkey
  23. Yeditepe University Hospital – Istanbul, Turkey

JCI Accredited Hospitals Located in Adana, Turkey

  1. Acibadem Adana Hospital – Adana, Turkey
  2. Algomed Hospital – Adana,Turkey
  3. Cukurova University Medical Faculty, Central Laboratory – Adana,Turkey
  4. Ozel Medline Adana Hastanesi – Adana,Turkey

JCI Accredited Hospitals Located in Ankara, Turkey

  1. Ankara Guven Hospital – Ankara,Turkey
  2. Bayindir Hastanesi – Ankara,Turkey
  3. Hacettepe University Hospitals – Ankara,Turkey
  4. Memorial Ankara Hospital – Ankara,Turkey

JCI Accredited Hospitals Located in Izmir, Turkey

  1. Acibadem Kent Hospital – Izmir,Turkey
  2. Izmir University of Economics Medical Point Hospital – Izmir,Turkey
  3. Ozel Tinaztepe Buca Hastanesi – Izmir,Turkey

Other JCI Accredited Hospitals in Turkey

  1. Medstar Antalya Hospital – Antalya,Turkey
  2. Anadolu Medical Center (Anadolu Saglik Merkezi) – Kocaeli,Turkey
  3. Istanbul Aydin University Hospital of The Faculty of Dentistry, Florya – Kucukcekmece,Turkey
  4. Ozel Pendik Bolge Hastanesi – Pendik,Turkey

Tips for Traveling to Turkey for Medical Tourism

Traveling to Turkey for medical tourism is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it requires careful planning to ensure a smooth journey. Here are some essential tips for those considering Turkey as their medical tourism destination:

  • Research Your Procedure and Provider: Thoroughly research the medical procedure you require and select a reputable healthcare provider. Look for accredited hospitals and experienced medical professionals who specialize in your specific treatment.
  • Understand Visa and Entry Requirements: Check the visa requirements for your nationality and ensure that your travel documents are in order. Turkey offers e-Visas for many countries, making the process convenient.
  • Consultation and Pre-Travel Communication: Have a consultation with your chosen healthcare provider before your trip to discuss your treatment plan, recovery process, and any concerns you may have. Maintain clear communication with your medical team throughout your journey.
  • Travel Insurance: Consider purchasing travel insurance and medical tourism coverage to provide coverage for unexpected situations or complications during your trip.
  • Accommodation and Transportation: Arrange accommodation close to your medical facility for convenience. Familiarize yourself with local transportation options and plan how you’ll get to and from medical appointments.
  • Currency and Payment: Familiarize yourself with the local currency (Turkish Lira) and payment methods. Some healthcare providers may accept international credit cards, but it’s wise to carry some cash.
  • Post-Procedure Recovery: Plan for your post-procedure recovery, including any necessary follow-up appointments. Consider having a trusted companion accompany you to provide support during this time.

By following these tips and carefully planning your medical journey to Turkey, you can ensure a safe, successful, and enriching experience in this remarkable destination for medical tourism.

Safety in Turkey for Medical Tourism

When considering medical tourism in Turkey, safety is a top priority for patients. Here are five essential questions about safety in Turkey’s medical tourism.

  1. Are Turkish Healthcare Facilities Accredited and Certified?
    Verify if the healthcare facilities and hospitals you are considering for your medical treatment are accredited and certified by international organizations, such as JCI (Joint Commission International) or ISO. Accreditation ensures that the facilities meet international standards for quality and safety.
  2. Are Turkish Healthcare Professionals Qualified and Experienced?
    Research the qualifications and experience of the healthcare professionals who will be involved in your treatment. Ensure they are licensed, specialized in the relevant field, and have a track record of successful procedures.
  3. What Are the Infection Control Measures in Place?
    Inquire about the infection control protocols and measures implemented by the healthcare facilities to prevent infections, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. Ask about sterilization procedures, cleanliness, and patient safety protocols.
  4. What Is the Hospital’s Reputation for Patient Safety?
    Look for patient reviews and testimonials regarding the safety and quality of care at the hospital or clinic you plan to visit. Positive feedback from previous patients can provide insights into the facility’s safety record.
  5. How Will I Be Supported Throughout My Journey?
    Ask about the support services available to international patients, including translation services, transportation, and assistance with paperwork and logistics. Having a dedicated patient coordinator or medical tourism agency can enhance your safety and overall experience.

These questions will help you assess the safety aspects of your medical tourism journey to Turkey. Additionally, consider consulting with a reputable medical tourism agency or facilitator that specializes in Turkey to ensure a smoother and safer experience, as they can guide you through the process and connect you with trusted healthcare providers.


Medical tourism in Turkey offers a blend of exceptional healthcare services and a culturally rich experience. As we’ve explored this dynamic industry, it’s clear why Turkey has become a preferred destination for medical tourists worldwide. With its commitment to excellence in healthcare and a welcoming cultural atmosphere, Turkey is poised to continue its ascent as a leading global medical tourism hub.

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